Friday, June 26, 2009

Wanted: Sm.Paris Stud.2 Wks Oct *PRIZE OFFERED*

We need to go to Paris again...
Teddy, Yellow Bird and moi in October...
We don't care what arrondissement we stay in. In fact we like to discover new areas to report back to you.
We're going for 2 weeks in mid-October so we can research the SALON DU CHOCOLAT...
And do more serious research on macarons for you.
But we're having a hard time finding a suitable place to stay....
We've looked and looked. So we (really just moi) thought we'd ask for your assistance. You were so terrific last time helping me find something, but that apartment is booked :(
Oh and there is a prize if you succeed!
More on that later...
A desk (you'd be surprised at how many Paris apartments do not have desks!!)
Internet access is essential so I can keep you well-informed of my Paris comings and goings
A Microwave would be awfully nice to heat my hot chocolate in the morning...
Small is preferred to large.

Not too many stairs puhleeeze
Internet connection bien sur encore...
We want to bring you back lots more good stories about Paris...
And the prize if you help me find something suitable?
A box of Ladurée macarons, or...
An 9" x 12" watercolor of Ladurée macarons -
definitely a longer shelflife on this one...
Please contact me if you know of a specific place that would suit one person. No web sites please. I've already weeded through too many of those :(


  1. Great to know you are coming back so soo! Will put my thinking cap on...

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Have you ever stayed at Place Dauphine?
    Between left and right banks...
    I think you can negociate the rates.
    It is really an honour to have you.

  3. You are so sweet to post mini photos and macaron water colors. Thanks! Very cute map display.


    This is the apartment we rented in Paris in the 6th.

    Hopefully this link takes you to the photo. We used Paris Attitude on the recommendation of friends and were very pleased. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Carole,

    Not sure about your price range but the apt. my friends rented in April was a great find - about two minutes from Trocadero and the owner is a doll-- Benoit...
    If you email me, I'll send you the info. I have some other friends that are renting it in Sept...
    Take care and have a great weekend...

  6. Alas..I am land-locked & clueless; It's been 12 yrs. since my last visit D : I wanted you to know how I adored your post.
    Absolutely adorable! I know you'll find the perfect spot!

  7. Good luck on your quest, Carol. Have fun!

  8. Oh Carol...That's great you're returning! I know you said no websites, but take a look at Adrian Leeds apartments or email me (what's your budget)and I will talk to the property manager for you to see if we have anything..."special"!

  9. Wish I could help. I'm counting on you to take us all back to Paris with you!

  10. Brilliantly done... will keep my ears open for you.. ;)

  11. The owners of this apartment are renting it out in october- it's in the 11th, which is tres trendy et pas trop cher!

  12. Well, it looks like things are under control here:) Plenty of recommendations to begin.


  13. good luck in finding something.....will keep you in mind if I see something

  14. I love your blog.
    Your posts are always the highlight of my working day.

  15. Anna Carolina7:43 PM

    I really like to read your blog and now it's a "must do" dayly task.I´m in love with Paris, since...Forever, and your articles make me travel in to Paris. Your work as artist is also delightful.
    Anna Carolina from Brazil

  16. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Your blogg.......AMAZING!!

    Agneta from Sweden

  17. I wished you would ask me about Vienna! *sigh*

  18. Have you checked out Thierry the owner came highly recommended by past renters and I found him very nice and accomodating- Unfortunately the stock market killed my needs this year for a paris apt - he has a bunch with free computers and net services etc etc. I will go back to him when we can do Paris again some day

  19. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I love that you made the calculator say "cheap". lol.

  20. I wish I knew of one...We're going to be staying at my sweetie Richard's brother's apartment when we go in Sept. But he doesn't rent it out. If you haven't found one by Sept let me know and I will check around while I am there.

  21. Great Party! We traveled in France so no apt recommendations but I do hope you find a place and I can follow your art/blog when you are there!
    Good luck!
    Expect joy, Cat
    PS And, of course, come by my party anytime!

  22. A friend of a friend rents a self contained little studio near La villette at 400€ a week. I'm not sure it's your idea of cheap.

    Did you check the bed & breakfasts?

    Hope you do find something nice!

  23. If you haven't found an apartment in Paris yet, I have a great lead. I contacted this guy back in the fall about his apartment but didn't end up staying there. Just email me and I'll send you his info.

  24. VRBO-Vacation Rentals By Owner is a great site for apartments in Paris. Thought this one would suit you, :)

  25. Oh, how I wish I knew of a place for you to stay... I love your artwork! Good luck on your search!

  26. I know of one in The Marias that has a pool in the basement, I recommended it to my cousin and she raved about it. Email me for info if you are interested.


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