Wednesday, April 14, 2010

J'Adore Repettos

Red Repettos, watercolor, 9" x 11"

Di commented,
How many times have I not found Repetto in Paris? This post is for you.
Repetto has been around since 1947. You should have found it by now, non? Where else can you find so many plain vanilla black ballerinas? *Note another shooter making movies. They're smart at Repetto. They understand our obsessions. They are kind to addicts. All of our old dreams of becoming a ballerina. Repetto grabs hold of our 5-year old brain playing to all our deepest fantasies. Pretend you're a prima ballerina and sit down on a red velvet banquette. Note the velvet ropes on the left.
Dance, ballerina dance! Pick out your toe shoes.
Ahhh, that it were possible - size 6 svp. More ballerina fantasies. Note how Fr Girls wear bows in their hair. Alice Je T'aime. And these are not 7 yr-olds. They are grownups.
The fabled tutus on display.
'Oui, I'll have the white one on the left svp.
'Yeah I'm in Swan Lake ya know' More ballerina outfits to twirl around at home, chez vous.The endless colors. Merci Repetto. Just like a macaron shop non?
Ballerines = Macarons
Trop délicieuse. J'Adore. Miam-Miam

 The window are set up like a stage - with footlights

 Get out at the Opera Metro station
Turn right.
Cross the street.
Turn to your left. Cross rue de la Paix.
Walk down 100 meters or so. Et Voila!
 I found plain-vanilla black ballerinas at a much lower price than Repetto (150) I showed French Girl before purchasing. She had a fit on the spot.
Luckily I found a red pair on sale. 


  1. Merci Carole, I have been waiting for a Repetto post!
    J'adore les repettos aussi!

  2. J'ai une paire de repetto, noirs classiques. I love them. Mais elles sont très fragiles.

    But you have to ash for a tax free discount, maybe you can pay less.

    Je rêve d'aller dans la boutique de Paris.

  3. Justine8:57 AM

    I have flirted with REPETTOS soooo many times...sigh
    You have convinced me.
    I must break down and get em!
    Or rather break the bank...

  4. I have three pairs of Repettos -- or as I like to say, "a good start." Love this post.

  5. P.S. I recommend preemptively taking them to the cobbler to have a thicker leather sole added to the bottoms. As Lululike says, elles sont tres fragiles otherwise.

  6. do they make slipper like shoes like that for men??

  7. You are so right...macarons and ballerines should be marketed together! Great post. You are workin' those red ones!!

  8. Thanks Lulu for the tip that they are FRAGILE!!!
    I have been wearing mine like they were everyday shoes..
    Must save for special occasions absolutement!
    Big Merci,

  9. Anonymous9:10 AM

    so coulored...
    so beautiful...and nice...
    great choice...

  10. This store looks like heaven to me! I am breathless right now! Do they sell them on line? Beautiful!

  11. Misty in FL9:40 AM

    You are a dream maker!!!!!!!
    I so wanted to visit Repetto while in Paris and I skipped it because I'm not a ballet expert so I think I would have felt uncomfortable being in there but now that I see they have wonderful shoes for anyone--
    that is my next trip!
    Thank you for sharing.


  12. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Non Non Non que de beaute,balerina shoes and macarons, like english people say it is eye candy, I am saving to buy a few pairs when I travel to Paris. Merci L'artiste it makes my day.

  13. Watch out,
    Maxie's contemplating ordering a whole selection of ballerinas for himself! :-)

  14. MERCI my lovely friend, a post dedicated to Moi. Two French words in one sentence, how's that?
    It looks even better than I imagined and I WILL visit in May I promise and take pictures and dedicate my post to you. I even have a map and directions from the expert.
    MERCI again and again.

  15. Hey Maxie
    Two pairs of Repettos is $$$!!!
    yrs truly,
    I know...I tried to pull that one off

  16. Merci, Carol, j'adore Repetto aussi!

    Along with Louboutin ... for balance, of course.

    I bought purple ballerinas at the store in your pictures and loved the experience.

  17. Misha in Paris10:17 AM

    Now I desire to visit this boutique, good idea !

  18. Oooh! How wonderful! When I make my trip to Paris, this shop will be at the top of the list. xo

  19. I was just reading about this shoe maker and shop. Glad you found a red pair - on sale, no less.
    Lucky you!

  20. P.S. Thank you for the detailed directions!

  21. Moi aussi, j'adore mes Repettos (noires classiques)! J'y vais chaque fois que je suis a Paris. But if you aren't lucky enough to visit Paris, you can find Repettos at Saks (mais elles sont tres cheres, mes chers!)

