Monday, January 17, 2011

Petit Parisien Dogs

More dogs today because both Amy, the harpist and I would like to own one and don't. And because Jilly on the Riviera takes the most gorgeous photos of dogs ever. So I went looking to see what dogs I discovered last trip in Paris.
Toy dogs are definitely king in Paris.
You can take them almost anywhere. You can jam them into a purse if need be. Or hold them on the bus... Or just drag them down the rue - dommage. Larger dogs are the rarity in Paris - here a Parisien is being walked by two standard poodles.
Small dogs do make perfect shopping companions.
This discerning little dog insists his owner patronize tres rafinee Dalloyau in Galeries Lafayette
Angelina draws some of the most discerning of dogs in fact.
The Dachshund is evidently the dog of choice these days...
Even as an objet decoratif...
Handsome and spunky, what's not to love?An OFG (older French Girl) prefers her miniature poodle, whose red leash smartly co-ordinates with her owners jacket and the red awning beyond...
It is true the small dog is easier to dress up, say in a scarf...
Or a fancy collar.
But we can not preclude that larger dogs do not long to go to Paris. They do, very much indeed. They are eagerly lining up and yearn to be seen in all the best places, shopping, browsing or reading Le Figero. Has your large dog (or cat) dropped a hint?


  1. I loved the bubble dog more than anything! For sure it smells good all the time!

  2. Love your French dog post today!
    Of course, I could be prejudiced..
    I have a mini :)

  3. Love the way you tell a story in photos and words and paintings. Thankyou so much for the link, Carol. One day I so hope you'll get down to Menton. What a treat that would be - the red carpet would be ready for you!

    Jilly xxx

  4. A friend of mine has a Newfoundland - a big, black beauty of a thing. She would see those patisserie owners eye-to-eye over the counter!

    Yes, my large, many-haired Turkish Angora cat (Harry) tells me every day that he would love to go see the ladies in Paris. Harry, he loves ladies. When brides come over to choose harp music for their weddings, Harry charms them all.

    Here he is, in all his hairy glory:

  5. Merci Carol for always warming my heart and trying to make that hole mend. I ADORE les chiens and seeing these gorgeous, sweet, precious little angels just pulls at my heartstrings more than you can possibly imagine. Your ability to convey your thoughts into your watercolors also is truly breathtaking and totally full of love and passion. They make me cry, but at the same time, they help me to carry on hoping one day I can still help more furry babies, and myself once again. Thank you.

  6. Some day this old dog will make it to Paris, too!

  7. I wish I could take my baby to Paris with me one day. He would certainly love it. Baby is a gorgeous English cocker spaniel. :)


  8. Thanks for the link to Jilly - she has 2 handsome airedales posted! Are you having trouble with spam? I see the "copy this" below.

  9. Yes, Jeanette,
    I decided to give up the fight with the Spammers or rather find better things to do with my time than eliminating them hourly :(
    Out, out damn Spammers!

  10. Alas, I wish my dogs had been with us when we lived in Paris earlier this decade. But now that we are back state-side, I have my dogs. The little ones would have been perfect! Everyone tends to fuss over them. Casey, the medium one, has trop d'energie to be a city dog.

  11. Annie always goes where we go. She would be right at home over there. :) She's a medium sized dog at 43 pounds. Love the photo of the older French woman with the Poodle. My Mom got a silver gray toy French poodle when I was a teenager. She just loved that dog. She named her Chiffon.

  12. I wish, wish, wish I could take my Bichon Frise with me to Paris! The next best thing would be ordering one of your dogs-in-Paris watercolors ... or getting one as a gift from a friend or relative (hint, hint, hint).

  13. As always much fun. Thanks, Carol. Jilly also has a terrific Menton Daily Photo (She also takes great cat pix. And I recall a swimming sheep a few years ago, too.)



  14. A couple of years ago I saw quite a few great danes walking the streets of Paris on shiny leashes! Very cute but so big!

  15. I don't know how you manage to collect such an amount of dogs on your photos! OK, Paris is quite full of dogs, but anyhow! !-)

  16. Great collection of very cute dogs, Carol.
    I love that second shot of the toy dogs for some reason......cuter than the real thing?
    Anyway, very cute - I hope that you are keeping warm in the big city.

  17. Sweet little things! I always had a bigger dog, but some of our family have tiny toy dogs and they're actually a lot of fun, too.

  18. You just aren't looking for little dogs Peter
    Or red either!!
    Those great Danes must have been visiting from New York Carole

  19. The dachshunds are my favorite!

  20. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I guess this is why I have a little white pooch - she is so Parisian! x

  21. WOWZERS! That is a whole lot of dog!

  22. Hi Carol, Thanks for the visit and petit bonjour! I laughed when I saw the dog in the boulangerie. Technically, it's a 'non-non', but Bodhi is well-known in the boulangeries and my favorite boucherie here in town - and oh! the cooing he gets...we should all be so lucky to be welcomed so warmly into places.

  23. It is not Paris without the dogs. There are in fashion now.

  24. M. in Paris8:59 AM

    j'aime les chiens, les gros surtout alors ici c'est pas possible ? pourquoi pas ? ou bien un petit chien qui parait grand, do you know one of these kind ?

  25. Oooooooooooooooooh, all those sweet Dackels!

  26. is there a money tree in Paris somewhere? how is it that so many women carry those Chanel bags???!! And in Geneve it's like Birkins grow in fields outside the city!


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