Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Paris kiosques à journaux

So typically Parisien yet dwindling.
Are Paris' presse Kiosques. I'm fascinated by their green castle turrets designed by Gabriel Davioud in 1857.
And I'm enjoying paintings them...
But I can count on one hand the times I've bought something..
They seem like a private club to me...
And I'm not a member...
So much to choose from - like a mini super market in these small enclosures. Certainly plenty of souvenirs...
Postcards and maps besides all the journals...
They are usually placed right by the Metro station or bus stop so you can grab something to read while riding, like this Presse Kiosques at Place Saint Sulpice...
This kiosk is on an island in the middle of rue Vavin surrounded by cafes...
The same rue Vavin Kiosques but with a different seller. The Parisien "kiosquiers" are stationed there for up to 15 hours in what is known as a "standing coffin"!
At night they seem like beacons of light on the darkened streets.
And finally shut up tight until next morning news arrives.
I will in future buy, buy, buy at the Presse Kiosks.
I wouldn't like them to go away. Would you?


  1. Thanks for this series of photos on a theme. They have removed most all the newsstands here in Chicago which almost universally were pretty grubby, lacking the charm of the Parisian ones. Lord knows what the state of print publishing will be in five or ten years.

  2. I loved them as they were more friendly than shops and they are part of Paris. I bet there are some lonely people that go every day just for a chat to break the day up.

  3. Elizabeth1:56 PM


    I stop several times/wk. Favorite mags.: weekly "Elle" & "Gala" and the huge Saturday "Figaro" (complete with "Mme. Figaro"). They are inexpensive and great for fashion. "Telerama" is great for movies & TV. And "Pariscope" (every Weds.) is a must.

    No...the kiosks can't go away!


  4. I love the kiosks and always buy things. Love the magazines and , of course, the Herald Tribune.
    Lottery tickets?

  5. It's a bit of a gray day here in Massachusetts--what fun to visit your very Parisien Paris! Thank you so much for sharing everyday. Caterinya

  6. Foodista2:29 PM

    And I love the posters on the outside..

  7. a happy wednesday to you.
    i just adore stopping at the kiosks in rome and browsing...always find something interesting to purchase, even if it is only the daily newspaper :)

  8. Even after a rough and tough day, you can put a smile on my face. Your blog is such a joy. Merci!

  9. I didn't know that the kiosks were declining in number. What replaces them? There is one on Rue de Rivoli between the Talleyrand building (where I worked in the US Consulate) and the Embassy. I stopped there frequently for that week's Paris guide (whatever it's called, with movie times, etc), and French fashion and home decor journeaux.

  10. I can't paint them, but the first thing I do when I get to Paris is visit one on the Champs-Elysées to buy my Elle, Paris Match, postcards and Pariscope, the little magazines that list movies and all that's happening in Paris for the week.
    Vive le kiosk parisien!

  11. Unfortunately the two kiosks close to my house have mostly porn magazines in their windows ... not really glamourous

  12. Love your painting of them, Carol. They remind me of the NY news stands, or whatever you call them. But, not being France, I guess they don't have the pretty green domes that I recall, though, do they? Hmmmmm...

  13. Deborah3:14 PM

    Oh, please do buy something from the rue Vavin guy! He's very discouraged, and keeps threatening to go back to India.

    And thank you for your daily photos/paintings. I live in Paris half the year, and really enjoy them.

  14. I love your kiosks...most kiosks in LA have weidos in them, well not most but a lot of them Ha ha
    Did you say I am weirdo in the kiosk? : )

  15. Very interesting post, I did not know anything about Paris and her kiosks!

    I love Italian kiosks! When I am in Italy, I stop at each and every one on my way, they have so many interesting things for sale! In my student days, it was mostly "This Week in Rome" and daily papers. I still have paperback cookbooks they started offering back then with the newspapers, never found any better pasta and risotto recipes. Nowadays they sell special editions of DVDs and books, I always find new treasures there.

  16. Love these. I would spend to much money in them I fear. :) Would be sad to see them go. I notice that many magazines here are going out of business so shelves look sad sometimes now. Great paintings.

  17. My little piece of heaven!..

  18. These stands are so charming...only in Paris! Love the way you showcase all of the loveable idiosincracies of the city.

  19. Kiosks in San Francisco may not be quite as charming as the ones in Paris, but there are flower kiosks and coffee kiosks and I read recently that Apple may start iTunes kiosks...

    iTunes and coffee...very California I think.

  20. Helas we have lost les marchands de journaux dans des boutiques....

  21. Those kiosks are one of my favourite Paris landmarks and I always try to buy a copy of Marie Claire Maison from one.

  22. Love this post! I was so used to seeing them and popping in for a magazine that I never really "noticed" them! I will now and certainly will photograph a few when I am there this summer.
    It's so sad that some of the simplest things in life are being pushed out by busyness.

  23. There is a kiosk like this in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA that is very similar to these. It always interests me when I pass by it.

  24. Ah- the French have raised the humble newstand to a work of art! And of course they're disapearing if YOU, Arbiter of Trends, do not support them....
    I'm so far behind on your posts...but it will be a pleasure catching up

  25. I would be grateful for any information you may have on where these kiosks are manufactured?

  26. Anonymous6:40 AM

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