Friday, March 20, 2009

Dog Story

There seems to be a daily pattern forming here:

Dogs, flowers, cafes, facades, street signs and the Eiffel Tower are turning up on a regular basis.

Like these two Parisien dogs greeting each other on rue St.-Dominique..

While this hound across the street looks longingly... I've even seen combinations of dogs and flower shops... Dogs and cafes... Dogs plastered on pastry shops (on SECCO at 20, rue Jean Nicot, 75007) This is the only cat I have seen to date..!?I've been shooting quite a few wine shop facades...And I like to take the signs announcing their hours...
The shop owner came outside and wanted to know why I was taking a picture of his ugly sign and invited me in. Natch he had a little doggie...
The interior was filled with wine antiques etc...

Did I mention there was a "greve" (general strike) yesterday?

I was mainly walking around my neighborhood, the 7th, then I headed across the Pont d'Alma to Avenue Montaigne to catch some posh facades like Dior and Chanel...

After, I headed over to the Champs-Elysees and the cafes were packed!

Time for a transfusion on the Champs-Elysee.

I'm troubled by a serious question in my patisserie ventures this trip...

Why don't these places offer any apples. If we saw an apple beside these desserts plus if they listed the calories like in NYC, we might do the right thing.

Taking 500 photos daily and traipsing all over town is wearing me out and these hot chocolate and macarons "transfusions" are NOT doing the trick. But there is solution, besides heading home, climbing 6 flights and falling into a coma.
Go to the movies.

I had a wonderful snooze at LAST CHANCE HARVEY, was all fired and completely refreshed.

I even took the bus. The #87 goes right to Champs du Mars from bvd. St.-Germain.

Easy as pie.
There's a sign in the middle of the bus announcing the next stop and how many minutes till they arrive.
Perfect for type As.

I ended up quite near the Eiffel tower...



  1. Oh I love the boulangerie with the doggy wall. Gotta visit that. You know what Laduree should have instead of plain apples, but apples dipped in caramel!yum..haven't seen that around Paris. Oh well bon weekend to you too!

  2. grace under pressure4:08 AM

    Calorie counting in PARIS!?
    Has this ever been done before?
    Would the city be willing to post calories?
    I don't think so...
    This is not Mayor Bloomberg here to fight the fight that needs to be fought!

  3. Lawrence4:10 AM

    It's a case of apples and oranges...or should I say macarons?
    Not related at all and don't belong together.
    You go to the corner fruit stand for a pomme in Paris.
    C'est ca!
    Don't fight it. Join it.

  4. Tom in Nebraska4:11 AM

    Dogs definitely rule in Paris.
    So many off the lead too...interesting!
    One wonders who is the "owner"
    The dogs have let their people off the lead?

  5. Celeste4:13 AM

    The weather is still GOREGOUS!
    Lucky your!
    I am drooling non-stop
    Please do NOT start showing us lots of apples and give up on the pastries! ! !

  6. Marianne4:15 AM

    Isn't today the famous JOUR DU MACARONS?
    Please report back in detail.
    Forget the APPLES!!!!
    I want to know all!
    Leave no macaron unturned!

  7. It is so lovely to join with you and enjoy your lovely photos and paintings . Such a treat!

  8. Oh, you are a delight! :-)

    My favorite sign in Vienna reads:
    Open daily from 9 to 18 (meaning six pm).

    A few inches below it continues, though:
    Closed for lunch 12 to 14 (2pm).
    Of course, I showed up at 1pm,
    having believed that were open throughout the day.

  9. I sent readers to your blog today to follow Happy Macaron Day, we're waiting to see if they line up civilized. Great photo of the Effiel and somebody should tell the Parisians that dogs rule there, or do they already know that?

  10. Someone's having fun. I heard about that strike yesterday--(that's why NPR was talking about the French being upset with Sarcozy. Your little dog looking inquisitive and longing is adorable. And those wine shots have paintings written all over 'em. Fun post, Carol!

  11. Judith, your Aussie shadow in Perth10:15 AM

    "Bold on the Bus"
    Do you usually travel on the Metro or was it because the hot chocolate and macaron infusions no longer were working for you ...and your footsies were failing to stride on.
    Carol we encourage you to soldier on - we are relying on you to be not only bold but very brave - do not be frightened of those Laduree calories - we adore your pictures and your comments and without you we could not DREAM...
    Merci beaucoup...

  12. Salut Carol,

    Mai oui! The bus is very pleasant. I discovered it, and many of the routes during our recent 5 month stay in the 17th.

    Explore around here and you will see how easy it can be, once you figure out which are the night and holiday buses, and don't be shocked, when in the middle of you ride, the driver tells everyone to get off. Maybe he just wants to go to one of your fab patisseries for a transfusion and you just have to get the next bus. :-)
    Click here:
    where you can find Metro, Bus, and RER routes, stops, times and EVERYTHING.

