Monday, April 05, 2010

Hugo & Victor

 Oh to be this kid in this candy shop.

And came face à face with 2-week old, new chocolatier-patisserie, Hugo & Victor at 40 Boulevard Raspail 75007
The name is a literary play on pastry chef's name, Hugues Pouget, formerly of Guy Savoy. There is a bookish and rare jewel feel to this store's classy concept The chocolates are sold in a carnet/Molekine-like box(13 euros)

The back wall display tells you which 5 seasonal flavours are featured-lychee, pineapple, combava, blood orange, hazelnut Plus 3 classic year-round flavors - vanilla, chocolate, caramel.

The display base offers wines reccommended by sommelier Frederic Beal to accompany the chocolates and pastries

Impossible to choose - everything looked miam-miam.
Exquisite no?
 I decided on a combava verrine with tapioca - exotic, tart with a hint of sweet..
Bien sur there are macarons!
Even at night, the drama of Hugo & Victor makes you want to return.
I returned for a tasting and to take pictures.
Every tiny detail is thought out and designed to be user-friendly. Very informing of the exotic ingredients and flavors. Fr Girl fell in love as did her tea party pals - a perfect gift for hard-to-please Frenchies. The chocolates were divine she reported.By lucky chance I took the #89 bus an extra stop enroute to Bon Marche.


  1. Justine11:19 AM

    Exquisite is the word for this shop!
    what a happy accident that you got off at the wrong stop!
    Can't wait to try it.
    Merci encore,

  2. Those boxes look like watercolor paint palettes in shades of brown. Yum.

  3. Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber...
    Too funny Sue!
    Why is there not a watercolor called CARAMEL?

  4. Harriet11:38 AM

    Soooo French!
    Why does nothing like this open in Kansas City???
    Pray do tell!

  5. Thank you, thank you, Carolg!!! I did not know about this and obviously, I needed to! Your photos are as scrumptious as the goodies! P.S. A little French correction: it would be "face à face" I believe.

  6. I have been reading your blog for a while now but never commented! (sorry!)
    I love the way that the macarons are displayed! food and art!! :)

  7. These people aren't chocolatiers, they are artistes.


  8. William Ternay, Jr.12:55 PM

    How appropriate your Monday after Easter post is about really exquisite chocolates, etc.
    This morning I couldn't resist nibbling on the very weighty
    (and handmade) Easter egg my sister-in-law gave me, yesterday. (Yum!)
    Do the Frenchies do the chocolate Easter egg bit?

  9. WOW! Now that is SOME chocolatier!! I'll have to go check it out soon, since I am usually in Montparnasse.. Thanks Carol...
    Weather is getting better here this week-- THANK GOD!!!

  10. Very interesting place. On next visit in Paris I will go there.

  11. FoodWalker2:48 PM

    V&H looks fab.
    I love the moleskin "book" of chocolates.

  12. Boy that looks delicious!
    Great looking store, too.

  13. ça c'est fou !
    C'est en venant sur PB que je découvre de super adresses parisiennes qui me donnent envie d'aller y faire un tour.
    Merci Carolg !
    Je n'aime pas le chocolat mais j'adore l'idée du carnet qui les cache pour offrir (so chic, je confirme ça !!!).
    Dès que mon chauffeur en scooter est prêt, on y file comme le vent.
    Bisous from Paris

  14. You must be losing your edge...letting French Girl do your research! At least you went back for dessert! And the Moleskine!!! A MUST-have!
    Check my Flickr post today - I made a monumental discovery at lunch!

  15. Carol,

    Merci, Merci,... I just added this to our list of places to visit... we leave for Paris on April 20th ... can hardly wait to experience all the sweets and beautiful city!!!!

  16. Gorgeous shop that one - i just about died in there!

  17. Anonymous9:16 PM

    OH how to love thy chocolate! Artistic flair using chocolate decadence makes me jump out and run to the shop with my credit card.. oh la la.
    Your blog is so much fun to come to! I'm loving the bear too :)
    Elizabeth - NZ

  18. I am smitten!
    Moleskine jewel boxes?
    I want them in all sizes.
    (Do they pay royalty to Moleskine?)
    I love the way they display their macarons.
    I need to go to Paris.

    Am I ever grateful you stayed on the bus for that one more stop! You are a clairvoyant, truly are.


  19. MUST, MUST, Must have!
    I am taking my Exacto to my Moleskine even as I type!

  20. Caroline11:49 AM

    A perfect photo essay of one of Paris' many elegant chocolate shops.

  21. It's been Easter and not one piece of chocolate has passed my lips. Not self inflicted I must add.


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