Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Bit of skirt...

Catching a trend/tendance in Paris is an ephemeral thing. It started with this poetic poster in a high-end rue Vavin children's shop...
Next this painted ruffly tutu at the Art-Paris show...
Repetto's windows were full...
Of paper sculpture tutus.
They sell real tulle tutus inside...
Was I seeing a Degas trend in Paris..?
peut-etre...according to CarolineDaily, a terrific French time-sucker fashion trend site, the frilly, flouncy mini skirt/la jupe à volants is IN for Spring 2010!
It's in Colette's vitrines...
et enfin...
Dans la rue...believe me when I tell you, you wouldn't want to be with me in Paris. Especially when I'm chasing someone down the street for a shot...
On Jour Du Macarons I caught the whole look...
Rosettes on the knee socks...
A silk rose in the hair - all worn by a macaron waiter-on-line at the Pierre Herme rue Cambon shop...mignon non?
Polyvore has caught up with the shorty, ruffly skirt...
And The New Yorker has caught up with Polyvore, so we better get out our sissors vite! We can all become virtual Anna Wintours...
The most edible frill on the rue in my book is always at Gerard Mulot - a mini swirl of indulgent pure, riche chocolat - Miam!
Has the mini jupe volant turned up on the streets of New York?
It has. Get out your sissors and start cutting up any old ruffly skirt hidden in the back of your closet VITE!


  1. Your blog is quickly rising to the top of my favorites! J'adore all your photos, comments, the whole deal. And yes, I even saw des jupes volants at Target yesterday!

  2. Quick, the scissors,
    no, stop,
    first that Gerard Mulot cupcake!

    Alas, what fun! :-)
    What's "fun" in French?
    "Carol in Paris"?

  3. I already have mine !!

    I like "jupe volants ! "

  4. I am thinking you have to be mighty skinny to pull off this trend...
    not sure I can go there, but I love it on the young and skinny girls... like it very much.

  5. Justine9:55 AM

    j'adore les jupes VOLANTS!!!
    must go looking in Tar-jay VITE!

  6. WHAT don't you have to be skinny for these days...
    c'est la vie!
    off to the pool very soon...

  7. William Ternay, Jr.10:29 AM

    Haven't had the pleasure yet of seeing any leggy females sporting ruffles, here in suburban Phillie.
    But in the nearby park, where I paint, the magnolias and cherry blossoms are gently falling, encircling their hosts.
    Gathering...much like ruffles.

  8. Anna-Kristiina11:14 AM

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I live and breathe Paris and everything about the city and France in general. I've only been there once when I was a teenager and it left a lasting impression. I read everything about Paris I can get my hands on, and in not so distant future I'll be visiting the best city in the world again. I live in Canada but am from Finland and mostly on my foreign travels I go back to Finland to see all my family and friends, but soon I'll skip my trip to Finland and go to Paris. Can't wait. My ultimate dream is to live in Paris - doubt that will come true but I can always hope.

    The other thing I love about your blog is how you update it every single day - there is something new to read each morning. That's fantastic because so many other blogs take days to enter new entries.
    Keep up the fab job!

  9. The thing I love the most about your posts like this one is that you take a theme and tie it all together with so many wonderful words and images! Reading this is like opening up your artistic notebook and peeking into the mind (your mind!) of someone truly creative who sees the connections between art/media, fashion, and food. Wonderful stuff, and this gets my creative juices going! Also, I am glad to know about the skirt! I actually went Coco Chanel and Anna Wintour with scissors on a ruffled petticoat I'd had for about 10 years this past Fall -- changed it into a short skirt. WHO KNEW it was going to be a Spring trend? Once it warms up for good, I am putting it on.

    Thank you for your fun perspective on life and fun in Paris, Carol.

  10. Do you remember the 'broom stick' trend...the skirt that you wrap around a pole and let dry??? Thus it was crinkled and thin; fru-fru like...Well~ here is another trend but I think I like it just as much!!!!

  11. Mignon, oui. On the younger ones...



  12. I like the way they look - I wonder if they'll pop up here :)

  13. I have so much to learn from you on this matter of "how to follow people" and not be caught! I think the first step should be to get a discrete camera, and keep reading your posts, of course! I always laugh with your pictures! Thanks!

  14. Sacre bleu, that tan number (6th photo, lower right) makes even the skinny model look fat! I'm not so sure cupcake consumption and those ruffled skirts are compatible. Moi? I'd choose a cupcake any day!

  15. I do love those ruffled skirts. Too bad I could never managed to pull them off. I'd have to time travel backwards in age a decade...or two....

  16. Your blog is so fun. One can't help but stalk those Parisians - camera in hand.

  17. A wonderful series of jupes volantes!! ... my preference goes to the first photo, where the jupe is really volante!

  18. merci pour le clip de Christophe Maé, my fav chanter!
    J'adore le blog.

  19. I always wanted a cinoline as a child but it was not in the cards or the budget...however, it seems it's never too late to have the childhood you always wanted...off to find my scissors!
    As for the cupcakes - what ARE they thinking? Is this some kind of reverse chic?

  20. How many times have I been to Paris? How many times have I not found Repetto? I will however find some frou frou and cut it.

  21. Good morning!

    I just thought I'd mention how much I love love LOVE reading your blog. And every time I do, it makes me want to try macarons. So I was more than happy when I came across this article:
    Macarons in Toronto!? Who would have known!!

    And thanks to you, I'm going to be spending a small fortune on them for myself and my friends the next time I go up there!!


  22. Carol: we too, love tutus, and our customers that create them.

  23. Beautiful!! Your blog and these photos are incredible! Love the tutu skirt trend.

    Thank you!

  24. Hi Carol,
    Gotta love those shoes, I certainly do! Always loved the red bottoms even if the heels are hell to walk in!
    Hope you're doing well.
    Have a nice rest of the week,


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