Friday, January 07, 2011

The Tourist

Yesterday I played hookie and went off to see the film, THE TOURIST. Fortunately for us PBers, it starts in Paris (AND IN FRENCH!)at a cafe near actually it's Cafe Le Nemour (at Place Colette 75001 thanks Linda) Place du Chatelet, moves on to the Passage Jouffroy (75009 -thanks Elizabeth), then Metro station Quatre Septembre and enfin to Gare de Lyon, but you have to keep your eyes peeled if not your GPS handy... Pretty soon we're on the 8:22 AM train with Angelina and Johnny making small talk enroute to where else? VENICE! Angelina's lips could sink a thousand ships... And they do many times over... But NO GONDOLAS! Except for background atmospheric effects. I was a tad disheartened... I had high hopes for at least one trist... One stolen kiss whilst riding a gondola. No such luck. But there is plenty else to love if you love Venice... Or if you love Johnny,
Who plays the awkward schlumpy math teacher from WI Angie picks up on that train. I have high hopes my Paris-to-Venice train ride will be as eventful...sigh
Angie kidnaps Johnny off to her 'Doges' deluxe suite at Hotel Danieli (at ***** and 1.770 euros for a room with a lagoon view). This is the closest I will get to such luxe, calme et volupte...
They dine on the roof garden of the 'new' wing of the Danieli another deluxe joint of Angies choosing. This gal has great taste AND there are gondolas in the background! If you go, do order the scampi in Champagne risotto - Angies excellent choice. In fact Angie is quite the grande dame throughout this movie - no Laura Crofting about here in rubber diving suits...
I could have used a few more dress changes but that's just moi...
Of course there's a grand ball in a FAB palazzo and whoever said there is no chemistry between these two, well go see for yourself and report back.
One thing before I go to Venice - I will definitely search out these giant shade Angies wearing. Tres elegante non? If you want some week-end fun at an entertaining old-style caper and you LOVE Paris, Venice, Johnny and Angela, then do see THE TOURIST.
BONNE WEEK-END PBers!! PS. A positive review here (Thanks Jason!)


  1. Elizabeth11:56 AM

    There's one quick shot thru the Passage Jouffroy in Paris.
    I know because the hotel owner (Hotel Chopin) was delighted that they redid the exterior of the hotel inside the passage.
    The hotel _never_ appears in the film, btw!
    The hotel exterior has a cool period look to it now that the owner decided to keep.

    BTW the "joint" where they are dining is the roof garden of the 'new' wing of the Danieli.

    Bon voyage!

  2. Oh how could I forget that mind was racing to keep up.
    At least I got the Metro station which were 2 different ones I think...
    Metro Etienne Marcel outside and Quatre Septembre for inside shot
    Sounds like you've eaten at the Danieli 'joint'.
    I thought it might be there but couldn't place it on their website since it appreared to be lagoon-side.
    The Movie Detective!

  3. Hola Carol, hacía tiempo que no pasaba por aquí...siempre me sorprenden tus trabajos tan lindos! Y el film lo veré y seguiré tus comentarios!Un beso, Gloria.

  4. Justine1:15 PM

    Those lips look like they could sink all of Venice or at least cause some serious flooding on Piazza San Marco..
    Wonder if Lloyds of London have insured them?

  5. I love Angelina's look; she looks very sophisticated and elegant. I haven't seen the movie, and now I would love to see it. Xoxo

  6. I think those huge sunglasses are a necessary counterbalance to the pumped-up lips. Not so sure about their effect on thinner-lipped types.
    Venice --- I'm green with envy! --- have a perfectly splendid time.

  7. Love it, Carol! Especially the trailer!

    Happy 2011!
    Christine Hueber

  8. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Oh I'm going to LOVE this one. Apart from the eye candy of the leads --- Venice -- ahhh---
    I have yet to post about Venice. This one I am saving.

  9. Great photos Carol.
    Ah, Hollywood. Everything looks so gorgeous in your stills.
    You sure wanted some gondolas! Great paintings........
    I have been to Venice & it is like going to another world - very surreal (& expensive :)

  10. we went to see THE TOURIST since it was on just down the street. Enjoyed it.
    Very funny, we thought!

