Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday I was FMing with a terrific food blogger, Roboppy and she said she didn't much like going to food shows...
We had a little bit of a disagreement about how useful they are so I thought I'd take you back to the 2008 Salon du Chocolat in Paris..
I find them very educational in fact...
You learn all sorts of essential information....
And in Paris there are slew of informing books to browse and buy...
I have to wonder why my parents didn't take me to something like this..?
What an opportunity to practice my art skills painting a chocolate mask like this one - do you then eat it while wearing it...? Hmmm
Look at this Paris gown made entirely of chocolate!
Did you know that all pastry chefs have to make elaborate sculptures in chocolate in order to graduate?
Oh well back to the chocolate...
I hope you had some breakfast before stopping by PB...
A good breakfast is essential before tackling a chocolate show...
Otherwise you might loose it very quickly. Remember the lesson about the marshmallow?
Restraint is a good thing to bring along to a chocolate show...yes sir ree...
And there is more than just chocolate at the Paris Salon...
In fact if they changed the name to salon du MACARONS they wouldn't be half wrong...
Sadaharu was there and Christoph Roussell too...
Oh enough of dragging you around the chocolate show...
Did you like it or hate it?


  1. I would love to go to a chocolate show! It must smell amazing :-) Diane

  2. Thought to let you know that you have a lovely blog and keep it up! xoxo
    Kind regards,

  3. ohh the choccie ghosts are a hoot !
    Tres mignon.

  4. absolutely LOVED it, Carol. I am lucky to live vicariously through your photo tours - merci!

  5. i so would love to go to any food show and a chocolate show would be itself amazing. loved each and every photo ....as always

  6. Anonymous11:21 AM

    A column --- and photos --- to die for.

    You live a hard life, Carol! But someone's got to do it----

    We're so glad it's you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Berkshire Tsarina

  7. A chocolate show is my idea of heaven. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Good Lord, that looks soooo good!!

  9. Well, I loved the Chocolate Salon PICTURES! But my feet hurt and I never want to eat another bite of chocolate.

  10. Love it!!!! Don't stop.


  11. I know you are crazed for macarons & chocolate, but have you ever thought of exploring Paris tea rooms? I luuuv Mariage Freres (expensive but what a way to spoil yourself). They have a sinfully large choc. mousse brick completely covered with gold leaf that is a treat for both the eyes and palate. Wish I'd had my camera with me when I ordered it last spring. If you haven't already tasted it, be sure to try it next October.

  12. Marie1:02 PM

    Loved it-sooo yummy!


  13. Chocolate shows are a good thing. Oh and that chocolate dress..wow!

  14. I was there too! On the last day of the show. The music, the chef's creations, the displays, the fashion, the people, all centered around the chocolat!! So glad to see that you posted your visit to the Salon. I just love your blog!

  15. oh mon dieu, I think I drooled on my keyboard! miam, miam...

  16. That t-shirt is classic, Carol--I know several people I could give that to! LOL--wonderful!

  17. Young or old, it is would be a sheer delight to go. It looks like a lot of fun, educational, and love the creative ideas, i.e. the mask, the dress etc.

    The dress would be a tad too much to tackle, but I could see doing a theme party and having friends and family decorate chocolate masks, New Orleans it would be a big hit.
    Thanks for bring beauty into our daily lives,
    the dowsers daughter

  18. I am sure glad you dragged usaround the chocolate show, but I am very grateful that it was you who ate all the samples! ;-)

    What do you call those things in the pictures above the line "Remember the lesson about the mashmallow?" These milk, dark, white and chocolate-coco covered little door stoppers were part of my growing up sweets line-up: They had a somewhat soft marshmallow-like filling and were called Schwedenbomben (Swedish Bombs - probably for the explosive calories). Germans call them Dickmänner if I remember right ("Fat Men" - not p.c., I know). I don't remember seeing them back in the US.

  19. Libbi5:20 PM

    LOVE it…
    please don’t stop!!


  20. Yorkie5:28 PM

    Loved it.
    Where are the samples
    and how do I get a shirt?

  21. Elizabeth5:38 PM

    nice to know there are plenty of food choices out there if you ever need to OD on macarons and chocolate.


  22. My oh my.
    I must find chocolate now.

  23. oui oui!!! I liked it! what ever it is about chocolat I can't live without it. I found a recipe for chili with coco powder added to it. What a taste! and even just sprinkling coco powder and cinnamon on your chili adds a wonderful flavour. Yummmmmm. It is such a treat to live through your adventures!

  24. Mary Jo9:38 PM

    I loved your Chocolate Show.
    My dad owned a great Bakery in La Mesa, Ca, I grew up licking my fingers in Chocolate, he made the very best eclair's. Now you've made me get up and go to the kitchen to eat---CHOCOLATE.
    Mary Jo

  25. What is "FMing"? Beware of food bloggers who don't swoon at the very thought of a chocolate show...

  26. I was there! We could have met! Was a bit disappointed about the little "free tasting"! Maybe good in one way! :-)

  27. Thanks for sharing all these chocolate pictures. They are delicious! What does the shirt in the last picture say?

  28. The T-shirt says Mary,
    "It's me who has eaten all the chocolate"

  29. I love those food shows, but I am afraid just looking at your blog is bad for my diet. Have a great


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