Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Beautiful Fall

I'm still recovering from New Years. All that celebrating. 2011 has rolled into town so FAST!
I admit I have still not bought my new week-at-a-glance journal. I'm in denial, ahem
I'm trying to get a grip on the new year, but it feels rather tenuous like this high wire act.
These adorable miniature tableaux are from a tiny shop on a side street in the 6th arr.
I was passing by with M. after an Italian dinner and a date with George Clooney at the cinema.
You know how it is. I was lucky to get these shots to show you.
I am wondering if Balenciaga passed by too at one time.
Balenciaga and Spain Was he inspired to create his bolero jackets by the above mini tableau. You never know.
I've never painted these little figurines.
Though I certainly painted many mini petite dejeuners.
And lots of small wind-up birdies.
Next trip I'll stop in and see what I can paint here if I can find it again $#@!
While we're on the circus theme and the weather is still beastly out, there's nothing like curling up with a good book and a nice hot bowl of butternut squash soup. I recently discovered Water For Elephants. I loved every thrilling page. Who never dreamt of running off to join the circus raise your hand? It's set during the Great Depression so full of details one can relate to a bit today non?
Another 'circus' book is the tale of the great couture designers relationship, YSL and Karl Lagerfeld in Alice Drake's The Beautiful Fall. Full of thrilling details of the Paris 3-ring fashion circus in the wild 70's. What a naughty boy was YSL! He made his staff and everyone else jump through hoops and climb the high wire, so to speak. A must read if you love Paris and fashion couture.


{kara} said...

bonjour. water for elephants was my favorite book for 2010. i loved it, might have to read it again now!

Anonymous said...

Carol... What is the name of the shop where you photographed those darling figurines.
Thank you..Kathie

sue said...

Sounds like a neat little shop with all the figurines. Sweet! I haven't read the books you mentioned, and will have to seek them out--thanks for the heads up, Carol.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Kathie I wish I knew the name of the shop...I was looking fruitlessly this morning on Google.
next trip I'll report back...

Juliana in Brazil said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and now I've decided I had to tell you how much I like your posts!!!!
They are intelligent and charming all to do with our love to Paris...and your watercolours!!!!!!
I'm your fan number one!!!!
It's a daily pleasure to get your posts!!!
Kindest regards

Justine said...

Exquisite tableaux and quite pricey if one is to believe the numbers posted!
But perhaps that is for an entire scene with backdrop etc.
Ah the French

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

.. wow, now this was a juicy post ... love the little shop of minitures, you must let us know if you find it again (Paris is like that) .... and we LOVE book suggestions ... best

William Ternay said...

Carol, you have outdone yourself with this charming, colorful, and succinctly thematic little visit to the teensy circus.
The figure of the female bareback rider reminds me of a wonderful painting of the same theme, by Seurat, at a French circus. What a richly colorful moment of nostalgia, for the child in me.
I also just saw a preview for the film version of "Water For Elephants."

Nikon said...

I love your paintings!
The miniatures are great (you have a good camera!) I'd love to see that shop.
I'm a big fan of films about the American Depression - I may have to buy that book :)

Anonymous said...

Love your site and paintings! The pet in Paris is a great idea.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Looks like a fun shop. Never read either of those books. I love the covers. I always look for interesting covers and figure they will be good. Will have to check them out. :)

La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

Adorable miniatures. I lover Water for Elephants -- now I need to check out the fashion circus!

La Mom
An American Mom in Paris

katy in TX said...

loved the minis! circus tent reminds me, there's a bigtop theme bar/club at la villette. i saw l'orchestre nationale de barbes there--
hot, hot, hot!
dance your ass off! and you really must make it up to
menilmontant next trip.
love, katy

Wendy said...

Oh, what a life you lead...a date with George, running off to the
circus...and all of your lovely trips to Paris! Ooh la la.

And didn't you just LOVE the ending of Water For Elephants?

Thanks for the miniature watercolor paintings again.


Gwen said...

Love the cycling figurines! The 6th's and 5th's streets are so twisty, sometimes they seem to turn from one street into another without a sign change, alt I'm sure I just missed seeing it...I had to carry a moleskine city guide with the map.

somepinkflowers said...

so much here!

Water for Elephants
is one of my all time favs!
{{ the descriptions
are so juicy }}


i waited outside here--->
the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit
for 3 hours!
{{ If Only i had known
the ticket trick! }}

now know this--->
your wind-up birdies
are my favs, as well
as your yummy macarons
which i tried to photograph
in your honor near The Tower
last May
but they melted,
Melted quickly
and thus
i learned new Respect for You
and your photography skills.

i did.

Amy said...

I was a gymnast growing up and always thought I'd love to be int he circus doing to the flying trapeze act. WITH a net, thank you very much.

Thanks for the reminder about Water for Elephants. It was on my book club's list, but I quit before we got to it (I was terrible at being in a book club). I might have to pick it up this winter.

Parisbreakfasts said...

WOW! Impressive Amy!

I wanted to feed and care for the animals...

I wanted to go to Serengetti Park too..

What happened?

Amy said...

You became a painter and I became a harpist,
that's what happened!

Rascal said...

Bonjour! Looove your blog ... though it's been awhile since I've been to Paris, your blog makes me feel like I'm back there again!

I think the minituare shop you posted is called Pixi & Cie on 6, rue de l'echaude in St. Germain. I bought a bunch of their adorable figurines and make a point to always visit!