Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PB turns 4 Today!

Kiss kiss PB readers today!!! You send me the sweetest emails, like the one I got today:

I live in Australia and I’m 16 in 2011. I love art with a passion and I’m painting my own French piece for art class which you’ve inspired me to do. I’ve searched the internet and you’re art work is the best I’ve found! I really enjoy looking through your blog, paintings and photos. They’ve inspired me to go to France in my gap year to be an Ampere and to paint in my spare time. You’ve also inspired me to try a macaron! I’m getting a bit impatient, they look delicious! Anyway, just looking at your pictures brightens my day that little bit more. So, thank you for sharing your paintings and French experiences with me. J
May God bless you,

So I'm getting out the candles.

U really bring me a lot of love & joy!

Because of you, I've started dolling up (Thank you H&M and Sonia!)

Even though I'm not always comfortable in the spotlight

Even though sometimes I rant on about buttercream etc. Grrrr

Really U put me on top of the world!

Really I can't live without U.

Only Paris is on my menu

And while Bear is having a virtual Perrier at cafe Le Select.

I'm having a virtual walze through the streets of Paris...


Merisi said...

Happy, Happy Blog-Birthday!
Thank you for everything,
from sharing your paintings to sharing your Paris,
for your time that you dedicate to this blog,
to your humor which makes it all so amüsant!
Even though I have never set foot in Paris,
I know it, thanks to you!

K and S said...

joyeux anniversaire de blog! (I hope this is right!)xoxo

Theresa Cheek said...

Happy blog-birthday Carol! You have the most extensive collection of Paris street photos of anyone I know!! Your blog always makes me feel a little closer to Paris...merci!

La Seine Miniatures said...

A BIG thank you to you and to PB!
Have a nice birthday-blog!

Anonymous said...

Chilton1Congratulations!!! Thank you for giving all of us out here in blogland a little food for thought ha...and alot love for dogs and macarons!!!

The French Easel said...

What fun-loving letters you send our way! Bon Anniversaire!

Thank you for making the world a prettier, yummy-er place.

Ivy said...

I love your writings and art. I got so hooked up reading the stuff about Paris. I've been to Paris several times and last year was my third. How I miss Paris so much, but whenever I read your emails it just reminds me back of Paris.

Keep on doing what you do.
You are blessed with writing and art gifts....

Dick said...

Dear Carol, thank you so much for bringing me a bit of Paris each day.
Happy Birthday


Carol said...

Happy Happy Birthday & many more to come!

Anonymous said...

Denise said

Merci pour les tartes au citron, les macarons, les feuilletes, les chocolats chaud, etc... et surtout merci pour le gout de Paris et de la culture Francaise.

Savoure votre champagne et gateau. Bonne Anniversaire, vous le meriter bien, vous etes une inspiration. xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogday to you Carol and thanks for all the wonderful witty comments, insights and pics of Paris which brighten up our day in all corners of the globe! Have a good one! Merci beaucoup :-)

NEnz said...

Bon Anniversaire!
Your blog makes me happy every day. I hope you will keep on writing many more blogs and those sweet newsletters I get in the mail everyday!


Unknown said...

may the blog have a very long lasting life, we're really delighted by your posts and the love you devote to things around this sensational city. you're an amazing artist, go on and never stop. joyeux anniversaire PB.

Marie Arden said...

Happy Fourth Birthday. I check out your blog daily. It keeps me going between trips to Paris. You inspired me to start my own blog last December.I love the nice blog world too!

Marie Arden Pink Living

sillygirl said...

I was just about to tell you how much I look forward to your blog every weekday and it's your Blogbirthday! Our visits to Paris have been so much better because of your pictures and information - the little things make me know more about Paris and Parisians! Happy Birthday and many more!

Sophia said...

Bonne anniversaire!
Congratulations on 4 years of serious blogging. I hope it leads to many book and movie contracts!!!!

