Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jour de Rouge

*RED ALERT PB readers!
There is a non-believer in our midst.
Yesterday Peter's Paris brazenly left the comment,
Even if there is a lot of RED around, I wonder how many pictures you must have in stock to make a presentation like this? The guantlet has been thrown down and it is a RED one!
Here is Peter, caught red-handed or rather red-armed, as I point out to him this Parisien granny/Older French Girl wearing her brilliant red coat on rue Henry Monnier. Peter is your memory going?
I then showed Peter my fav RED shop in Paris - this brocante. He even took a picture.
By the way all of these RED photos are from just the one day I spent with you in Paris, March 23! That's Peter in case you were wondering in front of the red building.
Peter showed me this red sexy lingerie shop on Pigalle in the 9th arrondissement.
This Rather scrappy red door is the former abode of Degas - we took a pic.
Then I showed Peter, Confisier Denise Acabo. It was his first time and he went a little crazy...with the chocolates. Big Merci Peter.
Denise, as any true Parisien would, favors her red ribbons for wrapping her chockies.
Two little French Girls have gotten the training - the wearing of long scarves, one of them RED.
Just a few of the RED buildings I passed enroute to our lunch on the 23rd. Oh the deal is I do a painting for Peter and he buys me lunch at the place of my choice...
Dear Peter,
I think you owe me one. Can we do a spot of coffee at that posh cafe, Castiglone on rue Saint Honore with the RED awning?
Something that always catches my eye in Paris is how cleverly Parisiens cover up their construction works-in-progress. They really are the BEST at this, among many other FAB achievements.
*Note the accents of red by the way. note too the older French woman walzing by (wearing a bit of RED). Quite a few have asked to see if The older French Woman is as thin and chic as all the young ones. Yup she is.
I'll post soon, I promise.
Honestly! What is it with ALL THE RED COATS in ParisIs it really an act of insurrection as some Frenchie suggested yesterday?
Seeing RED in Paris is maybe the easiest thing to do. Ouvre ton eyes Peter.
The obligatory chic Parisien chien/doggie smartly wearing his red collar and leash.

Lastly but never least, we end with French Girl.
Does not every single Parisien have a red check torchon/dish towel hanging in their cuisine? I bet you do too Peter. By the way Peter has a RED adorable little scooter. You have truly become a Parisien. You're one of em now.


  1. William Ternay, Jr.10:27 AM

    Point well made, Carol!
    I would think Peter, after this lambasting, just might be more than a bit...
    RED in the face.

  2. FYI: Peter a lot of RED photos were left on the studio floor so to speak...
    A girl's gotta have a life after all.
    So now what do you say to this?!

  3. FoodWalker10:48 AM

    For gawds sake take her to red tablecloth resto in Paris.
    You OWE PB!!!
    no two ways about it.
    The proof is in the pudding.

  4. Justine11:09 AM

    I'm with you all the way PB!
    There is definitely a propensity of ROUGE in Paris.
    No contest for the reddest city du la monde.
    Red China move over..ou are beat and PB is here to prove it.
    Voila as you would say!

  5. OK! I made a stupid comment yesterday! Now, should I take the risk on some other colours? First of all, I guess you must empty your still full stock of red!

    I will try to have a look on the colours I see in the street as from now. Will it still be red during spring and summer?

    Anyhow, no problem, you have won another lunch, dinner, drink... whatever! :-)

  6. All I remember seeing women wear in Paris was the eternal BLACK! The red is a welcome addition.

  7. ha ha ha... Just too funny! You and Peter should start a competition and see if he can come up with another color dans la rues de Paris, that will suppress the red?!
    I think red is mostly worn by people during the winter to compensate the grays of the season. Like a punch!
    On another note, sorry to invade your blog with non-related questions, but why in the world were you in Brasil so many times? A Latin lover with a red underwear???
    Tell me!

  8. Hi Carol, I had coffee with you this morning. It was great catching up on all you have posted.

  9. Bonjour Carol!
    I loved your blog post today! Throwing down the red gauntlet was the perfect thing to counteract the grey, drizzly skies in my area of the blogosphere.

