Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paris is my Oyster

Paris is definitely my oyster... My first patisserie yesterday... First blackboard/ardoise seen...
Attached to a velo/bicycle of course. First dogs seen. Everyone in this town has at least one dog if not two.This is dog lovers heaven.
The weather was spectacularly GORGEOUS. Bien sur everyone was sitting in the cafes...
Even the chairs were stacked outside.
And velos too were taking in the sun like crazy.

My first lunch yesterday was at Eric Kayser. I got off at the wrong stop - Commerce. I got off at a lot of wrong Metro stops yesterday. I had to get out and cross the street to the other entrance so I ate lunch.
My first beautiful Metro.They are all beautiful.
My first Metro map shot at Opera
Paris lines are everywhere.
No wonder it's nothing for Parisiens to line up. They start lining up first thing in the morning.
And last thing at night.
The last thing I looked at yesterday.
I think I'm in love...


  1. wow, so many lovely pictures to share, I can't wait to go to paris again.....

    BIG MERCI PB Readers!!!
    You helped me come to Paris :)

  3. Welcome to Paris! How long are you here for? It would be so much fun to 'se croiser'... but I imagine that you're so very busy;) So anyway, enjoy ...up to the last crumble!

  4. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather - it sounds as if Paris is shining for you. Have fun, xv.

  5. Bon giorno, Parigi! :-)
    Ahem, good morning, Ms. Paris Breakfast!
    Here I am, just off the wagons-lits from Rome,
    nothing unpacked, and you make me want to turn right around and go off to Paris. ;-)
    I am so glad the skies are blue over there in France, welcome to the European Spring and lots of fun!

    Love the bread (baguette?) lines (they remind me of the days when Marvelous Market first opened in Washington, DC - lines every day out the door, they had to ration the bread to two loaves a person and making the Moscow Pravda frontpage with "Breadlines in DC!").

  6. Good Lord, this photo with the salad is irresistible... mouthwatering. Paris is such a good place to have excellent meals! and not necessarily expensive, there are many good fixed-price menu at reasonable prices.

  7. debbie9:04 AM

    you are so lucky...enjoy everything...if you get to the Luxembourg Gardens please take a picture for me..

  8. You arrived! Beautiful weather, beautiful pictures, beautiful food and some dogs. Have a wonderful time and give my love to Paris and tell it I will be there soon. See you there in May I hope.

  9. How lovely to share in your first day's adventures with you! And I'm happy that you found puppies to admire tout de suite. You deserve to be as happy as the happiest of clams! Sweet dreams.

  10. ooohhhh.....so much to love...such great first nibbles! So happy for you. :-)

  11. I've been reading your blog for almost a year and love your watercolors! So jealous you are already there, we are headed to London in a week and then topping off our trip with a few days in Paris....can't wait! Enjoy your trip!

  12. Have a wonderful, delicious time! I shall do the same, vicariously!

  13. Yay -- you spotted a French pug.

  14. Hooray! Now we can enjoy Paris vicariously! Oui oui:)

  15. Judith, your Aussie shadow in Perth10:57 AM

    Exploring Paris again, how lucky you are - have a delicious time won't you. We all sit here reading your blog and wait for you to sprinkle its magic upon us through your wonderful photos and colourful descriptions. Merci beaucoup it's the best part of my day...

  16. Welcome back to Paris! I ordered sun for you !!!!! Paris missed you.

  17. It looks like a fabulous time - and the photos are so, so good!
    Say hello to Rick and The Select for me, please :-)

  18. Anonymous12:11 PM


    Thanks for this post! It makes me feel like I have a window looking out on Paris. I can't wait for the next post.

    Sarah B

  19. I join the ranks of jealous admirers - great to see pics of Paris. Wish I was there...

  20. Gwenn3:42 PM

    Thank you so much for these spring views from Paris. They remind me of so many friends and pleasures I left in Paris while becoming an expat elsewhere. I lived for over 10 years just around the corner from A La Petite Marquise in the “Village Suisse”. Have you ever tried their bostocks ? They’re my personal favorites.

    Have a wonderful stay in Paris.

  21. Marty4:10 PM

    I love Paris as much as you but I haven't been in a few years...... I'm feeling excited like I'm there reading your notes and seeing your Pics...... Have a good time and Bon chance with the Metro.... Thanks Marty

  22. Patty4:11 PM

    Dear Carol:

    I'm a devoted reader of your blog who is thrilled to live vicariously through your adventures. I am thoroughly indebted to you. You taught me about macarons for heaven's sake! (Silly moi, I thought they were just pretty cookies when I saw Marie Antoinette.) So I just had to send you this link, that I saw on {Odette New York}, just in case you hadn't seen these crocheted lovelies:

    I'm so glad you're back in Paris and having a wonderful time --- because that means that I will too!