Jill said...

happy 4th PB birthday, by the way

The Sabbatical Chef said...

Joyeux anniversaire, PB!
And thanks to you, we have Paris 5 days a week. Thank you for my daily fix... oui, I am addicted to all things French and I WILL NOT be seeking treatment, merci.

Margaret B. in GA said...

Hi Carol,
Happy B.Day!
Also, what about searching for les macs with the Bear in Bordeaux or some other French city, or for that matter taking a side trip to Rome in search of les macs and all things French? I wonder if Italians eat les macs in Rome/Florence/or?
Only the Bear can discover the truth.
I bet Brussels has its version of macs.
Margaret B. in Atlanta

Justine said...

That is truly an adorable email from Australia today...
U R loved!!

Jerie Artz said...

Joyeux 4ieme Anniversaire! I look forward to your blog everyday. It's my little trip to Paris that delights me with your whimsy, wit and creativity!

I'm taking 9 friends with me to France to paint for 15 days and your blog has been a wonderful source of info to share with them in preparation.

Merci mille fois!

Paris Pastry said...

Happy 4th Blogoversary! Looking forward to many more years of PB!

Giulia said...

Buon compleanno, cara Carol!

We will be very excited to meet you in DC in September at your exhibit. You have given us much happiness & humor, especially during a difficult 2 years. France should give you the Légion d'honneur!

xoxoxo, bisous, baci, & macarons!

From Giulia e Susanna.

red ticking said...

dear carol...

you know i love your blog and you are sooo darling... congratulations on this big day.... it is really fantastic..
we all appreciate how hard you work to make us all smile. xx

Di Overton said...

Happy Birthday Carol! It was me who deleted the previous comment, I was logged in as Harvey.
I love the way that girl says she is 16 in 2011, should I now say I was 57 in 2009? Ah youth, it is wasted on the young :)

Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

Happy Blogiversary to Paris Breakfasts! What a wonderful email from Philippa -- that is so touching, and such sweet things for a blogger to read. :)

You bring your readers lots of love and joy, too, Carol. Thank you so much for the work that you do to celebrate Paris and captivate people's imaginations about this dynamic city.

Love and light to you and to your readers on this special day.
Bisous -

donna said...

happy are truly a unique woman/artist/humorist/inspiration........thanks for the bright light you bring to me every morning......

Lynne said...

Je l'aime (your blog)!

I found it just this morning looking for dog art and added it my reader. Your pictures and posts make me smile.

Happy Blogiversary.

vicki archer said...

Happy Birthday to PB....I wish you many, many more Carol. xv

Jenny said...

Happy Bloggy birthday Carol. I still remember how I happened upon your blog 2 years ago. I was posting about our June '08 trip to Paris and wanting to find a picture of a typical croissant and cafe breakfast so I Googled "Paris breakfast" and voila, I found you and have read you ever since. this morning I sit in front of the computer with a "Petit Dejeuner" mug of yours filled with my favorite coffee and cheering to your good health. Happy bloggin'

Chris Bonney said...

Oui! Joyeux anniversaire de blog!

Denise said...

Bonne Anniversaire, PB!

Bill said...

Yay #4. This is definitely one of my favorite blogs!

Jeannie Hanson said...

I ditto it all! I am always inspired and amused by your blog (which I assiduously copied the code from when I started seriously blogging two years ago ;~D) Jeannie

Shelley said...

I'm lighting four candles on an imaginary macaron to celebrate! Happy PB Birthday, Carol.

Mlle Paradis said...

milles felicitations carol! you are becoming a frenchie force to be reckoned with and it is all good! next the legion of honneur pour toi! i'll write papa s. about this tout de suite!

p.s. that purple coat in the dog post! (yikes! i love!) and are those r. lauren shoes alongside the croc-cabas? why can't i find more sexy specs like that? americans seem to hate foot cleavage. what is their problem?! toodles!

Jeanne said...

