Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paris Lunettes

Along with ogling pastry shops on every street corner in Paris. I am drawn to optical shops.They're almost every other street corner. This charmer, Optique des Vosges is in the Marais, 12-14 rue Saint-Antoine, 75004, just a spit from Place du Vosges.
I don't know what I'll do when the coke bottle frames go out of style. I'm addicted. It's the only way people are sure to find me, by my scarlet red goggles.
I found my frames by chance in Urban Outfitters for next to nothing. A village optical shop replaced the lenses.
The French are lucky to have their National Health pay for their fancypants lunettes/glasses.
 Is why you can't go two steps without tripping on a lunette shop.
OUCH! 360 for this barely-there transparent cutie.
Transparent is IN, though I haven't seen them at Urban Outfitters.
I call these glasses 'Jagged Little Pill' like Alanis Morissette's song. Don't ask me why.
A very eccentric design for an artiste no doubt, though not this artiste. I would lose them in an instant. One thing about big coke bottle glasses - they're easy to spot when you leave them around.
Something else easy to spot are the mini billboards in pastry shop windows.You don't need googles to read these sign posts.


  1. Justine11:30 AM

    No wonder Paris has the BEST eye glass shops in the world!
    Hello US Govt!!

  2. haha and of course there's a picture of macarons! :))

  3. Love those lunettes with the frames that look a bit like film negatives or reels. The jagged ones look as if they were made for Freddy or whatever was his name, the one with the chainsaw. ;-)

    Are you sure that National Health insurance pays for more than pedestrian lunettes?

  4. It's absolutely true MERISI!!!
    That's why there are so many delightful frame shops!!
    Even sunglasses are covered with a tiny bit of schmoozing..

  5. Pretty! Mine (I wear contacts usually though) are plain and black, but I love them anyways

  6. I love them, and collect 'em: well, reading glasses and sunglasses. I find them everywhere, but I like big specs, and I won't spend a lot on them. On the road, I wind up buying pairs of reading glasses in all the school bookstores, because I go crazy thinking I've lost them. Then, the minute I buy a new pair, I realize the "old" pair has been sitting right up on top of my head the whole time, where I forgot them.

  7. I thank heaven I need readers, not prescription glasses because I lose them everywhere. I'm sure I own at least 10 for upstairs on a chain, one for downstairs on a chain, one by the bedside, one where I eat breakfast, one in my purse, one in my work bag (no longer needed!), one by the laundry (so I can tell if I can put stuff in the dryer!) one in my suitcase, and I STILL have a hard time finding a pair when I want it.

  8. I have lived in glasses since I was in kindergarden wearing my blue/pink tortoise shell glasses! I love the red cat eyes in the 3rd pic-lower left and the ones in the 5th!! If I had the money I would have them in every color!

  9. I love the photos in this post, Carol.
    There seems to be shades (no pun) of blue or lavender somewhere in each pic. Makes for a nice soothing effect :)
    I like your glasses - but didn't know where you got them.
    (In the US, Medicaid pays for a new pair of glasses every 2 years - but they have to be low-end frames. I don't about Medicare.)

  10. This is funny reading this because while standing in the bank line today an older couple tapped me on the shoulder to ask me where there is an optical shop in town. Something one doesn't get asked about very often out of the blue. and here you are talking about optical shops. BTW I love you in your red glasses.

  11. you always have the cutest photos!

  12. I love the red cat-eye glasses - those would look so chic and smashing on you!

    I got glasses when I was 5 years old and contacts when I was 15 because I couldn't stand the feeling of glasses on my face. I still can't. I really only wear glasses to read in bed (which is a lot, but anyway...).

    Which is unfortunate, considering how stylish glasses are these days. Maybe some PINK cat-eye frames would be worth the discomfort?

  13. Oh, I love the colorful "out there" glasses and imagine that you would wear them well!

    Carol, when I saw the last photo of macarons in the window I wondered if we were standing there together taking that shot... when I looked at mine I realized that the sign was in a different position. Great minds think alike, my dear! You will be amazed...


  14. Que des belles lunettes!!!! ou est ce que tu les a trouvés?

  15. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Hello I live in Paris and love this shop. Unfortunately, here in France, National health insurance doesn't pay for fancy glasses !! If you buy a pair of glasses for 300 €, they only give you about 10 € !! (if you want to buy expensive glasses, you need a very good PRIVATE insurance...)

  16. Love this post Carol....and yes I plead guilty...I am absolutely addicted to 'lunettes'.....bought a fab pair of 'horn coke bottle' ones in St Germain last year. Am crazy for cats eyes too. I'll check out this one in the Marais too....only a few weeks to go now! Merci beaucoup again!!!


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