Friday, April 09, 2010


This morning I got an email from Cindy:
Bonjour Carol - What does "miam-miam" mean?
This complex question is keeping me up nights.Basic translation of miam-miam is your everyday,
Yum Yum or nom nom
It's used more extensively in France. It's true miam-miam is a kid's word like yum yum. But in Paris you'll hear miam miams coming out of the most sophisticated mouths.
Hugo and Victor guimauve  A French cultural nuance that takes getting used to - this woman is having a severe attack of the Miams. She's trying to merge with the window - something the French call "le leche vitrine" meaning to lick the windows.Miams HQ. A customer is desperately calling for help on what to buy.Paris vending machines makes me go miam. These are in every Metro station. I've lost more $$$ than I like to think, trying to grab a bag.Jaime Mascaro Ballerinas = miam miam
At ART-PARIS a drool-worthy white Pentex. I took a picture.Very maimable beau mec at Art-Paris
I send NYC pictures to French Girl to miam-miam over.
Fr Girl has not sent me a single miamable picture of Paris.
I let out a big miam when first I saw Bear. Merci Lola.
Both Bear and I miam-miam over chocolat chaud.
 What makes you go miam-miam?
Which btw is pronouced something like yam-yam.


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Bon Jour, fellow Paris-lover!

    I have to say I am maimying all over myself for the French gentleman that you were stalking... er, I mean photographing at the ART-PARIS!

    Love Paris and I love getting my Paris fix from your blog! I am taking my vacation there next fall! Can't wait!


  2. I love your blog!!!....I want to move to Paris...Thank you!

  3. Love it love it love it :)

  4. Claudine11:31 AM

    Sorry to bother, but I just read today's post and thought you might like to know that about halfway through, your 'Miams' turned into 'Maims'. I have to admit it did give me a good laugh when you wanted to maim the madeleines, ballet slippers and the mec. But I don't think that is exactly what you had in mind.

  5. Thanks for the fix ~ it was Miam, Miam :-)

  6. Yes, the most sophisticated of people say it. GG says miam-meow (as well as ciao-meow)...

    bon weekend

  7. Miam miam indeed, PB... I went to see the US premier of "Kings of Pastry" last night at the Full Frame Documentary Festival in Durham, NC. When you get a chance, RUN to see it, but have some pastries ready for afterwards. It is a fantasic film about the MOF pastry competition in France. Check it out! I did think of you when I watched someone making macarons...

  8. That was a seriously MIAM-Y post! One should not be surprised that you a little from MIAM.

    OMG the chocolate shot - I want the whole shebang.

    The ballet flats, so perfectly formed.

    And the macarons at the beginning are cetainly some of the prettiest I've seen for awhile.

    I'm almost French in my ineptitude around American sports, but I think I can risk saying that you scored a triple-header this time Carol! Merci et MIAM!

  9. !!! Of course I meant ...."that you KNOW a little from MIAM"

  10. THANKS Sabatical Chef for the link to the Pastry movie
    I did get to attend the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon as the guest photographer for Valrhona and BOY WAS THAT FUN!
    And dead serious too for that matter...

  11. Miam miam, indeed!
    This post was delish, as usual!
    Happy weekend!

  12. William Ternay, Jr.2:37 PM

    Oh my goodness gracious what an
    absolutely Yummy way to end the week...and begin another spring weekend.
    Ya' never know just what you'll find on PB,but you can be sure to find something yummy for everyone's taste.
    Thanks Carol,

  13. I can't get over the guy with the black and white Pentax camera!!!! *rofl*

    Do I really have to confess what makes me go miam miam??? Can I evade an answer by telling you that my youngest - the little one - goes miam miam over cute ballerinas? She'd get a wanting fit if I'd show her the Jaime Mascaro ballerines (especially since I just got myself azzurro-blue ones).

    I drool over Max.


  14. Miamy Mec3:19 PM

    SVP have your advocat get in touch with my advocat.
    Let's talk!

  15. This discussion reminds me of something I'd like to verify. They say that the French hear "minew" not "meow" from their cats. C'est vrai?

  16. M. Pierre3:38 PM

    French dogs go:

    Les chats ???

  17. I love the shot of the woman trying to merge with the window :)
    A white Pentax? Who knew?
    Forget that guy, LOL! He looks more than a bit stuck up........

  18. Quick! I need an answer! Now that I have found a local source for les macs, even though their feet aren't what they could be and their sizes are maddeningly non-uniform, the FLAVORS are wonderful - all 14 of them.. Yes not enough flavors either! However, the question: How long till I tire of these little devils that dog my daydreams as I figure out ways to drive by their tantalizing glass case? And I don't mean just for a spot of leche vitrine!
    Your rapidly ballooning reader,

  19. Yvonne ex-Fr Teacher Down Under8:09 PM

    I know you are very excitable about all things French (and why not!) and I do enjoy vicariously your delightful blog but please could you at least be consistent in your spelling!
    The word is miam miam.
    Yvonne (ex teacher of French.)

  20. FYI: I'm dyslexic and flop numbers and letters all the time.
    How I manage to get anything out at all that makes any sense is beyond me.
    Please do forgive and excuse.

  21. Definitely sounds better than "yummy" which I hate when applied to fashion. "Yummy cashmere." Shoot me!

  22. Carol I adore your sense of wit. Wha makes me go "Miam Miam" is none other than Mr. Gerard Butler!

    Glorious weekend to you x

  23. PS
    if you get sick of the miam-miams you can always do "Paris Mecs" -
    it's a sure thing

  24. "If you know this miamy mec, please contact him so he can sue me...ahem"

    *chuckle* That really got a giggle out of me.