Many happy returns.
Happy Birthday and cheers for many more postings
Much love and many blessings

Tim said...

Happy Birthday PB!

margarida said...

You have the loveliest blog, so it's really easy to congratulate you; your perfect taste and your wit are a gorgeous must!
Love the Bear, by the way…
:) So, many happy returns!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Joyeux anniversaire, my friend!
Here's to you, for all the joy and macarons you bring to francophiles everywhere!
I'm sending you a big hug!

Simony said...

Congratulations Carol! Your blog is really wonderful, great, chic, happy, colorful, and special all because of you!
You add that little cherry to the top of my ice-cream! And always a smile to my face. What else can we ask for???
Hope you will always continue to share with us all your experience. My life would not be as much fun without your blog.
Merci beaucoup!

A Brush with Color said...

Happy Birthday, Paris Breakfasts! You're a delight every day that so many of us look forward to. Hope you do something to celebrate!

Janice Cartier said...

Happy 4th Birthday PB!! For all your ballerina...flats..and dancing chic to the street
with Paris ooh la la
and snapping up those stolen pics...
so that we may feast..
For all the miam miam days and color savoir faire
Here's to endless trips ( may they be first class)
And those tasty bits you share!
Happy 4th Birthday PB..
Gorgeous darling. You just get more and more gorgeous.
Hugs and many thanks,

kimsminiatures said...

Happy Blog birthday Paris Breakfasts. You have mad me feel like I have been to Paris.. Thank you. Hugs~ Kim

The Armchair Parisian said...

Sounds like this event calls for a macaroon!

Nikon said...

You put so much work into your posts - congrats on the anniversary!
I love to pop by every day and see your creativeness at work.....Thanks!

Whitney Smith said...

HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! Joyeaux Anniversaire! We looooove PB!

Fifi Flowers said...

Happy Birthday to PB!!!! Andddd CHEERS to many more!!!

Unknown said...

Your photos are amazing, love them!

somepinkflowers said...

oh happy day!


i am so glad you are HERE!
i cannot even tell you
how much!

{{ i am using You
for inspiration
for my next paris trip! }}


somepinkflowers said...


if not for You
i would not know about

so yes
thanks for being here...

CB said...

That is adorable.
That is about the age I became a francophile (sp?).
I am a grandmother,
and I love your work as well. Hugs, CB

Linda said...

Happy 4th Anniversary!
Thanks for all the enjoyment I have received seeing Paris through your eyes!
Paris Breakfasts is a lovely pleasure!
Merci beaucoup!

FoodWalker said...

What a lovely email from the Aussie girl.
That must have made you float!
You're just great!!!!

William Ternay, Jr. said...

Congratulations to you and
Bear and little bird and everything else in the wonderful world you've shared with the rest of us; your admirers.

Misha in Paris said...

is good 4 U !
she is right,
you give so much
good pictures 2 !

Lisa Johnson said...

I love that letter! What a sweetie. Thank you for bringing such beauty to all of our lives Carol and Happy Blog Birthday to you and PB! ; )

Gina L said...

Your blogs and your paintings (I adore my collection!) make life sweeter every day.
Wishing you macarons and all good things,
Gina in Houston

Juliana said...

Bonne Anniversaire! I lift my champagne glass and a dish of macarons to you Carol and to many more years of PB!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Happy B-day PB!!!!

sensational as always you don't look a day older : )

InkSketch said...

I know I may be a little late, Happy Blog-B-Day! Thanks for your wonderful posts and pics!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Happy blog-birthday! You and Buchwald may always have Pairs but I hope WE always have you!

on the road again... said...

I Love it!!! Congratulations...I would love to begin a daily Blog... of my travels..I'm heading off to Hong Kong in the beginning of May... I just love your photos... I look forward to the next 4 + years! Amy

Meg Mitchell said...

