Friday, April 02, 2010

J'Adore Angelina

Sunday Brunch at Angelinas!
Does it get any better?
The dining room is quite oldie-worldie and grand. A few helpful dos and don'ts are in order.
Angelina kindly provides you with a special chair for your gorgeous FAB bag, so don't just leave it on the floor in the way of guests and waiters.
There is usually reading material on offer in the front. Evidently reading a table is OK. Who knew?
Ralph Lauren is opening a big new boutique on boulevard St. Germain? The French adore Ralph Lauren!
Who knew?

Please do not eat brunch with your coat on your lap and your bags on the floor. Pas bien élevé.
Voila Bear inspects the bread and buerre (Renee Richard) and is best pleased. I have the saumon fume and blini. And French Girl has eggs benedict.
The verdict?
Miam..miam Another "do"- get to Angelina around 10ish and you won't have to wait on line. Have you noticed Paris is constantly doing reparations/restoration and repairs where ever you look? Here building bricks of mille feuille. They do it so often, they've become masters at artful cover-ups with lovely signs and imaginative walls, sometimes more interesting than the final redo. J'adore this giant cream puff thing at Angelina. I would love this on my kitchen wall.There are other options if the line is prohibitively long, like the temporary pastry counter offering loads of goodies for emporter/take-away. Try their famous chocolat chaud in a paper cup. Or newly bottled for drinking later. A mini macaron in Mont Blanc flavor to go with your hot chocolate? Or the real thing.
French Girl says, "Le Mont Blanc, j'adore!!!!
To quote, Paris Patisseries:History Shops Recipes,
"the Mont Blanc was invented by owner Austrian confectioner, Antoine Rumplemeyer. He founded Angelina in 1903 and the recipe has not changed to this day."
Don't climb Mont Blanc hoping to find this treat at the peak.
FVI: a Mont Blanc consists of a merinque base, a chantilly filling and a topping of vanilla-flavored piped chestnut cream.

FVI: a Mont Blanc consists of a merinque base, a chantilly filling and a topping of vanilla-flavored piped chestnut cream.
Enjoy your holiday week-end at Angelinas or where ever.


  1. I have never seen eggs benedict look that good and with hot chocolate, wow how wonderful a breakfast can be, thank you for sharing this beautiful restaurant with me...
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend, hugs to Bear...(don't forget bears love chocolate bunnies)

  2. Justine8:23 AM

    BON PAQUES Bear and Carolg!!!

  3. this place is making me plan my trip to Paris asap! looks so amazing! Have a great holiday, Carol!!

  4. Foodwalker11:15 AM

    Mont Blanc is a French desert made of cream of chestnut. It is so delicious and light. My guess is that it is a new invention of the French cuisine, probably has an Asian influence. It is not a common desert in France. I could not find it at a normal pastry shop but I had to go to the fancy one like Angelina on rue de Rivoli to find it.

    I must say I've never been a fan of chestnuts in any form. Are you?

  5. Enjoy your weekend as well, Carol. Lovely images to transport us all.

  6. I like my chestnuts straight up out of the roaster - very old fashioned that way...
    Still I love the way it looks with all the swirls...

  7. I am now on the hunt for a Mont Blanc in the Périgord Vert. There must be a patisserie which sells it, or perhaps it's an Angelina's speciality?

  8. Poor little bear, no more sinful hot chocolate mit Schlag! He must suffer terribly.

    Give it to the French: They serve hot chocolate in style! Viennese are so stingy, only a few cafes are using custom china. Reading papers and magazines, however, is one of the reasons they drink coffee, and then for hours. I still haven't found a way to manage my time in such a way to join them there, for hours on end!

    I looked for le Mont-Blanc pastried in the tiny mountain village high up on the real Mont Blanc.
    However, poor M, none to be found. Quelle disappointment!

    I would not mind a mille feuille brick. May I have one, please?

  9. The salmon looks delicious!
    Great looking place......

  10. Just as I had resolved to get into the kitchen this weekend to tackle les macs...I was assaulted by one of the long-eared persuasion...sapping not only my will to bake but even my will to go on...sigh.
    PS That's only a TEMPORARY counter???

  11. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I have been meaning to ask where can I purchase gorgeous french macaroons in the NY area? Your images have increased my interest in tasting one!

  12. Picture this - Paris 11 August 1986. An Australian couple travelling with their three children celebrate their son's 11th birthday at a beautiful restaurant - Angelina. Thanks so much for the happy memories. Can't recall what we did with our bags!

  13. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter xx Gypsy Purple

  14. j'ai vraiment été déçue lors de mon dernier voyage à paris par les gateaux qu'ils ont osaient vendre ..ils n'étaient pas d'une grande fraicheur..
    c'est fort regrettable pour une maison de renom

  15. Joan S.4:53 PM

    Carol….I just received the adorable painting of Diego, our poodle at Laduree.
    I LOVE it….and so do all the girls here in the office.
    Thank you so much.

    I want you to know also how much I am enjoying your website Paris Breakfast. Your photos and insights are wonderful.
    Thanks again.

  16. I too love Angelina's and try to go there whenever we are in Paris.

  17. CLARE, I think the Mont Blanc is a Parisien thing, since there are many versions in Paris...
    I will investigate further!!

  18. I LOVED your latest Paris trip BTW.
    Made me crave fashion AND pastry LOL..ahem....all the more incentive to get these new things moved along.
    You are very chic looking my friend. :)

  19. The choco bunny is marvelous!
    much nicer than the common or garden variety Lindt!

  20. I love Angelina's, and can't wait to go there in June. Rose is already starting to pout because she knows she will not be going!!!


  21. I love Angelina's, and can't wait to go there in June. Rose is already starting to pout because she knows she will not be going!!!


  22. Do the French sell roasted chestnuts on the streets wrapped in newspaper?
    I've never seen it there.
    Have you?


  23. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Happy Easter your Majesty!

    The only words for this article are SIMPLY DIVINE, DIVINE, DIVINE!!

    Royale wishes,

  24. What is the Mont Blanc pastry? What is it made of, or what is inside it when you bite into it?

  25. TINA -
    I added the interior ingredients to the post.

  26. The food alone makes me excited to go! The cream filled dessert looks AMAZING!

  27. Gayane6:05 AM

    I leave in the US. I have a question for you do you know where I can buy canasuc sugar here in the US???
    Thanks for you time

  28. When traveling around Portugal I had hot chocolate like this. I'd never tasted anything like it. If the french one is anything like the one I tasted then, OMG, divine.
    I love france a foodies heaven.
    Love this blog, fashion, food & culture, could their be anything better.

  29. Bonjour Carol, les Monts Blancs de chez Angelina accompagnés de leur chocolat maison sont "à tomber par terre"!! sans doute un peu calorique...mais c'est sans importance!
    merci pour avoir ajouter le livre "Paris, I wish you were here"

  30. "I have just had the most enjoyable visit with you"... I will be ever so quite as I travel around in your pocket enjoying all this atmosphere, AHHH and the cuisine has made me "ever so hungry"... Hmmm, can I make it till supper now, "I think NOT"!!! Would you be so kind as to share the maker of that Love Bird cup&saucer??? This cupaholic has a NEED growing for one, or two, or maybe even a set!!! You have a wonderful eye for beauty and I LOVE visiting you... You are also an incredibly talented artist... Thank you for my afternoon, I would love for you to visit me sometime, Hugs, Donna@ Conghaile Cottage


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