Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pastry Sketch Crawl Chez Moi

More tarte adventures today - the pastry sketch crawl continues... It's a SNOW day in New York, so I thought I'd paint pastry at chez moi... Last Sunday the plan was to paint onsite at Cafe Petrossian on 7th Avenue
But they were just closing so I bought the berry tarte above...
You can find candy caviar at Petrossian...
As well as the REAL thing...
You know you're in the 'Frenchie' area when you look across the street and spot La Parisienne Diner...
Then again you know you're in New York City when you get nearly run over by giant hounds...
On Monday I met a friend at another Pain Quotidien...
I thought perhaps having company onhand whilst painting might aide and abet the outcome...
No such luck malheureusement...
So today I dragged out the Petrossian tarte and went to work at home - my still life setup.
My not-so-hot results. Evidently it will take MANY tartes before I figure out how to paint these puppies. Why does that teapot look pregnant? :(
Oh dear...not there yet.
(many more attempts are required before I get the better of these %$#@ tartes. I ate this one. Vengence is mine! It was superbe)
One good thing about sketch crawling at home, I can get up and change my paint water frequently. And I can check the refrigerator contents - oh perhaps not such a good thing after all.
"Out, out damn snow!"


  1. Wow! You ARE having a snow day. "Out out, damn snow" too funny. Stay toasty, Carol. Love seeing all your trial runs--they look good to me! I like that big book you use--is it w/c paper?? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I like your research.

  2. fatbear4:59 PM

    Saw you're going to Venice - just got back a few weeks ago - do you want a few restaurants? (Was there over Xmas.)

    And the snow stopped temporarily here in the Village, nothing but slush now!

  3. Beautiful sketches. They're almost as amazing as the actual photos of the food.

  4. First of all:
    In the first photo of your still life, I had fun trying to find you and your camera, in the teapot. Reminds me of the image in the mirror, in van Eyck's "Marriage of Giovani Arnolfini and his Bride."
    The tea pot in your painting does look pregnant, but that's because it also looks to me like its' doing some down and dirty dancin', and we all know what that can lead to.

  5. SUE: I'm using a handmade sketchbook from NY Central Art Supply - Text-Laid paper.
    I'm sure you could order it from them - many sizes.

    Thanks Nisrine:
    I wish my sketches came close to the photos...practice, practice, practice and telling my Inner Crit to take a hike - a BIG hike.

    William: I did put a tiny reflection in the teapot this time..egotistical of moi?

    I am interested in ANYTHING about Venice!! Do tell all SVP.

  6. Justine6:16 PM

    I love seeing the ongoing adventures of your sketching pastry efforts.
    Very heartening.
    We all have to work it to get where we want don't we?

  7. IMHO that tart got just what it deserved!!! I am still enthralled with your new pastry sketch crawl concept! It may even prove to be the key to getting me to work in public....after I get rid of this cold.

  8. I would love to eat all of those tarts, Carollll...
    Keep trying! You are almost there!
    Even your sketches are beautiful already.

  9. I love your paintings and the photos in this one, Carol.
    That yellow cab in the first photo is a very nice shot!
    The paintings are real grabbers and the street shots make me wish I was in NYC!
    Getting a little tired of Winter, though.....:)

  10. Nikon:
    the paintings are like little strangers arriving on my doorstep...
    Who are you?
    Where's your mother?
    Go home!
    I don't like you!
    It's my inner critic that needs to take a hike and shut up! :)
    it's so nice to get so much instant support from PBers though :)
    I'm not sure I could keep it up if it wasn't for the instant gratification...

  11. Here in FL we are snowless (thankfully) and also tarte-less (malheureusement) ;)

    Beautiful paintings and delicious tartes!

  12. I love snow!
    I love New York!
    I love illustrating and pastries....
    and my dream is to go to Paris!
    I feel like I am taking a mini vacation reading your post!
    Thank you! : )

  13. Yes, you must bring to this new experience "Beginner's Mind"
    Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable, make errors
    and go with the old flow!
    That's what I'm doing with my writing class.
    Easier said than done.

  14. That is a snowy day for sure! I used to live in NYC and just loved Pain Quotidien - we really don't have an equivalent here in South Florida. Your paintings and the tartes are just beautiful - thank you for sharing:) Stay warm!

  15. How funny. My little Sophia and I were watching the snow fall on TV in the backdrop of the Today Show this AM (backdrop being of course a window view of Rockfeller Center Plaza) and I actually wondered how you were doing in all that white and lo' and behold you give us a shot today of your snowy perch...very lovely too. And I loved your tiny watercolor reflection in the teapot..a veritable "Where's Waldo" or as the French know him "Ou es Charlie?" but now "Ou es Carol?" keep warm and pass the tarts please.

  16. Let them eat candy caviar! ;-)

    Teapots in my home all look as if they were approaching the end of the third trimester, pregnant with tea, so to speak. Leave the slim look to coffeepots, I say! ;-)

    Painting on location sounds like the perfect way to get pastries just right!

  17. Like the energy in your pastry sketches, as a series and they each have their individual beauty. I had seen the Urban Sketchers website previously, and that is such a great concept, artists sketching in groups on public sites.

  18. I rather like your tarte sketches, mademoiselle!

    And how did you find the tartes?

  19. Yum, looks lovely! Stay warm & dry in this wintry mess.

  20. Your work is looking good to me. Once you get used to painting in public you will paint how you feel you should be painting. Burr it looks cold there.

  21. Romantic Diner4:38 AM

    Wow Amazing your blogs and picture are very wonderful.

  22. I really enjoyed your sketches. I am in school at Le Cordon Bleu for Pastry and some how ran across your blog. Really makes me want to move to France and Bake!


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