Monday, January 24, 2011

Cook'In Box

Let's Bake!

 The French make it so easy.

 The bookstores provide a gazillion ways to bake a cake or a macaron or a cupcake.

And all the essential baking accoutrement are included IN THE BOX. WOW
Isn't this the funnist idea ever?

It's not all sweets either.
Soupes, blinis et cocottes are provided too...
 The ever-present MACARON comes in a box and I bought it. Not that I'll ever bake but who could resist? They were selling this in the gift shop at the musee des arts decoratif no less. Hello Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The box includes a special thermometer, recipe book, nozzles and the whole shebang for just 12 euros.
You can easily pick up these cook'in box books at Amazon.Fr. True the shipping is $$$(almost the same as the book in you live in the US) but that's still not so bad in my opinion.
Madeleines anyone?

So many and big.
I found a Japanese version of these here in New York. So how come US publishers haven't figured out what fun this is?


  1. Pretty! And a good idea, but I must say I love baking even without boxes

  2. Wow - everything looks like a work of art! I don't cook, but this might just tempt me. Now if only I could get to Paris to buy some of this stuff!

  3. sign me up for the madeleines kit!

    but it's hard not to love the pastel melange of cupcake "papers"

  4. I saw these in a big book store I was in, in Paris ,thought they were amazing .. not funny, just amazing :-)a brilliant idea.

  5. CUTE. Madelines in a box.

    (What's in a madeline? Because if there is coconut in there, then not so cute...)

  6. Too funny--when I first saw your watercolor, I thought, "how charming," and then I immediately burst out laughing, thinking: ????!!? Carol????!?!???
    BAKING??? too cute. Looks like fun! When we were kids, we had a box with teeny cake tins in it and a cake mix--we made cakes and they were tiny--we loved it!

  7. Those are all so cute! I want the little heart shaped ones. :)


  8. I see, I need some big money whenever we, eventually,go to Paris. Never mind! We just skip Disney.Great to give as a present

  9. I'm glad you won't let a little detail like actually baking separate you from a fantastic package!!!! Eye on the prize as always: beauty and great design!

  10. Love the painting. The French are so far ahead of us most of the times. Cool idea to have it all in a box. Now if only the box would put it together too. :))

  11. Thank you Dearest Jeanette for reminding me of my negligent baking skills - AHEM!
    Not all of us can make our own MARSHMALLOWS - ahem
    And some of like to dream a bit you know...

    Amy: not to worry. A madeleine is simply eggs, flour and butter, butter, butter. No coconut unless you live in the Tropics where only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.

    Mille Paradis: the 'cupcake' papers are actually reusable silacon cups!
    Leave it to the French.

  12. Justine7:31 PM

    It would be sooooo nice if they could have faux baking aromas emanating from the cuisine corner wouldn't it?
    maim miam

  13. Wow, your painting is so colorful and cute!
    Since it's so cold out - baking sounds like a good idea :)
    Stay warm.....

  14. Anna-Maria A.7:32 PM

    Loving the play dough/dolls house cooking gear for grownups aspect of all this.

  15. I have always been a sucker for packaging! lol!
    Though I must admit the only thing the inside of my oven ever sees is a chicken.
    But what fun gifts!

  16. I love the painting of the bake stuff. And it reminds me of the Klutz kits in the book store. VERY cute.

  17. Okay, I just love this post because it's purely about baking! The French do it so well, as you say. Plus, your first painting is just gorgeous! I want it!


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