Monday, April 12, 2010

Petite Chaperón Rouge

I'm beginning to think just as the French adore their Alice, they also adore le Petite Chaperón Rouge/Little Red Riding Hood.

Why else do you see so many red coats on the streets of Paris?

I would really love to know. This French Girl is dressed almost head-to-toe in red/rouge.
Les gosse/the kids are dressed in red - the better to see them on the playground non? That's a universal truth.

The French Girl on the far right, like many French grannies, is wearing typically a red coat. I guess if you are French you never grow out of your obsession with Petite Chaperón Rouge.

Here is another grannie, walzing by a red building - there are hundreds in Paris by the way. But that's another post. Frankly I could post all week on Paris Reds - it's that pervasive.

Red is easy to spot in the street. That's how I know there's a lot of it in Paris and next to nil in NYC. I'm thinking of wearing a sandwich board sign on the street, explaining,
"I am just shooting RED today,
so quit the baleful looks SVP"

Sometimes you hit it lucky and get a double dose of red...

This trio of rouge looks lost. Maybe from the provinces since they're all in red.

The French gent on the right, is correctly noticing the pigeons inside Colette's vitrine, while his French femme is remembering the days when she could fit into these dresses...c'est la vie
This French woman, all in red gives baleful looks at a French Girl sans tights with her short shorts. For once I was spared.
French Girl gave me baleful looks every morning, as she dressed for work and I grabbed my camera to shoot it. She's wearing her classic red Marc Jacobs Le manteau redingote.

Now for all your hard work slogging through the Paris red pictures, a treat - gateaux fruit rouges bien sur!
BONJOUR Petite Chaperón Rouge!!


  1. Justine8:28 AM

    Love yr quite unique view of Paris!

  2. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Le rouge parce que c'est la couleur de l'insurrection.

  3. This made me laugh...Red coats being my fave, I have sadly given them up; living in the NY/NJ Metro area, I definitely felt an odd "anti-red coat vibe" (silly comments/looks). Also, shopping w/my daughter not long ago, she fell in love with a red Guess jacket...(I secretly cringed, as I knew); she wore it once to school...never again...and we never discussed it; what is that?! I long for a red coat. Very funny!

  4. Carol, I've missed your posts--been so busy I just sat down to see you today--lovely! The red plaid stockings are a riot.

  5. Nora Ephron’s mother told her never to buy a red coat!
    She wrote about it in her book,
    “I Feel Bad About My Neck.” and in her play, Love, Loss, and What I Wore
    Too funny about the French and their RED coats!!!
    Nora, you need to go to France!

  6. Anne-Marie10:44 AM

    J'Adore tout les photos!!!
    soooo funny those Frenchies

  7. Asthe in GA11:29 AM

    I really love your Paris-Breakfasts. I read it every am... I live in Georgia, and I am so jealous!
    Can I have your job?
    Merci Beaucoup for sharing....
    I am also a huge Laduree and macaron fan

  8. William Ternay, Jr.12:00 PM

    Carol, Your very colorful primary red blog today reminded me of a very horrific, and sad, film that came out many, many years ago. It starred Donald Sutherland & Julie Christy.
    They were in Venice, trying to put behind them the loss of their little girl, who had drowned. But everywhere they went in Venice, they thought they kept seeing their little daughter, always in a bright red coat. A real horror story.

    by Nicolas Roeg...
    Gawd I loved that movie!!!

  10. Misha in Paris12:53 PM

    I recognize the red scooter just behind 13 rue Vavin !
    Is tomorrow going to be a BLEU post?

  11. I just came across your blog and LOVE it! This post made me smile. (and wonder why I chose a red purse for spring!)I also had to chuckle at your profile description..chasing after Parisien dogs, street fashion, feet, music, musees, patisseries, taking millions of photos ~ eat a few macarons ~ and then blog about it from my bedroom in Astoria ~ must remember to move to Paris...
    You have a great sense of humor! I will be back often to check out your posts. A wonderful day to you!

  12. Just I wonder because two months ago weared a white coat at paris. so would be they remembered as the person with white coat?
    not bad:D haha

    p.s: I have a red coat too.

  13. Anonymous1:32 PM

    J'ai nettoyer mon placard ce matin et le seul rouge que j'ai trouver est le rouge Chanel, crois que cela vas faire pour Paris...J'aime votre blog une bonne facon de commencer mes matins.

  14. Even if there is a lot of RED around, I wonder how many pictures you must have in stock to make a presentation like this?

  15. PETER: I have Too MANY RED pictures!
    It's so hard to choose.
    You have challanged me Peter!
    I will do RED all week I think...
    must get rid of a few

  16. We have that very book! It was Sam's favorite in France, and the first time we read the American version to him, he was incensed! What happened to the violent French ending? Those Americans, always trying to make everything happy happy! So cynical, at four years old.

  17. I have a red coat that I simply adore, but it was too light to wear to Paris on my last visit. I always feel like a million bucks in that coat... What's funny about that is I don't own another red garment at all.

  18. Love the red tartan leggings!
    Cuuute! :-)

  19. That's so funny. I wear/carry only red accessories (all from Italy, sorry:) to wear with my black but I bought those tights for a sis at Christmas. She looks adorable. As usual, very entertaining.

    (And of course, GG has red hair, so she needn't bother...)

  20. It doesn't matter where the RED comes from,
    or was made as long as it's R-E-D Guilia !

  21. so fun to look at your photos; makes me wish I was back in Paris with a camera! I lived there and only saw grey grey grey!
    I love your enthusiasm and wit!

  22. That's one of my all-time fave movies, too! The twist!
    I am also in love with your reds! Please promise that you will post a photo of yourself wearing your "I am shooting red today" poster!!

  23. I'm not sure that's Red Riding Hood. I think it's Snoopy in drag.


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