Friday, April 16, 2010

Wannabe a French Girl?

Did you know practically ALL French Girls have cheveux châtain, châtain clair or châtain foncé? (Brown)

That's brown hair in english. Here top Frenchie bloggeuse, Le Blog de Betty showing off her cheveux brun.
Fr Girl told me a year ago that most French Girls have brown hair. I was kind of astounded :O It's a general rule what Fr Girl says goes. Naturalment, Fr Girl has brown hair.
It turns out B.B. and Catherine D. are not natural blondes!
PB readers set me straight.
Here's Amelie = Brunette. Isabelle Adjani = brun Classic FAB Jeanne Moreau = brun The divine Charlotte = brunette! Major, top, hot, hot French blogger-photographer, Garance Dore caught here by her hot beau, the Sartorialist.
These two darlings prancing around in their new Sonia outfits = Cheveux bruns bien sur.
Are you convinced yet, b
ecause I am. I used to be cheveux brun and I'm going to be again this weekend vite!
Hello Nice n' Easy?
~Marina and the Diamonds is swinging her brown hair around.
OK she's Welsh + part Greek, but she has BROWN hair and she's gonna B hot, hot, hot soon as her record comes out May 24th.


  1. Don't forget Sophie Marceau! :)

  2. It's very true--French women are usually brunettes. You'll have to show us your new 'do' Carol.

  3. Très jolis dessins !
    Parle d'une blonde ! ;o)

  4. Justine10:28 AM

    I LOVE Marina and the Diamonds!!!
    I have brown hair :))
    But I do not have a Portrait in Paris! :(
    Must contact you :)

  5. yes!! I wanna b a Fr girl's like
    BODY SHAPE - Long~n thin .

    Your Portrait in Paris Works are lovely


  6. My favorite French brunette of the '80s was Beatrice Dalle.

  7. You make it all look so f&f (fab n fun)!
    Good thing I am already brun.

  8. Alexandra10:57 AM

    I live in DC area...but grew up in Europe...
    Did you know that there is a musee de chocolate in Quebec City?
    When is your next trip to Paris? Do you have a new theme in mind?
    ? ? ?

  9. Oh WENDYB!
    Yr so eclectic..
    Beatrice Dalle was FAB...
    how could I forget her.
    But hey they ALL are brunettes!
    Check out Marina
    Lady Gaga LOOK OUT!

  10. Et Juliette Binoche.

  11. GREAT IDEA!!!
    awesome idea to place someone IN the picture
    with pet or friend.

    terrific !

  12. I just colored my hair (covered the gray) yesterday. I am lucky to only have a bit of gray around my forehead and a strand or two here and there into the crown, as I am turning 50 years old this year. Nevertheless, I am a very dark brunette with "Spring Gold" highlights that I love (they look so natural thanks to my genius hair stylist). I've always loved being a brunette. And in France, that will be "en vogue" I see, thanks to you; as you say, it never goes out of style. Merci, Carolg!

  13. Misha in Paris12:53 PM

    hello !
    brun, brune is for almost black hair, your girls ( not Amélie P who is brune like a chinese) are châtain , chatain clair or chatain foncé
    Adjani is half algerian and half german, very interesting melting isn't it ?

  14. Shanna1:05 PM

    Yup, all brunettes! Being a blonde in Paris is tricky... no matter how you dress, no one believes you're french (they usually guessed Swedish or Russian in my case). And if they find out youre blonde AND american, much less form california, you get associated with all their stereotypes about dumb Paris Hilton types. That was my experience anyway.

  15. Such a great idea. I hope you make a billion euros doing this.

  16. Wow, I never even thought of that! You're right though. In walking the streets of Paris I saw brown, brown, brown. :-) Such a lovely idea to paint people in Paris!! :-)

  17. Btw, if you're going to go back to brun this weekend, may I suggest
    Frederic Fekkai's hair coloring? Available at Sephora. It's $30, which is a good bit more than all other home colorings, but it's so worth it.
    The difference in quality, for me, has been substantial. I use Medium
    Brown. Rich cocoa color.