  10. Jan D.1:09 PM

    I just saw your site kind of by accident this evening - what a joyful statement you make! I also feel this kinship with Paris and am working on my book coming out this fall, Paris From The Heart..

  11. Hi Carol..I stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely LOVE this post! Think I'm going to be addicted...

    I've got a pair of red Christian Louboutins that I just WORSHIP. I'll have to send you a photo.

  12. My, Peter's comment did have you seeing red, didn't it :-)

    (Couldn't resist :-))

  13. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Bonjour, Love the chocolat fish, it looks tasty, better than the real thing. Have a nice lunch with Peter... you won and deserve it. Sorry for my spelling I am french.

  14. Dear ARMCHAIR PARISIEN - OK so I saw a little RED...then I saw blog post idea! And I love a challenge.
    Please challenge me AP!!!
    I'm up for it.

    I do wonder what RED chocolat tastes like ANONYMOUS...?

    If you have LOUBOUTINS PB READERS puleeze send photos for me to miam-miam over-maybe it could be a post idea?

    JOYFULARTIST_French ppl do wear predominantly BLACK. Then they throw in red socks or scarf or whatever just to pull the rug from under you..I've seen it so many times.

  15. Just came in from the outside to read this and i have on my...RED jacket.

  16. Carolg, I am happy to see so much red in Paris captured by your camera. Hopefully, the red stays and perhaps I should wear my lightweight wool coat on my upcoming September trip to Paris?

  17. Carol: How wonderful. The Mister always wears his red coat while in Paris. And we love to spend a Sunday afternoon eating oysters at the Baron Rouge. He might be an AMerican but I guess he is a little French, too! Love that Red.

  18. Dear Carol, you dealt with this challenge formidably! Now that I realise red is so in I may just have to borrow my daughter's beautiful red Spring trench to wear in Paris in May...what say you? Will it still be cool enough?

    Thanks to you and Peter for this delightful post full of light-hearted banter, made all the better for winning lunch with Monsieur Peter next time you visit this amazing city!


  19. Oh my macaroon, Carol,
    you have me in stitches here! *robl*

  20. Too funny - point well made it seems!

    You must must must borrow yr daughter's red Trench and do not return it.
    Sonia Rykiel showed a divine red trench for Fall '10 and ELLE featured her red trench to boot.
    Why do I not have a red trench.
    I am kicking myself severely!
    And Thank you for your perceptive comment!
    you never know what the weather will be in Paris EVER.
    Be Prepared!
    as the Boy Scouts say

    It seems that most PB readers have RED trench coats!?
    What's wrong with moi?
    Must get head examined soon..ver soon.

  22. FYI:
    Sonia's FAB flaming RED trench!
    Sonia, would you like to be painted in front of Laduree?
    Many times..?
    Art for red trench...please pretty please..

  23. J'adore le rouge en Paris.
    can't wait to read your blog on the more mature Parissiene Madame - Does she wear le rouge - does she have the hair long or short - does she wear the boots. can't wait !!

  24. Got quite a chuckle reading this. I love it when someone challenges you. We get such a fun read. :)) I too look forward to hearing more about the more mature Parissiene woman and how she dresses.

  25. Carol, go check on Peter's blog right now! I think he caved in! The RED thing got him! ha ha ha...

  26. it seems Peter is suitably chastised...how could he have doubted you?
    A word of advice to Bear: Never, NEVER, come between Carol and the preserves! You may NOT live to regret it!

  27. Misha in Paris9:58 PM

    an american military film with Tom Cruise in frensh the title was code rouge...
    I didn't know the hospital colors signification ! code blue/ blood

  28. You are so incredibly funny...I love the pictures you sharing...I will definitely come back to see more :-)

    Cheers: Evi

  29. Yeah lots of RED in Paris!
    Nice blog,
    comme habitude...............

  30. Linda R.5:17 AM

    Did we get a photo of your friend Peter's favorite restaurant that you two went to?
    And did it have a red frontispiece?
    p.s. and gosh what did you eat Maim maim!
    Linda R.

  31. Hi Carol,
    I LOVE your red studded ballet flats seriously gorgeous!
    & Thanks for the macaron making tips (via email) I had a look at the tartelette blog which is great!
    Victoria K
    -Sydneysider & Rykiel obsessed! xxx


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