Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sheep May Not Safely Graze

Sheep may not safely graze during Easter/Paques.
They are more likely to end up on your dinner plate..
There is always the option of becoming a chocolate sheep, if you're shopping at Dehillerin and buy this yellow mold...
BCBG had sheep safely grazing in their windows on rue Saint Honore...
This black sheep found a safe refuge at the Art-Paris show...
Plenty of sheep are seeking sanctuary at the new Lalanne show at Les Arts decoratifs... The noise is deafening...
But as long as you keep them outside your chateau, it's bearable...
Inside, they do best on the floor...
Hippos, blue or not, can graze all they want without fear or fuss...
As can cat-bird-fish-cows...
A non-grazing horse-lamp was not in the show but standing in an alcove on rue Tronchet...
At Les Arts Decoratifs, you could almost spend as much time in the bookstore browsing as in the museum in my opinion...
A dog onboard-a-Lalanne-sheep postcard...
Here's a little gentle music for those sheep...


  1. when i saw your post ,i feel like staying in paris yet

  2. By now,
    those still out there,
    may safely graze, I suppose! ;-)

    Thank you for herding all those sheep to safety,
    and for reminding us of the beautiful Johann Sebastian Bach music, one of my favorites.

    Here are lyrics, to go along (albeit not Bach's!):

    Sheep may safely graze
    All the wolves have been rounded up and put to bed
    Sheep may safely graze
    There are only days of happiness up ahead
    Sheep may safely graze, my bear,
    All the crocodiles have been hunted from your dreams


  3. William Ternay, Jr.10:30 AM

    Ahhhh Carol,
    What a lovely, pastoral way to end today's post...
    and to inspire me as I drive through
    the farmland of South Jersey this
    beautiful spring day, searching for Solace.
    That's the name of my brother's pet sheep. He somehow got out of the barn last night. and is wandering the countryside.
    Naaaa just kidding.

  4. William Ternay, Jr.10:34 AM

    Perhaps I should have said;
    "Baaaaa, just kidding."

  5. hahaha MERISI!
    Oh my...
    I had no idea about the crocs and the wolves getting in on the deal:(
    Horrors but merci Merisi!!!

  6. Justine10:46 AM

    Very bucolic post today indeed.
    Who would think Paris was so full of sheep...course some may instantly agree that there are many sheep in Paris of another kind..ahem

  7. Happy Easter Eggs!

  8. Evelyn1:26 PM

    The First Lamb of Spring?

    I only know ofSpike Milligan's, The First Ant of Spring"
    Said tiny ant,To elephant,
    'Mind how you tread in this clearing',
    But alas - cruel fate!
    She was crushed by the weight,
    Of an elephant,
    Hard of hearing.

    c'est la vie as you would say...

  9. Not sure if you know about this other blog, but since you have a fascination with pastries and a decent sense of humor, this one is wickedly funny [particularly the commentary]:

  10. Emi in Switzerland1:30 PM

    I enjoy your blog every day!
    I see, you were also in Paris in March; we were at almost the same
    time in Paris.
    Hope you enjoy your stay very much in Paris. :))
    Wish you a very pleasant long weekend!
    Greetings from Switzerland,

  11. the bach totally worked for my sensitive small cat critter. as for me, where do i get my own copy of that dog-standing-on-sheep postcard? i'm glad to see it's not just wabbits getting work at easter in paris.

  12. The dog onboard the sheep postcard resides in the Museum gift shop in Paris..
    The doggie belonged to the Lalannes I believe...

  13. Foodwalker2:37 PM

    Quirky and witty as always.
    thanks for a bit of light hearted Easter fun!

  14. The Sheep adorns the landscape rural
    And is both singular and plural—
    It gives grammarians the creeps
    To hear one say, “A flock of sheeps.”

    The Sheep is gentle, meek and mild,
    And led in herds by man or child—
    Being less savage than the rabbit,
    Sheep are gregarious by habit.

    The Sheep grows wool and thus promotes
    The making of vests, pants and coats—
    Vests, pants and coats and woolen cloths
    Provide good food for hungry moths.

    With vegetables added to
    The Sheep, we get our mutton stew—
    Experiments long since revealed
    The Sheep should first be killed and peeled.

    Thus, with our debt to them so deep,
    All men should cry “Praise be for Sheep!”—
    And, if we happen to be shepherds,
    “Praise be they’re not as fierce as leopards!”
    The Sheep by Ellis Parker Butler

  15. Anonymous2:53 PM


    On a silver platter
    Poor Mary had gotten her little lamb
    A diamond studded collar.
    When she ordered
    The jewels, alas, someone saw
    Her cook the books. Then
    Soon to the restaurant she had to sell
    The lamb she loved so much....
    At the restaurant.
    baa baa baa

  16. I just found your blog while googling pictures of French Easter chocolates for my blog. I love all of your beautiful photos! I used to teach French and long to go back someday (probably when my children are grown). Anyways, every Friday I do a "French Friday" post and tomorrow I'm doing an Easter theme. I hope you don't mind if I put a link to your post from March 23, 2008, in my blog tomorrow.


  17. sheep, and bears....dogs, wolves and's a virtual zoo!!!!!!!

  18. Hi Paris Breakfast! I am so honored that you visited my blog and liked it enough to leave a comment. I just love your paintings (my sister has a macaron one from you!) so I picked my favorite one and put it up over in my blog roll with a link to you! Be sure to stop by and check it out :-D Meanwhile I am going to spend time browsing your beautiful blog here!

    xoxo Haleigh @ Bardot in Blue aka your new follower in Paris

  19. Milles Mercis to EPB for bringing attention to the more savage rabbit.

  20. I love the black sheep - and the museum flock looks great!
    Poor guys..........:)

  21. Baa. We like our sheep alive & well. My grandparents raised them (for wool)...lovely post, Carol.


    Susan & GG

  22. What a charming theme for an article. I didn't know there was a Lalanne show. One of his great patrons was Yves Saint-Laurent who commissioned a great many things by him. Lalanne also designed some very sought after YSL jewellery. Baaaaa!


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