  23. Asuncion Aranda4:26 PM

    in July I´m going to Paris,so please dear Sherlock:find all this incredible gorgeous places I have to go to...Ah!Your salad looks really tasting(and I still haven´t had breakfast...I supose the tiny bottle is healthy olive oil ;D).
    Bonne Journée

  24. Jacqui4:28 PM

    I just love to open your OB posts every day and find your lovely insight into Paris.

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us.


  25. Brenda4:30 PM

    Hi Carol,
    I've been happily reading your blogs about Paris shop fronts since I will be going to Paris in April. While you are there, perhaps you can check out the La Moulin de Vierge bakery on Saint Dominique. The pictures I've seen aren't detailed, but it looks like a gold and black store front with painted panels on the sides.



  26. Annie4:32 PM

    How wonderful! It looks sunny and warm. Have a blast as we used to say.

  27. Linda and Tom4:35 PM

    quelle joie...take and send us some pictures of YOU doing all these fun activies...I truly enjoy your blog posts--
    How long will you be in France?
    Nous serons a Paris tres tot-- well, at least in September, for La Rentree.
    Linda and Tom

  28. Carol,
    You make me jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am here in Manhattan cleaning the kitchen and there you are in Paris!!!!!!!!!!!
    ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!.. A lovely post, I feel myself walking beside you!!


  29. you brought a tear to my eye. I always have to stare at the tower my first night in Paris, its my ritual. :)
    A bientot!

  30. Robin4:46 PM

    Oh my gosh.
    This looks Wonderful! Wish I was there!
    Have a chocolate at Angelina for me!

  31. Patty4:48 PM

    Dear Carol:
    I'm a devoted reader of your blog who is thrilled to live vicariously through your adventures. I am thoroughly indebted to you. You taught me about macarons for heaven's sake! (Silly moi, I thought they were just pretty cookies when I saw Marie Antoinette.)
    I'm so glad you're back in Paris and having a wonderful time --- because that means that I will too!

  32. Veronica4:51 PM

    Your trip will be sort of my trip too.
    I was looking foward to see more from "Paris" and here it is thanks to you!!
    E E E N N N J J J O O O Y Y Y it!!!!!!
    Everymorning must be like a dream for you because as soon as you open your eyes,..................."YOUR IN PARIS!!".
    Next year will be our turn and hopefully we will be taking our dog. But , aaahhhhh!! I wish I was there.
    Have tons of croissants and macarons, you'll walk them off anyways.
    Be safe and have tons of FUN!

  33. Melanie4:54 PM

    Hi Carol,
    Beautiful as always--I am glad Paris weather is great!!
    Have a grand time as I know you will.

  34. aaaahhhh thank you for bringing these amazing photos to us... enjoy...

  35. Happy to see that you have safely arrived... and you chose your days for the weather! At last the spring is here!

    You are right, it's surprising to see all these queues in front of the bakeries; there are so many, but everybody goes at the same time, lunchtime, when schools stop, dinnertime...!

    Well, to share some oysters with you would be a nice idea!

  36. Hi, Carol!! So glad you're posting there. Sweet to see Rick, too! LOL
    I'm looking at a few of these photos and just know that paintings will be evolving from some of them. Epecially that Metro stairway photo and some of those dogs. Have fun!!!

  37. Gotta say, so glad you've taken the time to lay down a magnificent post! Every word and picture was wonderful. I love that final Eiffel pic juxtaposed with the streetlights and that beautiful sky. ENJOY!

  38. Well, I say the lines are ok as long as the people who started out first thing in the morning aren't in the same line last thing at night! Enjoy your huitres!

  39. It's great to visit Paris vicariously through your paintings, your words & your photos. The only thing I really feel I'm missing is the TASTE and SMELL of all those delicious French foods. Merci beaucoup! p.s. thanks for the pic of Rick - that was funny!

  40. Did I see Cafe du Commerce?? Have you gone in there? The food is nothing special, but they open their Belle Epoque windowed ceiling when it gets warm, and the sparrows come in!

  41. Sophie1:29 AM

    Your second last photo, the one of the Boulanger-Patissier. Is this on Avenue de la Motte Picquet? I am an Australian girl who has visited Paris twice in two years and have stayed opposite Rue Cler both times. If it is the same place, which I suspect it is, do yourself a favour and order not one, but TWO of their chocolat amande croissants for breakfast one day! You will walk it off in no time. I was staying with friends and had to get one of them to go down and covertly purchase another one for me because I feared the judgement of the svelte Parisiens who work there. I went for a stroll with him and waited outside. One of the ladies walked out to clean the front window, recognised me from ten minutes earlier and I received my judgement.

    Also, hire a velib while you're there and ride through St Germain des Pres early in the morning!


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