4 years ... that's a lot of blogging! But what fun we all have had through your adventures in Paris. I will be there in 3 weeks and will toast your success with a couple of yummy macarons.

Polly said...


Absolutely Ladylike said...

Dear Carol! Very Happy Birthday to your fabulous blog! I'm telling you that I'm totally addicted to your humor...I don't remember when was the last time somebody made me laugh so much...I rolled over on your blog today and passed by the royal purple outfit (big smile), macarons (can you imagine I've never tried one?) and the Sonia love...and I just laughed, laughed, laughed...

Thanks so much for the lovely email by the way...I can't wait until your next post!

Ps: You look fabulous with those red glasses!

J'adore: Eve

June said...

Happy, Happy Day. Let Joy be Unconfined, let the dancing begin.

I love the freshness of your blog and your wittiness. So far, in two years I have gained at least ten pounds just looking at all the chocolate and the macaroons you have shown.
I like Paris much better through your eyes than from my eyes when I visited in the late 80's.

WendyB said...

Happy blogversary!

Anne Chic said...

Joyeux Anniversaire à ton si adorable blog !!!
Je ne suis pas là depuis le début, mais j'aime à me plonger dans tes archives de temps en temps et redécouvrir ma ville avec tes yeux d'adoratrice...
Cette capacité à t'émerveiller à chaque carrefour, devant toutes les vitrines, c'est ce que j'essaie de faire quotidiennement depuis que je te connais.
Alors un immense MERCI !!!
Des bisous

Ingrid Mida said...

Bonne occasion du quatrieme anniversaire!

Jilly said...

A day late to say Happy Happy Happy - I've rarely commented but have been subscribed to your wonderful Paris Breakfasts for a long time now and adore it.

Many congratulations, Carol and thanks for your always positive and joyous look at the world and Paris in particular. Love your photos and of course your art and bon continuation...

Jilly xxx

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Dear Carol!

Is that a crime I didn't know who you are? I was absolutely captured by your sharp humor on your blog...and than I googled you a couple of days ago and I discovered your beyond gorgeous watercolors! Oh my God! I love them soooooooooo much! They are so incredibly gorgeous and happy and full of charm (I just wanna jump into those pictures). I feel so honored and happy to "know" you virtually :-) Thank you so much for answering my comments and taking your precious time to email me.
Million thanks:

Paola said...

I absolutely adore your blog. I came across it whilst searching for “what to wear in Paris”.

I look at it nearly every day, and it just lifts my spirits, it is my “happy fix” for the day.

Yesterday was my birthday 21st April, same as PB!


Dr. Aud said...

I am a grad student who once lived in Paris for a short time, and reading your blog, with all the photos makes me long for and remember Paris voraciously. I look at it every morning while enjoying my cafe'. So, I want to say thank you, thank you for sharing...and thank you for bringing me back to a time which was far less complicated. And yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! MERCI!! Audrey

Sandy said...

Oh happy belated Birthday!! I adore every single pose!!

Linda R. said...

Happy, happy birthday Paris Breakfasts!
You've done an amazing job in reporting all things Pareeeee for all your readers!
Nobody does it better!

Irene said...

Bonne Anniversaire! May you always bring to us and to yourself the joie and couleur of Paris.

Risa said...

Dearest Carol!! HAPPY BELATED BLOGAVESARY, JOYEAU ANNIVERSAIRE POUR VOUX ET LA BLOG!! Okay, I'm trying with spelling... Point being, You and PB have brough such incredible joy, passion and love for so many things Parisian, it's incredible. You have no idea how much one can learn on PB, and how much fun it is. Thank you for 4 delicious years and may there be many, many more to come. We all adore you. Merci beaucoup :-)

Nursapalooza said...

ahhh Carol, Happy Birthday! I only wish I knew about this four years ago! You know you keep my daily lust for France fresh on a daily basis. Because of you...and my own hunger...I will never let my dreams of returning to Paris go. You are chocolate cake for breakfast.