Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paris Dogs Rule

Does your pampered pet have a diamond collar? Paris dogs do.
Postcards available on every street corner immortalize Paris dogs... Paris dogs are in every art galerie vitrine on the Left Bank... There are many "don'ts" in Paris. One BIG "do" is it's OK to pet a strange dog. If you take your pup to Le Comptoir for Gawds sake take a blankie!
It can be quite chilly if you sit outside... La Mom in Paris sent me this adorable photo of a pampered Paris pet sitting at the dinner table in his/her OWN chaise/chair!
Wha'?A bit more down scale and no special chair, but still an invited guest - this pug at the Louvre McDo's.
"Stop reading and give me a snack svp vite, Madame".Paris dog on the bus in a rather plain vanilla carrier bag...hmmmNo wonder Ralph Lauren has been awarded the Chevalier de la Legion de Honneur ! According to Andre Leon Talley of Talley Ho-Vogue, he has "the new black alligator doggie carrier with a faux-fur carpet interior for €20,000" in his new Paris store". Definitely an improvement on plain vanilla canvas though I wonder how the 'gator feels about it. You can always just carry your dog as an accessory. No carrier bag required.
Dogs do not rule quite as much as they used to.
Things have changed.
A Paris dog can no longer enter a food shop. *note the sign at Eric Kayser*note the thoughtfully-designated parking place for your hound.
In a fancy department store like Bon Marche, dogs still rule thank you very much. *Note the fashionable studded collar and leash on this fully co-ordinated hound...
Galeries Lafayette even has dog art plastered on the walls at dog eye-level...
If you're going out walking with your hound, by all means dress head-to-toe in royal purple. Your dog deserves it...
I stalked this dog and owner for quite a few paces. Don't ask me why. Nothing all that special, except it IS a Paris dog.
Bergdorf Goodman's is trying desperately to ape Paris ways by placing a dog in their window. But where are the Louboutins? Shoesless? Barefoot? You would never see this on a Paris street!
No Paris dog would permit it.


  1. Fabulous, fabulous, Carol. Adore the lady in purple! Not to mention all those doggies. woof woof. Jilly and Riviera Dogs. xxx

  2. I am leaving for Paris tonight (that ash cloud better not stop Air Canada flight ..) I have been popping in to read your posts and always smile and feel better afterward!!! must be all the Mac's and Bear adventures. Would you be able to recommend a Doggie shop... our little Dolce will not be traveling with us this time and I would love to bring him a little something special. Merci...

  3. High Heeled Life - there are many FAB doggies shops in Paris..like on every street corner.
    One I have entered is
    Un Chien Dans Le Marais
    on 35 bis, rue du roi de Sicile 75004
    A plethora of dog finery up the whazoo!
    Safe trip!!

  4. I love it when you do dog posts.

  5. Some of those canines are adorable. I think I need one of those bags--I could use it for things when I'm on the road.

    Love the dog art on their level. Have you ever seen the dog videos that dogs like to look at? Just images of other dogs? they're a riot. A friend of mine used to put it on TV while she was at work and her dog would watch it.

  6. I think the dog carrier is cute, but I love those Ralph Lauren spectator ballet flats. I may have to dip into my Paris vacation fund for this $350 splurge! Eleanor

  7. Unbelievable the dog world out there!
    I don't really like to mix food and pets at the same table, but I guess it's entertaining to see how they do.
    Have a good day Carol!

  8. I love pooches..and mine goes everywhere with me where possible..but people here (australia)are very protective of their pooches..much like children..and do not encourage socialising with others of their tribe..the dogs barely have the pleasure of sniffing one other before they are dragged away..

    but we have strict poop collecting laws..when nature calls..we scoop the poop..do they have these in Paris..or do they just poop and go
    ?? :)

  9. The Parisiens have move to the smaller dog because the scoop laws have gotten tougher or so my Paris friends tell me.

    Did I paint Chloe? Her pink coat looks very familiar..

    WENDYB, if I had my way it would be dogs everyday at PB, but I don't...

    BRUSH WITH COLOR- I love the dog video of the flying dogs with flapping ears etc.
    Do you know it?

  10. Re: Painting Chloe ... not yet, but soon, I hope.
    Trying to get her Diddy to make it a birthday gift. Chloe thinks it would be pawsome and so do I!

  11. I am impressed by the parking space. Even more impressed by the sitting lady's blue and creme shoes and her posture. Great style. Thank you for yet another lovely post.

  12. It just doesn't get any better than this. Woof and les woof

  13. Ozzie no longer wishes to go to Pairs now that he can't go into the restaurants...however, he WOULD like an intro to the dame with the diamond collar.

  14. Oh Heavens OZZIE!
    There is nothing wrong with hanging out on the cafe terrace.
    You get the best of both worlds coming & going.
    Oauf Ouaf

  15. These photos are so great they should be in a book! Having lived in Paris (a long long time ago) I used to think that the Parisians seem to care more about their little poodles than their neighbors. Cynical of me, I know.

  16. margaret11:05 PM

    Thank you for bringing Paris to me.
    A long lonely unemployed winter on the island of Nantucket was redemed by your posts everyday.
    So I lingered over every one imagining the day I would be there - April 19.
    But that darn volcano changed all that.
    I'm back to 'Paris Breakfast' everyday while in NJ until the skies open for me.
    Merci encore

  17. I love that opening shot!
    Lots of fun to look at these pooches :)

  18. Oh my good, I so love this photograph series. In Paris dogs are like the new Chanel bag;-)

  19. C'est vrai! One of my all-time favorite visuals is walking behind an old-timer with a little pooch on a leash - trop mignon!

  20. This post is fantastic! I featured it on my blog Dog Art Today. Also linked to your etsy store. Keep in touch with any more dog art you would like to share.


  21. LOVE this post...its so cute and quirky. It must have taken you tons of time and effort to compile all these pictures together. great blog too!



  22. What a great post. I live down in Montpellier and my dog lives just a great life as I do, though its a shame they are now changing regulations about dogs in food shops. My dog is actually CLEANER than my 2 year old son LOL!

  23. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Hi. . my daughter and I were looking back at your Paris posts, and she fell in love with the Sonia bear. We tried to see if it was available for purchase on Sonia's site, but could not find it. Can the bear be purchased?
    thank you
    ps we love the blog

  24. Thank you for this post - we love it, and the fantastic pictures. Dogs, art, Paris - what could be better?

    More doggy pix please!

    We've featured you on our blog :)

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  26. this blog!!! Its amazing!!!! A loved!!! Thank you very munch!!!!

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  29. This may be dog heaven! Dogs are treated as humans here, not like in other countries.

  30. Only country in the world where dogs are welcomed everywhere! Love your post..

  31. Love your post. France is one of the few countries in the world, maybe besides Ialy where dogs are welcomed everywhere. Tres chic!


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