Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

'You're terribly late you know.Naughty!' said The Mad Hatter. I am terribly late catching up with Alice. And I was late for Tim Burton's MOMA show - next to last day! I asked, "Where are the Alice drawings?"
"There aren't any", they said,"Too current."
"Oh" But I did find this wonderful Tim Burton doodle on a scrap of newsprint.
And I found The dasterly Red Queen in the catalog. Off to see Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. I planned to stay an hour, take a quick snooze.Instead I was enthralled and enchanted.
J'adore Alice! Mia Wasikowska is perfect.

She has a lovely luminosity. An inner something or other that grabs you and does not let go. When the Mad Hatter tells Alice,
"You're not the same as you were before.
You were much more..."muchier"
You've lost your "muchness"
You find yourself rooting for Alice to find her muchness.
And she doesLike Jeanne d'Arc, she slays the dragon and comes out so much stronger.Girls rule!To channel your inner Alice, hightail it over to the new Anthropologie at Chelsea Market. They've got the best Alice Blue headbands.
And "Alice" pinneys in all colors and prints. How thoughtful of Anthro to provide man-sized comfy armchairs, while your beau naps, you shop till you drop.
Gathering up antique silver sugar shakers for your Mad Hatter's Tea party.
Heavens, just buy the whole table intact and you're set!
Mad Hatter:Would you like a little more tea?
Well, I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more.March Hare:Ah, you mean you can't very well take less.Mad Hatter:Yes. You can always take more than nothing.
I'm certain Alice slept here. I wanted too.
What will you serve at your tea party? You could wait on the endless lines around the corner at the new Magnolia Bakeries springing up.
Better yet, get your paws on David Lebovitz' utterly delicious new cookbook, Ready For Dessert. You'll be drooling over every picture by superb photographer, Maren Caruso. Even an idiot non-baker like me can make these recipes the way David sets them up. David lives in Paris, so there are quite a few French desserts.
So what if you drip chocolate icing on your new pinney.
That's what pinneys are for are they not?
Mark your calendars, Alice-obsessed PBers. You're invited to attend the tea party at Rizzoli's bookstore this Sunday, May 2 on West 57th street.
With scones for all, kids included, to commemorate the birthday of the real-life Alice and celebrate The Real Alice in Wonderland book.


  1. So much fun. I love the Tom Binns Alice doodles on newsprint! I found a place with great Tom Binns Alice jewelry with free shipping to Europe at US prices! http://bit.ly/dgV0WQ

  2. Wasn't that movie fun? "I love my fat boys..." "I need a pig here!"

    Joe and I thought it was just delightfully enchanting. Glad you saw it, Carol!

  3. I thought of you Sue all through the movie. I was so sure I wouldn't like it.
    Would a lovely surprise!
    Merci Sue!!

  4. Justine9:43 AM

    The text of Alice is wonderful..
    Love the way you've illustrated that..
    Drooling over that cookbook

  5. FoodWalker9:46 AM

    Love love loved the movie-
    Surprisingly touching and very whimsical indeed.
    merci comme habitude

  6. Hi Carol...need a recommendation..going to Paris in September..need to stay in the 14th or 5th or 6th...any good hotel tips?

  7. That was fun ~ thank you :-) I love the hour glass.

  8. Couldn't wait to see what was for breakfast today here - and I was not disappointed in the least. Cupcakes and fairy tales, oh my! Cool Tim Burton doodles and you've really laid it all out for us. I MUST, I MUST, I MUST go see it asap.

  9. Thank you so much Carol. Your site is wonderful - so kind of you to include us.

    Warmest regards,

  10. thank you SO MUCH! The sites look great and I hope your audience will be enthralled.
    And I hope you will find our little spot of Wonderland inspiring!!
    Looking forward to a glorious Sunday and finally meeting!


  11. Ooooh! Lurve Anthroploogie!
    Jean de Arc too.

  12. I love this post, and all things Alice of course.

  13. As always, I love your post! Have a wonderful day!


  14. Dear Carol,
    Your post "Jour de Rouge" has inspired me! As soon as I got to Paris (finally, from Cairo) last Thursday, I set out to photograph all the red I could. I then posted to my France blog, calling it "Seeing Red in Paris". But I now have more and will post them once I get back to California. Thanks for the inspiration;
    it's all been great fun!

  15. I also found myself heartily rooting for Alice to find her "muchness"! So jealous that you got to see the Tim Burton exhibit...and I simply drooled over your Anthro pictures...must go...must buy that bed with the tree branches...OH, and of course, the blue headband. I can just picture stirring my yogurt over a hot stove with that beautiful blue bow perched over my hair...

    beautiful post yet again!

  16. Thank you Whit!
    I had to get an Artists pass so I could walze in sans ticket.
    In fact the best stuff was in the basement where anyone could go and no one did.
    The guard steered me there!
    Thanks very much

  17. Misha in Paris1:33 PM

    "Joan of Arc", is too pretty for burning "Jeanne d'Arc" !
    I think Alice would like to eat a big big macaron

  18. Like that of so many others, PB brightens my day!!
    Happy Belated 4th Birthday.

  19. I love all of the Alice styles and themes that are out there since the movie, it makes me happy to see all of these whimsical things! I love your watercolor paintings, I have taken a watercolor class so it is inspiring to me. I look forward to reading about Paris and your other adventures on your blog! :)

  20. I love that bit about having "more tea?"
    The pastry book pictures look soo delicious......

  21. William Ternay, Jr.3:50 PM

    My oh my what a very small world!
    Or is it really really BIG and perhaps just SEEMS like a small world because mid-day today I found myself in...of all places, my local Anthropologie...looking for what...I know not...but I suspect I may have found it...just now, on your post, dear Carol.
    Oh my what a very small world.


    Come back to Paris soon for a happy unbirthday teatime celebration with the Mad Lafleur ok ?

  23. Colorful imaginative post... loved the movie great visuals-- love the book -- and have to try David Lebovitz' s new cookbook, Ready For Dessert. I am with you -- need help and some inspiration in the kitchen , would much rather go out to some of the delightful places you share with us your readers. Oh that is a cute new photo of you -- sans the hat.. love the red red glasses. Mine are rose colored so I can see my world a little better.

  24. You have to take your Mad Hatter's hat off to Anthropologie. I was in the London store recently and had to be dragged out :(
    PS Love the red specs!

  25. Thank you.
    I love your blog!
    I love your sense of humor!
    You have amazing style!
    Oooh la la!
    Sexy AND Funny!

  26. Glad t'adore le livre de recettes! xx dl

  27. Just found you from David's site. Love your drawings! I saw the Tim Burton show at MOMA a few weeks ago. So crowded I couldn't get up-close-and-personal with a lot of the drawings. Hope it comes to L.A.

  28. j'adore alice. =) love this post and loved the film.


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