Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bacon Show?

I went back yesterday to the FANCY FOOD SHOW for a last gasp look at the prize winners and to search for some healthy solutions to counterbalance all the sweets here at PB. Hmmm I did find these American Indian-made products...
This was a surprising winner-cat food! I've never seen that before at the FFS?!
Ruby in Paris, original art, 9" x 12"

But it struck a chord since I've been busy painting Ruby this week...
There was a preponderance of BACON at the show - is that this year's trend? I think so, though the NYTimes found other items..
This is a special bacon cooker that drains off all the fat conveniently...
Bacon-flavored chocolate from Vosges Haut Chocolat...

And they had a pancake batter with bacon already in it + chocolate bits...Hmmm

Have you ever had rashers of British bacon with your tomato and egg in London? Unbeatable. There should be mushrooms on that crowded plate as well - do not mention the C word pls.

Another show prize winner - Sticky Buns. I'm sure I got my terrible sweet tooth from those early Sunday morning runs with my dad to pick up sticky buns...

How did you get your sweet tooth?

Do tell all!

Here's a favorite product from the show. I love peanut butter. If only I could figure out how to bring it with me to Paris? And Sunland makes theirs only with Valencia peanuts! This stuff is yummy.

Eeep I see they gave me the "crunchy" version. Did you know that most women prefer smooth? I am raising my hand wildly.

Another favorite I discovered at last year's show and I'm hooked - Mary's Gone Crackers - yep they're organic and gluten-free, but they happen to taste REALLY GOOD, especially with peanut butter on them=Heaven!!!

After all that tasting who doesn't need a massage with a hunk of heated HymalaSalt?

Course one could, as an alternative, dive into this heaping vat of prize winning caramel sauce...non non non!

If you want to try your skills at making macarons you will need almond flour. I'm flirting with the idea. Urge me on PBers. Be warned. My pastry skills are all in the eating.

Saving the best for last and purely for it's pictorial merits bien sur.Tomorrow back to Paris I promise....


  1. Twinkle7:50 AM

    Carol -

    Just how much do you weigh????

  2. "I only inhaled a little..."

  3. Thanks for the link for Mary's Gone Crackers, I found a store very close to home that carries them!! Who knew???

  4. I love reading your blog and check in with it every day. After looking at your beautiful pictures I decided I had to find macarons- near impossible. Finally I found one patisserie in the greater Baltimore area that bakes them but it is too far from my home to have them often. So my husband decided to make them. He couldn't find almond flour so he actually made his own. Using David Leibovitz's recipe the chocolate macarons he made were truly delicious. Thank you for all of your inspiriation.

  5. oooh un recette for macarons, yes please!

    I want to dive in the bowl of caramel....

  6. Susan, would your husband like to do a Guest post on making macarons?
    Aidez moi!!

  7. Marie anne9:05 AM

    Do take me along next time pleeze!!!

  8. Janine9:15 AM

    love the kittie painting!

  9. all those wonderful, mouth-watering temptations. there's a new donut shop here that makes a breakfast donut...topped with real bacon shredded up. the donut itself is blueberry. quite yummy but nothing i would want to get hooked on :)

  10. FoodWalker11:10 AM

    Met with a wedding client yesterday who has ordered a Groom's cake surprise for her sweetie. It's in the shape of a slab of bacon with a couple of strips on the side!

  11. So glad I clicked on that "Dad" button and got to read about your father. He was Gary Cooper and much much more to you I am sure. What a touching story. I'll say a prayer for him today. May he rest in peace and may you have a great day. Your dad would be very proud of you indeed. I have two great daughters myself and can imagine how he must have felt.

  12. I like scallops wrapped in bacon. Joe likes bacon with anything. I don't eat much, but if he had his way, we'd eat it 24/7. Classic, Carol! Thanks for the fun tour.

  13. In Italy I find peanut butter at Asian Markets... you'll be able to do that in Paris...

  14. *perhaps* you'll be able to do that in Paris...

  15. OMG—I love bacon!!! Nuetske’s apple-smoked is delish!

  16. Who knew? :-)
    I love the cat food label, Happy Hips, LOL

  17. Try the crunchy peanut butter with a Granny smith apple..... tastes just like a caramel apple...... regards

  18. Love the food show pix and notes.

    I adore bacon but can't imagine it in a chocolate bar. The best bacon I've ever had is in Mexico. They also do ham and roast pork best ever.

    Take your peanut butter to Paris in its own plastic jar. What's so hard about that? When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the 60's, the taste of home we craved the most was PB and grape jelly, but both came in those days only in glass and never survived a trip in a care package from the 'rents. We weren't allowed US commissary privileges, so just had to dream. Nor US mailing privileges, so lots of the care packages went missing between the US and the local PO.

  19. I prefer crunchy! :-)

    Sweet "Ruby at Ladurée" is the winner who takes all!

    I stop at Chocolate with chili peppers, no bacon for me. I'd rather safe that rasher for my BLT!

  20. I know you have always found me a bit ..uh... un-natural. So I'm going to make you day by confirming it: I MUST have my peanut butter CRUNCHY!!!
    I married a smoothie, so we have His and Hers peanut butter. Only in America? :-)

  21. More an American Breakfast rather than a Paris Breakfast :)


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