Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Nestlé Special at Salon de Chocolat

It seems that Nestlé has decided to let 'Alice' launch their new Special T rather than dear George Clooney of Nespresso. Nestlé Special T was launched at the Salon du Chocolat with these quite dreamy, surreal posters... A flowery fantasia of tea... A Panda offers flowery tea to all... BEAR is fascinated and wants to take Panda home. He likes the tea as well. The new gizmo takes pods of tea in 25 parfums/flavors. Selection rouges - oui absolutement!
Very clever indeed - the berries and cherries are inside the birdcage, whilst hummingbirds flutter and hum around dreaming of getting inside...
These birds prefer their cherries un-caged thank you very much...
But frogs don't mind a bit serving up cups of tea.
Move over cat servers!
Giraffes wearing teacup hats made of tea leaves?
Pourquoi pas! Too perfect for Easter.
I know I have a hedge skirt in the closet somewhere - must look again.
M. gave her seal of approval on the Rooibus Orange.
I am no tea expert but it tasted fine to moi...
Japanese green tea is of course included in the collection...
A cupcake made of tea leaves?
Non! Pas possible!!!
This is taking things too, too far, surreal or not!
One does have limits you know...


  1. I really adored the tea cups!!
    Where can we find them?

  2. Great tea images--I love the frogs and limes/butterflies. And if you find your shrub skirt, can I borrow it?

  3. Simony, you must live in France to get the teacups and Special T.
    Perhaps they will take pity on us soon...?

  4. Fine! So I have to move to Paris to get the cups! I'm on it! This is a brilliant ad campaign. I am a dyed-in-the-tea-leaf-specialty-loose-tea-except-for-my-white-tea-with-persimmon-flavor-tea -drinker and I'm completely ready to convert! Nestle makes the coffee pod machine I've been using; how VERY clever of them to make the tea pods a DIFFERENT shape so I have to get another machine!

  5. Wonderfully fanciful! I gave my mother a fairy-themed tea party for her 60th birthday. We didn't dress up like this, though. Or sit on giant mushrooms..

  6. yes, Rooibus is my favorite tea.
    discovered it in South Africa.
    one of my hotels in Austria had it also this trip.

  7. Fantastic imagery, great post, Carol!

    Another appliance? Remember the butler's kitchen of old? I guess that needs to be repurposed and renamed "Appliances' Kitchen" - mamma mia!

  8. Fantastic imagery, great post, Carol!

    Another appliance? Remember the butler's kitchen of old? I guess that needs to be repurposed and renamed "Appliances' Kitchen" - mamma mia!

  9. Oh, I am so sorry, Carol, please pardon the mess with the double comments! (I am typing with 9 fingers - #10 almost ended up in our Christmas Eve dinner - plus, I did not have time for tea today. *sigh*)

  10. I love the whimsical photos - they are beautiful! Please post a photo of the shrub skirt if you find it - that would be cool:)

  11. Boy, what were those folks smoking :)
    Quite an array of images, it's very inventive.
    I hope that Bear and the panda can at least become pen pals.
    (You let me borrow the hedge skirt, rememeber?)

  12. I love the ads. Very clever. I love that Panda. Tell Bear I want to take it home too!!!

  13. I feel like I'm in fantasia!

  14. Carol,How fascinating the marketing is superb!!

    Art by Karena

  15. Seattle Sara7:54 AM

    Fascinating paintings. Great concepts, Thats very creative.
    I love it.

  16. M. in Paris drinking the rooibus8:11 AM

    ma niece me l'avait dit !!!
    very funny Carol !

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  18. Haha I love the frogs serving tea, they're adorable!!!


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