  22. Lovely post. Thanks for the momentary escape from the workday here in SF -- your images will make me smile all day! Is there any doubt??? Paris is just The Best! (Nothing like Repettos, but I want to let you fellow ballerinaphiles know that there is a nice store featuring the beautiful shoes, on the main street of St. Helena, Flats. They ship too.) :)

  23. You like Paris, you like shoes, you like clever: voilà!! Roger Vivier's site (including a little - too little - of Inès de la Fressange!

  24. Red repettos, no less! They look like you, Carol--fun and ready for a frolic.

  25. Great series of shots, Carol. It looks like you had fun!

  26. oh NO!!! tres horrible! now i simply MUST have a pair, and the sad pennies in my wallet are already screaming not to spend them!

    lovely post, so so lovely!

  27. Aiieeee must have Repettos now... tempting as any pastry.....GORGEOUS post!!!!!!! :) Miam miam..

  28. Shoes, macs, red....when do we get to that topic on which the French are truly in the fashionable avant-guard - French recipes for LAPIN? Oooo La La! Formidable!

  29. William Ternay, Jr.11:28 PM

    I've come to the conclusion, Carol, after having the pleasure of viewing so many of your wonderful posts;
    that women have a lot more fun than we men do, when it comes to items of clothing. All those beautiful colors, and you have the added satisfaction of knowing you can wear them. I love colorful neckties, but hardly ever have a reason to wear one.
    So...macarons will have to do.

  30. Rebecca in Melbourne4:30 AM

    J'adore Paris Breakfasts,

    I am a 19 year old girl and an avid reader of your blog. Paris is my favourite place in the world, and the place where all the things I love in life are combined, fashion, food, art and of course macaroons. I have been following your blog for a couple of years and whilst living in Australia, it brings me closer and more in touch with anything i've known. I miss Paris so much when i'm home and your blog brings me back there. Your most recent Repetto post was my favourite, I adore ballet and love love love repetto flats. It was girly and chic. Thanks for bringing Paris to me whilst I live so far away. I can't wait to get back there as soon as possible.
    Kind Regards,

  31. Sophia4:37 AM

    I always wanted to buy myself a pair of toe shoes at Repetto.

  32. I just discovered your Blog and I love it. I just came back from Paris and I found many familiar places in your lovely blog. Cheers!
    A toute à l'heure!

  33. I love your blog and your paintings.
    I was wondering if you have any posts on your blog about where to stay in Paris since you go there so frequently?
    Any advice would be great appreciated!


  34. So, you managed to combine RED and REPETTO! ... end the shop furniture is red. Of course, you hardly see any ballet dancers with red shoes.

    I went into the shop once ... to buy shoes for my granddaugher and her dancing lessons, ... pink ones of course!

  35. Hey, if I had those shoes, I'd put mine online, too! Perhaps I'll find some nice shoes when in Paris in June! Rose is already starting to pout...I hope she doesn't try to call Bear long distance while I am gone!

  36. Anonymous10:43 AM

    When I was 18 attending summer art school I fancied myself artsy and wore ballet shoes all the time. The hot sidewalks burned my soles but I was artsy. Your post brought it all back at 80 and I am no longer
    "artsy", just look at my shoes, sigh. I love, love, love reading your Paris Breakfast blog.

  37. Carol--Today (Thursday) is the last day of the Repetto sale.
    Thursday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Spring Sample Sale Information
    •for Women
    •Repetto - one of a kind samples, plus past seasons stock
    SSS Sample Sales
    261 W 36th Street
    (between 7th & 8th Ave)
    2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10018 Put on your red shoes and run down!

  38. WEll I appreciate the map. I searched all over the Marais for this wonderful place. Next visit , I'll be right there. I wanted to see the swan in the window. Please tell me it's still there!

  39. OK. True Confession time: Not only is Repetto completely new to me....but I - gasp- do NOT own a single pair of ballerines...It's not your fault; you have done all you can to bring me kicking an screaming into the fashion cognoscenti, but I have remained in the frumps. No more! I am going shopping!

  40. If you are very, very good, I *might* tell you where the Repetto outlet store is...

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  41. Oh, please, La Mom!! Do tell!!
    Do they have an online outlet store, too, perhaps? In English?

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