Monday, June 08, 2009

La Fontaine de Mars, Paris

La Fontaine De Mars I dreamed my dog ate at La Fontaine de Mars, original art
I dreamed my dog ate at La Fontaine de Mars 75007 with President Obama and First Lady Michelle on Saturday night.

Photo from Yes it's true. The President and his wife had a date nite at a bistro just around the corner from me on 129, Rue Saint-Dominique.

I used to pass it at least once a day but I was saving my centimes for macarons so I never entered - dommage.

La Fontaine De MarsGetting ready here for the President's visit? The nappery is distinctly checkered as it should be in any good Parisien bistro. reports the Obamas ate classic bistro fare:
Au menu : foie gras, gigôt d'agneau et ile flottante

This handy little guide book suggests there are few vrais bistros left. I picked it up first in Paris and then found the English version here..

La Fontaine De MarsThe 51 true bistros inside have the obligatory zinc or wood bar, daily specials on the chalkboard, small dining rooms, husband in the kitchen, wife up front. Usually the dishes on offer are regional, native to the owner's home and wines are from small vineyards preferably nearby. This whole series of small Paris guides is worth collecting.

La Fontaine De Mars I grabbed a shot of the La Fontaine's red checked nappery while passing by. Who knew it would become world famous?

Should you decide you want to do up your dining room Bistro style, Boutique Sabre will have all the appropriate gear.

La Fontaine De Mars And should you decide you want to cook like a Normandie grandmere, look on for this facsimile cookbook


Anne Corrons said...

I'm a big fan of la Fontaine de mars. I used to eat there when I lived in this area. I wish I had met President Obama there! Perfect post today!

Jane said...

Love love love all the red checkery!
I'm with the Pres totally on this one - adorable

chic so chic said...

Génial !
C'est très beau !

Susanne said...

Hi Carol,
What a great breakfast this morning at PB!!
Always au courrant
Thanks a lot.

Peter Sit said...

Love all the checks.

Jill said...

Thank you for the blog.

I absolutely love it.


chezgraceparis said...

So cute. Especially that you found a photo of him in DC with red checks! Bravo. Here is a little weird item that goes with your story:

The Sabbatical Chef said...

I've never eaten there either and I stroll down Rue St. Dominique every day when in Paris on my way back to Rue Cler and my hotel!!
Thanks for the post!

Paula Maack said...

This is beautiful. Well done!!

I recently posted a recipe for my version of the Artichoke Chevre Salad at La Fontaine de Mars, and seeing this I have just included a link to your post therein.

Your work is always lovely, but I enjoy it especially when it is one of my favorite spots in Paris! :)


~ Paula

Annie said...

I'm ordering the Bistrot book today! Ile Flotant is one of my favs.

FoodWalker said...

You had the jump on the SF Chronicle today on the Obama news!

A Brush with Color said...

delightful, Carol! You'd have entertained the Obamas for sure--too bad they didn't get to meet you. You'd have put on the ol' Paris Breakfast charm for them and they'd have fallen in love, just like the rest of us. Great watercolor here!! I always think red checks are so homey and comfy.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Absolutley love that painting.
Great post today too.

Terrie said...

Carol, I loved that when they came out, the 100 or so people gathered on the street broke out into applause.
Lovely painting. :)

Risa's Peeces said...

I really look forward to your paintings :)

Frosty Lime said...

Cutest canine ever!!!
Such a wonderful painting!

Anonymous said...

Those images are just great. Love your painting, the dog is precious!

Kirsten Steen said...

Bonsoir, I posted on the same thing today but love all your red checkered, napkin and menu photos! I just love that little square and Rue St. Dominique!
Thanks for sharing.

Merisi said...

That dog has a guilty look about him. I bet he stole all the cheese hors d'œuvre! ;-)

Merisi said...

Of course, he could also have a Checkers' past, only this time not in black and white! ;-)

Jan said...

That painting is adorable!


Micha said...

isn't it astonished ,French people love New Yorkers, but they like also to talk about USA = dangerous.people...!
that's one of a lot of frensh paradoxe

Di Overton said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cafe painting, makes me want to sit at the table and sip a cafe but away from the dog :)

Nazila Merati said...

so, funny Carol!

My flight from JFK to SEA was delayed last week because of their Broadway play date night. I was not amused.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Do you remember those ads ---"Last night I dreamed I (XXXXXX) in my Maidenform Bra?