Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do The French Do It Better

More snow today. No NYC yellow cabs to brighten the view.

I was thinking the French own the tarte. This Pain Quotidien tarte is lacking in je ne sait quoi
.Just put it next to the French version of a framboise tarte.

A NY tarte from Financier Pastries looks pretty Frenchie

Parisian Secco's tartelettes.

The French love their REDS.
Count all the RED in this picture.

So why not a touch of RED on these chocolat minis?

Dalloyau does lovely RED tartes.

Gerard Mulot Berry sketch #1

Gerard Mulot Berry Sketch #2
A no-name Parisian corner patisserie makes them every day of the week. They get lots of practice. THANKS for all your kind comments and support for my new adventure - the Pastry Sketch Crawl 

Bon Appetit!


  1. With all that snow outside looks like you are going to be indoors for a while?!
    Hope you have enough food, or tarts, to keep you going?
    Or you can always order pizza, right?
    Hope your snow doesn't come my way!
    take care Carol!

  2. I'm so sorry, but I'd still rather have a chocolate eclair than a tart. Although, that chocolate minis above with the lone red raspberry would very likely be fine. :O)

  3. Freya in CA2:34 PM

    You have a charming manner of writing & painting. For those of us who adore la vie Se Paris, c'est parfait.

  4. The best tarte I ever tasted was in Paris from a SW French pastry place in the 3rd. It was a pear tart with the most delicate shell.
    Oh my.
    I have sought it ever since to no avail.
    A fleeting moment of perfection.

  5. Definitely agree, and a people that love red are my kind of people.

  6. Mmmm...Since I'm a South Jersey boy at heart, I must say I go through life looking for the ideal Lemon Meringue pie. But, there are times when a delicious little tart will do.

  7. Beautiful photos.....I agree, the French do it better.
    PS. Texans love red as well.

  8. The red at least warms up the snow affect. How do you keep from gaining weight with all that lovely pastery around?? I am not sure I would get it painted before it was eaten. :)) Iam enjoying seeing your sketches.

  9. Ok, I agree the French own the tart...and NYC owns the snow, but YOU own the pastry sketch crawl! And you know which one I wish I owned!

  10. I really enjoy your blog. It's always full of treats no matter when I peek in here! Enjoy the snowy weather.

  11. As always so beautiful...your blog always makes me hungry...for French pastries and French travel. Those tarts look so yummy.

  12. Those pastries look good enough to eat :)
    Love the watercolors and I swear I see a ghost of a taxi in that first pic!

  13. Hello from sunny New Zealand. I was delighted to see all your "tart" posts. I just decided to lurk on your blog after I had posted photos of the tarts at our local French cafe. Great minds think alike!

  14. I always love your blog posts.. Paris DOESSSSSS do it right!!!
    Take care and have a nice weekend...

  15. Love that sweet little girl in the last image--so cute. Seeing your paintings in the works is great fun, Carol--I always love when you include these. they look wonderful. Have a great weekend--snuggle up against all that snow!!!!!

  16. Oh, Carol,
    that street looks as if you are going to be stuck indoors for quite a while! I hope you are cozy and warm, with the power on, and are able to relish the quiet.

    Those French pastries definitely look more delicate and tempting than anything else! The reds, gorgeous as always.

  17. os doces franceses são os melhores do mundo!
    Carmen Nistal

  18. MayFair Girl2:02 PM

    Are the French on a Sweet Diet?


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