Monday, June 01, 2009

Martine Lambert

The first of June and it's time for ice cream/glace is it not?

Paris Dogs eat ice cream too, original artwork, 9" x 12"
No need to rush off to the l'Isle St Louis searching for a cone either.

Head instead to Martine Lambert Glaces!

The ice cream queen has a branch on 194 rue de Grenelle 75007.

Many will tell you Berthillon can not be topped, I am here to tell you otherwise.

There is no flavor signboard at Martine's because fresh flavors are created daily at the will of the chef and very exotique they are too.

I had the mangue/mango.

But I was tempted by so many others, sorbet pêche de vigne, pamplemousse et gingembre confit to name several, though I can not remember what this mystery sorbet was...reglisse/licorice or figue?

Martine's prix is a tad less than famed Berthillon but that in no way effects quality - no additives or colorants are used and the milk comes from very contented Normandie cows who've played a bit of roulette at the casino and won.

By the way if you're near a branch of La Maison du Chocolat, I recommend their glace too, especially caramel au beurre de sel.

Martine Lambert is easy to find. I would be happy to show the way.
Horaires ::
mardi au vendredi de 10H à 13H et de 15H à 20H
samedi et dimanche de 10H à 20

The sign tells all...
But how could I have missed this?
Macarons with ice cream!!!
I have lost my crown as queen of macaronerie!



  1. The best place to eat an ice cream is Berthillon, of course! I could eat all the flavors all afternoon...

  2. This post was written for your benefit Anne!
    You simply must must must try Martine!!!
    Or else!

  3. June 1! Thanks for the perfect excuse to stop on my way home for an ice cream

  4. Would it be cruel to recommend your site to my Weight Watchers friends or helpful?
    I'm sure it would be taken as sabotage rather than a helpful tool in realizing the beauty of our surroundings.
    C'est la vie, non?

  5. I love the painting! Great pics as always!

  6. I love those hungry looking dogs!! :~}

  7. So glad to see your wonderful paintings again!!!!

  8. LOVE the Paris reflections in the ice cream case - makes me want to reflect on ice cream at length

  9. Berthillon is the too globalized for me and they are quite snobby.
    Glad to hear of another worth trying in Paris.

  10. Maybe you could do a continuation with the doggie owners out front eating and feeding their doggies :)

  11. Maryanne5:26 PM

    Sorbet pêche de a simply devine flavor - peaches that grow near the vineyard!

  12. Melissa5:28 PM

    The black stuff looks very intriguing...I'll have 2 bols s.v.p.

  13. Allison5:29 PM

    I have been reading PB in preparation for my first trip to Paris. I
    am finally here, and I realized how amazing this place is. I had a
    chausson aux pommes for petit-dejeuner and a box of macarons with
    lunch. So thank you so much for writing about these fantastic foods! I
    went to Merci today and it was probqbly the coolest plqce ever. Today
    my family had bertillon and it was AMAZING; I cant wait to try all of
    your other suggestions. Keep up the excelence! MERCI!

  14. Foodwalker6:17 PM

    isn't that Oreo cookie crumb ice cream?
    Degrading to the macarons, IMO

  15. Food-a-holic6:17 PM

    licorice sorbet.
    What a grand idea!

  16. Any time is time for ice cream. I always thought Italian gelato was the best, but your pictures have made me rethink that. I am definitely keeping your google map to Martine Lamert's shop.

    How are you liking your Canon Power Shot SX110? I keep that camera in my purse where ever I go. (Along with my iPhone "polaroid")

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts of Paris. Your blog is a real treat!

  17. omg, licorice sorbet??? did i die and go to heaven??

  18. Don't worry... you will never lose your title as Queen of macarons! One is allowed to love icecream also. I hardly dare to say that I share your opinion about Berthillon's reputation being possibly a bit overdone! :-) I didn't know this address, will certainly try a nice summer day! Maybe this afternoon!

  19. Mamma mia,
    a wink with an ice-cream cone early in the morning, even the most dour person must melt away at such a sight!

    We helpless PB-Addicts, what are we supposed to do? Ask Congress to enact a law? Your blog may need a warning label: "Opening this blog may take you to sheer exstacy!"

    Truth is, though,
    I enjoy this act of self-indulgence quite a lot!

    Merci, Carol-Glacé!.

  20. Her shop is such a pink pouf and her ads are so creative I thought it might be a good topic for your blog –who knows she may even cooperate with you for the exposure on USA blog.

  21. Scorro6:04 AM

    you really capture the beautiful paris and i love your macaroon selection its awesome! i would appreciate if you could answer me this question do you happen to know of anyone who is like a personal shopper that goes to paris so i can get myself some of those great macaroons shipped to me thx bye an have a great day or should i say au revoir

  22. Bonjour Carol,

    Are you sure that those macarons glacés weren't frozen? La glace is ice cream, but when something is “glace” (no accent) it is iced, frozen or perhaps glazed, depending upon the context.
    And not to worry -- you'll always be La Reine des Macarons!

  23. Oh dear god, how could I have missed this! I was right down the street on rue Cler. Guess I'll just have to go back for another visit.

  24. Of course I am reading your blogs backwards, trying to catch up (work work work!) and it's a good thing you got your dog - otherwise I'd be tempted to jump to conclusions about your mental state. Honestly macarons glace! You must go back immediatement!

  25. Tres joli drawings and great blog really.

    The ice cream colours do look a bit artificial, don't you think? How is the texture by the way? Looking at the ice cream in those cheap small supermarket-like packaging you do not get the impression it is really soft and creamy like the real Italian gelato.


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