Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Studio 2010

Some of you may wonder what's going on at Parisbreakfast studio. I haven't shown you many paintings lately.
This is a page from a book dummy I'm working on. In fact its pretty busy around here. Since January I've been painting up a storm for an exhibit. At the James Beard Foundation's Greenhouse Gallery
167 West 12th Street NYC It opens THIS Saturday May 1 and I have to hang it tomorrow.Eeeek Time for an updated tour of PB Studios. The studio back in October 2008, when my landlord decided to put in a new floor while I was away in Paris.
Eeeek My "Paris" studio at Hotel La Louisiane. I've been showing you lots of photographs of late. It's like a daily walking tour through Paris whenever I look for the stories I make up each day for PB.I am horridly late on YOUR PORTRAITS! ouch
This weekend Bear and I will hit the books nonstop 
We haven't forgotten you at all!
THANKS PB readers for your patience.
 The portrait sale has been extended.

Back to painting!
Back to macaron researche for the book.
Natasha Bedingfield puts it so well:
Trying to find the magic
Trying to write paint a classic
Waste-bin full of paper
Clever rhymes drawings, see you later
These words are my own
From my heart flow
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
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  1. I will be back...must get more espresso from stovetop. But had to shriek when I saw the coffee cup on your laptop. That was just a piece of fun fake sculpture,right?!



    PS: Happy hanging!

  2. good luck with the show! have a nice weekend!

  3. Before I forget:
    Should you ever spill your coffee on your keyboard, do not (never ever) use your vacuum cleaner to suck the liquid up! My kids are still laughing about my "Keyboard Keys Disaster"! ;-)

    Good luck with preparing the show,
    may it become an instant success!

  4. MERCI!
    & mercy
    The cup is EMPTY...
    Only posing for the shot, just like America's Next Top Model.
    Not to worry.
    Anyway I drink hot chocolate-much kinder to key boards.
    Keyboards need an occasional shot of chocolat non :)

  5. Good luck tomorrow, Carol! I'll be thinking of you! I looked at your shows schedule recently and thought, "ah, it's almost May, exciting times for Mlle Gillott." I'm so psyched for you. I know even more people will come to love you. Lovely post, and I always love to see your atelier and what you're up to.

  6. love it all.... creativity everywhere... you are sooooo talented...

    p.s. dont we love landlords? so considerate ... HA!


  7. Misha in Paris10:53 AM

    i love your first design - furniture made with macaron, very funny
    And your desk - your very worky mess !
    And your RED glasses - it sounds like happyness !
    bravo !

  8. Bethany10:56 AM

    I love your blog. Its absoluetly sensational and the highlight of my days!!
    I was wondering if you could do a piece on the typical French girl apartment. In the movies it always looks very thrown together, simple and chic.
    I know you must have all the insight on this!!!!

    That would be fantastic...
    Thanks for putting such an inspiring blog out there in the world!! : )

    Bethany : )

  9. I'll give it a think Bethany..
    I don't really have enough research on that.
    And I don't want to invade anyone's privacy
    Showing my own chaos is another matter :)

  10. I wish I lived in NY to be able to see your show and meet you. For now I will just be happy reading your blog and laughing with all the crazy things you do! Your home is an artist's dream, enjoy it! Good luck tomorrow.

  11. Maryellen12:31 PM

    Just adore getting a peek inside PB's studio!
    Merci beaucoup!
    A veritable whirlpool of creativity obviously.

  12. What a fun look inside your world - I feel privileged and enchanted.

  13. hahaha Yr studio looks just like mine, will have to post it now.
    I have a sign over mine,
    "Creative minds are seldom tidy." Love the inspiration board.
    Write on/wipe off?

  14. Justine1:48 PM

    Nice to see BEAR is hard at work, not just loafing around dreaming of Paris macarons...
    Or perhaps he does that too, but i hope he's being of assistance to you Carolg!

  15. Ladye in Ojai1:57 PM

    You are charming.
    Blessings on you.
    Ojai, CA

  16. Bon courage, ma Chère ! J’espère que tu t’amuse bien et que tu es rempli de créativité. You are so talented!

  17. Wish I could see your James Beard Foundation show, Carol! I am consoled somewhat though that you will be showing in my hometown of D.C. later this year (I did remember that right didn't I?) --- and that dummy page from your books looks well, delicious, and DELIGHTFUL. I can't wait!

  18. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Your blog is Fabulous! Love the drawings of macarons...Good luck with the show.

  19. Well you are one busy Artist. I am wishing you a successful Show and that you sell lots. I do have to say I like your Studio much better messy. Looks more inspiring then blank. :)

  20. Ellen M6:38 PM

    Thanks for the great post today.

  21. I didn't even know there was a James Beard House. (I'm a FL/MN girl)
    Thanks, I took a virtual tour.
    It looks fab and a perfect place for your Paris paintings.
    Beyond cool.
    Best of luck to you.


  22. Ah yes, I have been with this PB "mess" - up close and personal - many times!!!!
    As long as you create,
    who cares what it looks like?

  23. just caught up with the last two posts, carol.

    "mon dieu where are my cookbooks!" OHMYGOD! that made me laugh.

    almost as delicious feeling as "chausson au pomme".

    good luck with the shows.

  24. I love the apartment!!
    How you get anything done in that little space is a miracle :)
    (And you do manage to crank out a lot of work!)

  25. I grew up in an extension to our attic...
    I can't bear big spaces!!
    I'm best in a closet
    Love to draw/paint on the train :)

  26. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I loved your blog!!! I was looking for blogs about Paris, and I found yours! It's amazing! The pictures make me feel in Paris again! I already put the blog adress in my favorite, so I can come back anytime I want.

  27. Oh my gosh, your blog is so cool! I love it! LOVE it! Ha ha, blogging from a bedroom in Astoria, that's fabulous! I used to live in Williamsburg, which, if you squint your eyes, is kind of like Paris (not!). Anyway, love the painting, I've been seeing a lot of illustration lately, it's really refreshing. You are so talented, and I am following, and I will absolutely be back! XO!

  28. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Bonjour Carol,
    Bonne chance tomorrow - I'm sure it will be fabulous with your paintings there! You're just bursting with talent, I would love to be able to create like that!
    à bientôt,

  29. Your watercolours are miam miam!!!!
    I've been following your blog for at least a year now, and I have updates sent directly into my inbox.
    It's the best way to start my morning at work over a cup of tea!!!
    Just imagine how many people's lives you are cheering with your cute, whimsical little posts! :)

  30. Anonymous10:44 PM

    I was checking out the Lauduree website, clicked on the Le Bar icon and OMG. Macaron cocktails coming soon! Yum!
    Good luck with the show.

  31. Thank you so much for a wonderful glimpse into your artistic space and process, Carol. I love to be able to have this behind-the-scenes peek into your working world! Good luck in getting all your work accomplished, and may every success be yours. :)

  32. That book looks totally intriguing! A tout vitesse it s'il vous plait!

  33. Love your studio dear are such an artist :-)

    Love, Evi

  34. OMG - I love the drawings of the ladies on the macaron chairs as well as dining at the macaron table, so adorable! I have to show my god-daughter and her sister - we are BIG macaron freaks!!

    Eat deliciously,

    ~ Denise

  35. That macaron teapot is to die for. Love your work.

  36. I did the same shriek as Giulia!
    But . . . I don't think it's a --gulp--fake! GOOD LUCK with hanging and showing and not spilling!


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