Thursday, April 15, 2010


Don't U wish U were there today..?
Instead of here?
*Note Bear is guarding envelopes waiting for mon Oncle Sam.
The clock is going tik tok tik tok!!!
Piles of green headed out the door today...
Have you ever been to Pierre Herme at 6:45 pm on a Saturday?
That's my bank account tomorrow...
M T :) Yeah, I'm seeing RED!
And my appetite!
I keep checking the fridge...
Anything to avoid signing checks...
I'm looking for something fruity...
But I'd settle for MacDo's at this point...
(if it was in Paris)
R U in the same boat?
My heart goes out 2 U.
I guess we'll all be good boys and girls and do our taxes on time...ahem
I'm gonna hit it with my best shot...
So I can celebrate later.


  1. first of all I need to have those bowls that say bonjour....gotta gotta find them next time and second of all...up here in the north we have until Apr 30th for our taxes....ha ha

    but mine are already done....:)

  2. Darn you DEBBIE! :)
    U can find those bowls in Galerie Lafayette HOME in the basement next time U pop by...

  3. Hi Carol:
    These are so enjoyable,
    And yes, we are all in the same boat
    (the tax blahs)

  4. this boat is getting crowded! Moi aussi! My macaron budget is shot...!!!

  5. Very clever post, Carole! Bien sur! Who wouldn't rather be in Paris than at the computer?
    I do my taxes in February...stopped procrastinating long ago. I am going to Yoga, gardening and enjoying the sunshine today.

  6. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Denise in Ottawa said

    Be brave sign those cheques and get back to Paris, so we can enjoy your blog. Time to go I am getting hungry.

  7. Very cute post, Carol! I stopped off at the Post Office and mailed my tax returns this morning. Nothing like down to the wire, eh?

    Happy taxes--you made me smile anyway, cutie.

  8. Kyle in Paris12:32 PM

    How are things in New York?

    Happy Tax Day!


  9. Carol, this day too, shall pass!
    Hang in there! Have a great one!

  10. This one time I'd rather be in the US, what with that nasty volcanic ash spreading eastward from Iceland. Word is that even Paris might have to close its airports (that stuff can't be healthful to inhale, either, and Bear might even need a bath after the ash has passed).

    Taxes went in the mail this AM: no matter how careful the planning, we wind up overpaying during the year, then getting a refund (with no interest, of course). Would rather have the money up-front!

  11. Lively and colorful visuals!
    And hello, dear Bear!
    Loved your Repetto post too...
    Patty and Eric Nauman

  12. Claim Bear as a dependent and they will be mailing money to you!

  13. I would rather be in Paris many days. Love those bowls!

  14. Students LOVE tax day...we get huge returns!

    As a new follower of your blog, I must say, you've simply inspired me to make MACAROONS! YUM :)

  15. I am praying for a big tax refund for you!
    That way we get many more laughs out of such depressing events like the 15th of April.
    Merci for the smiles,
    Merisi xxx

  16. Misha in Paris5:25 PM

    is it just one day for the taxes ? here is so complicated on october on may on june and a few taxex each time ....
    very funny Bourjois but not bourgeois !

  17. My fav Fall/Winter song ~ I was hoping for a French version, but I'll listen to this a million times and dance along ...

    "Don't be jealous of my boogie!" says Ru Paul.

    Thank goodness I do my taxes ahead of time, all the time. It's such a chooooooore.

  18. We are depressed! I wish the macarons I tasted in SLC looked as good as yours do. Thanks for the enjoyable desserts pics :)

  19. Well tax day isnt so bad for us. We got married on it 43 years ago. So its been good to us. Loved looking at all the goodies and wishing I had some. :)

  20. Well let us all drink a nice glass of chanpagne and try and forget the damn checks. Your post made it a little easier. Merci!!

  21. Tax day for us EXPATS in France is 15 June.. YAY!! I have 2 more months to do my taxes!!!

    Take care,

  22. HA! Great one!

  23. LEEZA- Oh Horrors!
    Ex-Pats have taxes too...
    I forgot :(

    CHRIS-what can I say? BRAVO!

    Je m'appelle Cynthia -
    I LOVE KEY$A!!!Every single song is FAB - Take THAT Lady Gaga!

    CORINE-Quarterly depressions =quarterly Champagne!

  24. Je suis brésilienne e je lis toujours ton site. Félicitations pour Paris Breaksfast. C'est merveilleux !!!!

    Carol Monteiro - São Paulo - Brasil

  25. your scariest post EVER! and not just he taxes...that rabbit in white pants will haunt my dreams!


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