  18. Anonymous1:48 PM

    True true french girls look very much the same. Petite, olive skin, dark features and brown hair. It is south of europe, after all. If they are blonde, 99,9% bleach it (that is including B Bardot!).
    I have observed many french girls here, and as a norwegian I must say many of them are insanely jealous of natural blondes. Sorry, but that is the truth. I saw someone mention being stereotyped for blonde hair. Usually their bitchiness is jealousy...

  19. Being brunette, I am halfway there :-) Now if I could only learn French!

  20. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Simple observation; too many color themes on your blog lately?


  21. KEVIN-
    So sorry if this week was too COLORIZED 4 U!
    Ooops yesterday I forgot to do a color...
    Nor was Wednesday's REPETTO post.
    ya can't please all of the ppl. all of the time they say.
    How true.
    I didn't even know there was a guy in our midst? I gotta cover the YANKEES I guess.

  22. Didn't know there was a guy in your midst.......

  23. Mary-Anne4:51 PM

    Having BROWN hair is not a color issue.
    It's a cultural/lifestyle/genetic issue.
    Put a chaussete in it Kev.

  24. We were in Paris last week. I'm a 6'4" blonde male, and I was the only one we saw in Paris. My daughter and I kind of giggled at the little french girls staring at me in fright. BTW, Pierre Herme has the best chocolate macs, but Laduree overall has better macs 'cuz the cookie is soooooo devine.

  25. I can't wait to see you in brown hair, Carol! I have natural brown hair and always loved it! I don't think any other color would match my personality. Good luck!

  26. Oh yes! When we were there last year, I had my long blonde hair. On the metro one evening there was another blonde girl, she smiled at me, surprised to see another blonde.
    When we got home, I went brown for the first time in many years!

  27. As a natural blonde (with an E) - (at least until last January when I had my first touch up) France would be the place for me then. I'd stand out!

    B.B. is a bottle blonde. I've seen early pictures.

  28. mmmm. yes, brown hair...tick

  29. Jacques-Michel1:26 PM

    What a delight to discover your blog. Given your surname, one might guess that you did, indeed, live in Paris. Then I clicked on your profile and find that we are sometime neighbours. When I am in the States, I live in Forest Hills.


  30. Much love and many blessings
    Thanks for your visits.
    I too love those cats. =^..^=

  31. Denueve I believe, but Bardot ? a blond? Really?

  32. Just LUV LUV LUV your blog! When will you come to Chicago???? We have to meet! CHEERS! Michele xo

  33. Vive les brunettes! Coming to France, I finally blended in after being around blondinettes for most of my life. Great pic of Charlotte Gainsbourg.

    La (brunette) Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  34. OK, good to know. I'll fit right in, then! Thanks for clearing that up!

  35. You forgot to mention the lovely Marion Cotillard :)

  36. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I'am french and a lot of girls I known have brown hair :) (sorry I speak bad english!) But Blond hair are also cute!

  37. wildflower6:08 AM

    How I appreciate this post! I have recently decided to go brown after years of dying my (mousy dark blond) hair lighter blond, red and even black. Let's just say my long fine hair was in a very fried state because of this. I even tried more natural dyes, but my hair looked decent in the first week before returning to dull, dry and mousy. Last year I finally made a decision to try a brown henna from LUSH- (Caca Brun) I had to dye it 3 times before the color really stuck, but now finally I have glossy healthy looking chocolate brown hair. I also had a hair cut to get rid of all the fried bits. I am writing this in case someone out there has similar problem, to try LUSH henna, it is a very natural looking chocolate brown. Although it is a commitment because you are not supposed to dye your hair with chemicals over henna.

    1. That's a VERY funny name for brown hair color BTW
      'caca brun'
      ! ! !
      Go figure


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