    LOL @ Mme Paradis' comment, too. "if you get sick of the miam-miams you can always do "Paris Mecs" -
    it's a sure thing"

    Here, here!! You need to go back to Paris to pursue this angle, I think! :)

  25. Bonjour Carol

    I miam miam over the chocolat chaud served in one of the bars in Brantôme. I had one yesterday - the most gorgous thing I've ever tasted. I take a photo for you the next time.

  26. Regarding" Paris Mecs...
    I am ready to return TODAY!
    But...some complications exist.
    Allo AirFrance!!!
    How much do you want me to go?
    I'd love to do PR AF!

  27. Nothing is better than Paris!

  28. Don't worry Carol about any misspelling, the essence of your blog is way more important than any little letter that may have fallen in the wrong place.
    You are funny, full of energy and you know how to feed our curiosity about all things French. We love you and your blog no matter what!
    Have a wonderful day!

  29. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Love your blog,in June I will be in Paris,I have a lovely appointement with soufflee at the escoffier school, all because of you. Merci ma belle.Denise

  30. Hey girl!!! Since when you know Portuguese??? What a surprise!
    So, you have been in Rio de Janeiro, too! That's where I am from, and for the question you asked, no relation with the singer! ha ha ha... She must be 10 years younger than me, you have a good memory, though.
    Hope you had a good time when you were there. Take care.

  31. I like your version of our "miam miam"!

  32. Miamy Mec...
    Now that was hilarious!!!!

    Parisienne Farmgirl

  33. First time visitor and I'm just wondering why I hadn't discovered your blog earlier?! Excellent!
    I go miam miam over any good French pastries and desperately longing to take a bite into PH's Ispahan croissant again. Summer, please come soon!

  34. Anonymous6:04 AM

    cute guys (not perving just appreciating - like your dark, brooding frenchman.)
    clever packaging
    beautiful food, clothing, architecture or anything else attractivly visual.

    many of the photographs on your blog.

    miam miam!!

    (anything attractive and edible gets bonus points.)

  35. Dear Anonymouse,
    Thanks for the MAJOR compliment!! If I could have an edge of perviness I would love to - I'm lacking in some things sadly...
    c'est la vie

  36. Jackie7:50 AM

    though I have been to paris only twice, I recently realized that I do have to live there. paris and my cats are the only things that can make me smile and forget about everything else. I was looking for SONIA sheets and FOUND YOU!
    thanks for making me smile again.


  37. Hi Carol
    Thanks for nice and cute comments on my blog:))
    Paris Simp fair is a miniature fair for buying dollhouse stuff made by artists:) Very fun and so many nice things, you should come.. and be hooked on minis..Lol;) if you want to check it out.

  38. Merci,

    I am going to Paris for the first time (on an escorted tour) and getting ready by exploring all things Parisienne on the web to help me learn the language and stumbled on your blog.

    Your blog is making me go "Maim-maim!" It's like the "nom-nom" the English and Australian are saying online to yummy things. I think that may have come from Japan?

    - Cindy

  39. Dear HONEYGO,
    Not to go all semantics and theoretical on you, but "nom-nom" is too much like the dreaded Yum-Yum.
    It lacks the sophisticated edge the French have given to "Miam-Miam".
    In fact the French give most things a sophisticated edge that no other culture can come close to achieving.
    I stand in wonderment.
    i.e. My post.
    I'm sure you'll experience a lot of wonderment too on your first trip to Paris.
    Try to escape your group leader and you'll have even more IMHO.
    Yours truly
    Ms.Paris Breakfast

  40. Thanks for the clarification; I stand corrected. Sophistication is to be admired and imitated.

  41. Sandrine9:07 PM

    You are doing a brilliant job Carole,
    I find always fun to see/read the perception from other cultures and especially “ Francophiles” bien sûr ;)!

    Bonne journée

    Sandrine x

  42. Salut Carol,
    J'aime bien votre blog.
    Puis je "link" my blog a la tienne?
    Bonne Journee,

  43. Misha in Paris4:18 AM

    you teases my stomac with your guimauve (marchmallows ?)picture ! that's my prefered candy...
    what is yours ?

  44. You're the first person I know outside of France to pick up the ultimate "miam-iness" of Jaime Mascaro ballet flats! They give Repettos a run for their money!

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  45. boy, is this LUSCIOUS!!! Sometimes I dont get to read your posts til days later. I just read this one and do LOVE your writing and photos as usual!
    All best from cloudy-bright Paris,

  46. That looks DELICIOUS. I was at a place like this in NYC once.... :)

  47. I personally miam-miam over a great café-crème et croissant ou baguette avec du bon beurre et un bon morceau de gruyère!

  48. That was either a very small bear or a HUGE cup of hot chocolate!!

  49. That was very perceptive of you Olive Branch.
    I just measured Bear and he is 7 inches tall, while sitting, which is what he does most of the time, preferably in front of a HUGE cup of hot now
    Merci for your sharp eyes!

  50. This has to be the BEST photo blog day ever!!
    You explained something I didn’t know and the photos are sooooooo incredibly perfect I feel like I am back in Paris today!

    Thank you for always doing such a great job of giving us things to “miam” over even when you are in the States. It’s the best thing I get in my mailbox TOPS!

    PS I found you when I was planning my photo trip to Paris in August and I’ve loved every minute of what you shared.
    I especially loved the new Bear memoirs.
    So cute!

  51. Meagan4:37 PM

    This is seriously such a cute blog entry!! I love the miam miams and your pictures are superb!


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