  11. I love Johnny Depp, and want to see it even though the reviews aren't too great. Can't always trust them, right!?
    And like you said--it features Venice!! Bellissimo. Thanks, Carol. Sounds fun.

  12. This movie looks very good to me. I like movies the Critics don't seem to like. I am going to have to go see it if/when it comes here because the small TV screen isn't going to that scenery justice.

  13. Anonymous8:48 PM

    First off, great photos on the site. They are wonderful, bright, fun, esthetically sharp, gay, benevolent and any other word in that category.

    When I saw the trailer of The Tourist, I was intrigued. I may have to see it. It looks like it has some wonderful scenery, genuine glamour, and somewhat thrilling, witty, and sensual romance. And there is at least one solid review, by Scott Holleran:

  14. I'm still stuck on her lips.

  15. Bonjour PB~
    Loved visiting Venice this of my favorite places. And thanks for the movie recommendation~I can hit the "senior showing" for $5.00

    Can't recall if you have already mentioned this but...The King's Speech is outstanding.
    p.s. I had a "tryst" with a gondolier on my 1st trip to Venice..43 years ago...

  16. Thank you for the review! Now I can't wait to see it. I've been debating over visiting Paris or Venice next.. perhaps I should visit both?

    I think you are the person to ask this Q to ~ any word on when Ladurée opens in New York? I read it will be opening in May. We are planning a trip that month and we're hoping it will be open.

    xoxo, B

  17. I believe she is sitting at "Cafe Le Nemour's"....which is at 'Place Colette'!!! I went there many, many times while I was in Paris and only heard once I returned home that Angelia Jolie has been spotted still by beating heart....I adore that cafe!!! Must see the movie to have a trip down memory lane!

    Regards, Linda

  18. Ah Ha!
    Big merci
    Evidently they did a lot of switching around because in the background was a sculpture I recognized from Pl. du Chatelet, yet they had Angie running into 'nearby' PASSAGE JOUFFROY in the 9th and then into a metro elsewheres
    quelle mystere!

  19. well Passage Jouffroy isn't that far from Cafe le Nemour...
    although I would hate to run there little own walk there in 6 inch heels......
    Ah, the magic of the movies!!!

  20. Anonymous11:58 AM

    At least she got her lips re-plumped. For a while they were looking like two deflated balloons.

  21. I laugh at people who think that women with naturally plump lips, re-plump them .. as if our natural "fillings" seeps out when we sleep lol.
    She is quite beautiful and I was slightly disappointed that Johnny Depp played a schlump.
    We will see it here in Buenos Aires, in English with Spanish subtitles and I will have to remember my French !
    We just watched Hereafter and happily our Spanish is good enough that we read the subtitles when French was spoken .. If I watch enough "foreign movies" my language abilities will go through the roof ! :)
    un beso

  22. I can't believe it, but The Tourist is actually showing in this little town on the frozen tundra! No such luck with Black Swan, though.

    I just got my bangs grown out. Angie's making me miss them.

  23. Hi Carol, really great photos and review!! Love it. I do want to see this movie just beacaue I adore Johnny!!

    New Giveaway on Monday!

    Art by Karena

  24. I learned French best from watching movies with subtitles so BRAVO et andiamo!

  25. I'm going to see this tonight-High hopes!:)

    Oh! I wanted to let u know that I've discovered how to get an embeded video to not be cut off over on my blog.
    - When embeding the html of the video into ur blog, go thru the code that shows in ur "edit html" tab and change the numbers by the words "size"(there will be 4 changes), and change whatever they are to 400. Those numbers are the length, height, etc of the video. The size 400 is the perfect size to show up in ur blog without being cut off!

  26. Wasn't the hotel suite amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed everything about The Tourist.

  27. The film company should employ you as publicist. Wonderful coverage and really makes me want to see the film, even tho I've read negative reviews. Just to see the shots of Venice of course! You make it absolutely mouthwatering which it is.


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