    Even though we have just moved into a new house here, I want to run away to Paris!!!

  13. Melanie10:23 AM

    Bonjour Carol,
    Aujourd'hui a New York il neige un peau--
    Bon Printemps!!
    Bon Weekend.

  14. Lesley10:25 AM


    Just a line to say how much I enjoy your insights of Paris. I have loved the city since I went there (from Glasgow) aged 18. Now I live near London, and can nip through the tunnel - not often enough, so your e-mails are a real shot in the arm.
    Have you read The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy? - still, I think, the ultimate Paris book - very funny and stylish.
    Many thanks and all the very best,

  15. MERISI- isn't it always the fine print that comes up and hits you in the kopf!
    You never notice it until the second go round either...
    Maybe that's why I shoot those things, aside from their inherent aesthetic value..ahem

  16. If they offered apples they would need to be served with a fork and knife for peeling, which of course is what the French do with most of their fruit...and while you venture out, there is a famous old wine shop off of Blvd Malsherbes near the Madeleine, I can't recall the name but it is quite close to the Place St Augustin and the most wonderful should have a look. Then wander further to Parc Monceau which should also be glorious this time of year....I am living vicariously these days, you are soooo lucky to be there!

  17. I both squealed for those adorable pups pictured and drooled for some of those sweets displayed in Laduree, ok, who am I kidding, I drooled for all the sweets!

    Springtime in Paris is like no other anywhere else in this world!

  18. Ah, Edward and I would fit right in.

  19. Délicieux et beau, merci beaucoup!

  20. love the guy with the paper looking at the dog.
    Wonderful Eiffle Tower, too.

  21. I love palmiers! And caneles. And stufff. Wah. You're on vacation; no
    need to resist! And as you said, you're walking a lot!

  22. Your photographs are such beautiful "postcards" of Paris.
    (I never would have spotted the cat without the aid of your arrow :-)

  23. I am enjoying these so much. Quintessential everyday moments...just rich. Very very rich. Mesmerized here... and smiling.

  24. If Eve had had a choice between an apple and a Laduree pastry....NONE of us would be here!!!

  25. Hi Carol! I found the cat boulangerie today by a bountiful accident! i sealed off a deal of a room on the 7th today and decided to stroll through the area. Found rue saint-dominique and at first sight at the cat, I knew it was the boulangerie that you reviewed!!how cool! apparently it won many prizes too. Gotta try their baguettes next week!!

  26. Detective Oswald2:22 PM

    Je suis DESOLEE! You must carry on with all those French Babes without me! The Mistress has sustained a serious loss and needs me by her side. Au revoir, ma chere!

  27. Thank you so much for all the wonderful photos of facades and chiens and pastries! It puts me in Paris and that is quite a tonic. I'm a fine arts photographer (my work combines photography with painting and drawing - all figurative) living in Los Angeles. I've been to Paris many times and twice by myself. I long to be there again. Maybe this year at Paris Photo. Your emails put me in Paris every day.
    Merci beaucoup!

  28. look at all those wonderful shots of the puppers ^..^
    hope you're having a most wonderful time.

  29. Wendy3:43 PM

    I was wondering if you are there long enough to use the Navigo pass or even if you could? We just used un carnet to buy 10 tickets at a time. And did you know that you can use one ticket to transfer, if within 30 minutes to get on the second bus?
    Have fun!

  30. I LOVE the NAVIGO card and would never use anything else in Paris.
    I even bought a month's worth, though I'm here just 18 days-saves so much time and trouble since our credit cards don't have the necessary chip for the machines.

  31. What an amazing shot of the Eifel Tower!

  32. This might be a stupid question but...isn't Jean Luc Poujauran at 20 rue jean Nicot? The pink exterior looks just like his shop.
    Looks like you're having a swell time. Wish I was there.

  33. Chas.2:07 AM

    What a charming wine shop you found in 75007; I think I know it. Is it on rue Malar? Very nice owner, very nice collection of rare wines…

  34. Dogs rule~ I love watching them strutting around in Paris.....they are treated so well!I am missing again in a week. Hope to look up some of the places you mentioned.

  35. Here Kitty, Kitty. Stay away from that bread! All the photo's were awesome ... Never having been to Paris I can only live thru these photo's. Awe, what a trip.

  36. I love your blog! :)

  37. There's a simple reason for why you haven't seen many cats around...dogs are better. =)

  38. Have been enjoying your Trip. all great photos you have been getting and I'm loving the dogs in this post too.

  39. Hey and they say the Britain is a nation of dog lovers, we don't have a look in compared to the French

  40. Loved that angle of the Eiffel Tower. How envious I am that you are strolling the streets of Paris... thank you for sharing with us!

  41. ooh I got a lovely box of treats from Laduree some weeks ago - i am savouring every individual macaroon - they're so yummy

    Will be in Paris next month and can't wait


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