Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Inside Christian Louboutin

So I didn't actually go inside Christian Louboutin on 19 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001, I just browsed like crazy. He opened his shop in 1992, right at 19th century arcade, Galerie Vero-Dodat.
I didn't know Louboutin apprenticed backstage at the Follies Bergère as a teenager. "That’s where I learned that shoes are all about posture and proportion.”Early years Louboutin created shoes for YSL, Chanel, Maud Frizon... His instantly recognizable red soles were the result of grabbing a bottle of nail polish from a nearby assistant. “It didn’t take me long to learn from my customers that the red soles were very popular with men,” Christian Louboutin said laughing. His shoes are like works of art, like sculpture... As is everything inside his shop like this FAB chaise... Does Jennifer Lopez have the same wall of Louboutins at home?

Bear loved this crazy mural of a marauding bear...
At a shoe picnic...
Are these Louboutins in David la Chapelle's picture at Art-Paris?
Do you really need to wear anything else when you have on your Louboutins?


  1. Justine10:34 AM

    Ah to be able to say, "MY Louboutins!!!"
    And thanks for the Jennifer Lopez song..

  2. A gorgeous as some of his shoes are, I just can't imagine what kind of "posture" one would have wearing them in the long-term ~ my back hurts just looking at them. Even if I really do wish I could wear them....that is, if I could afford them....

  3. I am a HUGE fan of yours and look forward to your "macarons" in my email box. (I especially adored the most recent one, A Bit of Skirt). You write about all of my favorite things: fashion, art and painting (I am a watercolorist, too), food and pastry, travel, France and New York. I find your photos and writings entertaining and insightful.

  4. Being able to afford things in Paris is best not thought about I find.
    I never calculate euros into $$$ ever!
    A disastre toujours.
    If I had my parent's AAA width feet I would find a way to have my own Louboutins, but destiny and recessive genes planned otherwise :(

  5. If I can't even find Repetto how am I ever going to find this place?

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    At the risk of being a wet blanket here, those stilettos look like the Podiatrists' Full Employment Act. Just looking at them makes my feet ache.

    Besides, I bet a smart ursine like Bear wouldn't be caught dead in them!

  7. I want to see somebody actually walking in those ankle booties! :-)

    The store looks lovely. And kudos to Louboutin for creating these pieces of (wearable?) art.

    Come to think of it:
    Buying a pair as in investment may be the way to go.
    What with savings accounts soon having to pay the banks for keeping the money it may be a worthwhile thought. ;-)

  8. I was going to be so impressed if you'd managed to take pictures in the store! They don't take kindly to that...

  9. Lawrence3:04 PM

    J'adore LOUBOUTIN!!!
    Beauty hurts.
    Everyone knows that!

  10. StyleMaker3:05 PM



  11. FoodWalker3:06 PM

    Gorgeous photos!
    I don't care how you got them..
    stalking or whatever, though I do think they should let YOU in to shoot for GAWDS SAKE!!

  12. Hi Carol,
    As you can imagine, I am addicted to your Paris Breakfast
    I look in everyday to see what’s going on in Paris.

  13. Moi, j'adore Louboutins aussi...


  14. Frenchie Interiors3:19 PM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that chaise-chair
    it would go so nicely in my salon...ho hum

  15. I like that wall of shoes :)
    (I don't get out much, so I think it will take awhile for me to figure out the symbolism of the bathtub shot.)

  16. yes i'll take the chair-chaise and the bear mural too and leave the shoes to over-sexed fetishists!

  17. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Hi!@ I am a first time visitor and have really enjoyed your blog. I also love Christian Laboutin shoes; unfortunately they dont make them my size, and to get them made...well, let's just say I would have to promise them my first-born. Still they are great to look at :)

  18. Anonymous3:08 AM

    i would love to wear them, if only in my dreams. i must say that if you have a good high quality pair of shoes, stiletto heel and all - they are more comfortable than you think.

  19. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Did you know that April 8th would be the Day without shoes?

  20. This is where I bought my Louboutin's, Carol --
    Thanks for eliciting the lovely memories --
    They are worth every Euro!

  21. Shoe Nut4:27 PM

    They're amazingly comfortable, actually.
    That's why they're so worth it.

  22. Hi Carol,

    you have good ideas how to present the city in different themes...
    I would like to see some pics and your comments on Hermes store...where would you need to be to spot tons of Hermes handbags, scarves, etc...
    thanks for the wonderful pics...

  23. This is where I bought my Louboutin's, Carol --
    Thanks for eliciting the lovely

  24. This is where I bought my Louboutin's, Carol --
    Thanks for eliciting the lovely

  25. Was a beautiful page. Thanks to the designers and managers.


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