Monday, January 31, 2011

Bed Side Story

I wish this was my bedroom...
I really wish I was in Bali with Julia...
Riding a bicycle...
Enroute to a date with Javier Bardem - miam, miam
But watching EAT PRAY LOVE in bed is not a bad alternative...
And I can paint onsite here in bed as well!
Jane in New Zealand of Sparrow Chatter kindly sent me her amazing picture of tarts of local cafe La Cloche...
It's on my desktop where I can gaze at it endlessly...
Next project is to paint these lovely tartes - wish me luck.
If I want a taste of Paris (my laptop is on the floor by my bed) I can visit with Inez de la Fressange
Her video jaunts around Paris are good for your accent and a delightful vicarious adventure. Do VISIT!
When your mattress is on the floor, you get a different perspective and long to re-arrange your walls etc. I did move things a bit yesterday :)

THANKS SO MUCH! for all your well wishes and curative suggestions.
I'm making a long to-do list once I'm able to tackle yoga and tai chi etc.
I heard from Rivera, one of the EMT guys at Station:

'Carol, I hope you are doing better than when I first found you! I can tell you first hand when I saw her drawings I was absolutely astounded at how spot on they were! I am sorry I have not gotten around to this sooner, but having you as a patient was absolutely the highlight of my day! One of the best patients I ever had. I actually printed out the sketch and I am trying to show everyone I know at every opportunity!You are extremely talented and I wish you the best. I forget how many readers you told me you have... but add one more in me!'

What an adventure this had turned out to be! I'm off to the Doc shortly to find out what's what with my left leg.



  1. How sweet of him! I hope you feel better soon!


  2. I am so sorry to hear that you are still suffering, but the painting by your bedside - the célèbre macaron Ispahan de Pierre Hermé, I suppose - is absolutely gorgeous!

    So good to read that you are so well taken care off!


  3. Oh well, "Well taken care of" - sorry!

  4. Your walls look good, Carol--and how nice of Rivera to write such a lovely note to you. I can just picture you sketching away...

    Hope you're feeling better, Carol!

  5. You really are someone special. How many people get a note from the EMT's?

  6. I was away and missed the injury post... my dear, I hope you are better! You must send out for some macarons tout de suite!


  7. Luciana11:59 AM

    Dear Carol I'm Luciana from Brazil, I've been visiting your lovely blog for quite a while (after seeing a link at Merisi's blog) and I'm posting for the first time to wish you get well soon! Here goes a warm and sunny hug from South America to help you recover
    = )

    All the best, L.

  8. You received the blessing of a new fan during your ordeal, and you were a blessing yourself. C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas?

  9. Oh dear!! Nothing like cold weather and pain combined! I have neck problems, had a surgery 3 years ago, and I can never be in one position for too long. Airplanes and car trips kill me!!
    Wish you a fast recovery! And beautiful tarts to feed you!

  10. What a sweet message from your EMT - I'm sure you were a star patient. Good luck with the news from the doctor.

    I decided to take up running a few years ago and that first summer I walked with a permanent limp on my right side. It got me a lot of sympathy. So if I were you, I'd milk that limp for all it's worth until you feel better!

  11. Oof. I'm so sorry, Carol. I feel your pain (yep). xoxo

  12. Carol, I hope you'll feel better soon! Take care, rock star girl.

  13. Get better very quickly Carol....and do be careful of that naughty old 'you tube' know how dangerous that can be; ) xv.

  14. Oh my!! I had taken a blog break and didn't know about your trip in the big van - Is Bear being attentive? - I'm sure he is. Wow Sparrow Chatter has scourced out the most exquisite tartes - Must go to New Zealand real soon......
    "All Things french"

  15. I'm so impressed that you're still drawing and painting from the emergency room and from your bed!

    I'm glad to see Bear is staying close by! I knew he'd be a big help to you.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  16. Obrigada Luciana!
    Brazilian HUGS are some of the best, especially if they are coming from Javier Bardem (who is Spanish!)

    BEAR would send a HUG to everyone out there for their kindness but his paw is stuck in the honey jar.. c'est la vie.

    I wish there was a FDNY EMT Dating/escort service...
    These guys have wonderful training :)

    Poor you Simoni!
    Shall we go to Restorative Yoga together?

    THANKS Sue for criting my walls - you have such a good EYE!
    And MERISI too.
    and and and

  17. I hope you received good news from your Dr. and your pain is subsiding.

  18. Chere Carol,
    Desolee d'apprendre les nouvelles de ton sciatica. But as usual, you
    are turning your lemons into lemonade (or tarte au citron) and drawing from your experience. Praying that your condition improves completely...

    thank you for sharing in such a fresh and creative way,
    your life.

  19. Gina L4:23 PM

    Chère Carol,
    I hope you are feeling better -- so sorry to learn you've been less than wonderful.
    I love all my paintings -- they bring such joy to all who see them.
    Get well soon!
    Gina L

  20. Bless your heart, in bed with only photos of maccarons and sweet things. You need copious amounts of hot tea and the real thing ( sweet things) ..
    The hotel where we always stay in Paris is at 44 rue Jacob.
    I wish I were there right now.
    I wish you were well and there too :)
    un beso, C

  21. ... agree with "miam miam" re:Javier!
    Tea and tarts sound like a good RX for helping you along.

    DO NOT try to do too much and just take it easy - but of course don't forget to let "us" know how and what you are doing.

  22. Oh my!!!! Take it slow and listen to your body. (yeah, right! ) Hard to follow that advice sometimes! Anyway, thinking about you least your hands can still draw...the best therapy ever! :)

  23. PB cherishes EMTs Jeanettte.
    I bet they know how to fix stuff too like faucets etc.

    Teresa: I must remember to put a pencil between my toes and give them a workout.

    Jerie Artz: what a terrific idea for a PB post on TARTE AU CITRON!

  24. What a lovely message from the EMT guy! It's definitely an accurate reflection of your talent and character.
    Carol, I hope you feel better soon!

  25. Patricia6:33 PM

    Sending you good wishes + the hope that you are feeling better!

    Merci beaucoup for a glimpse of Bear…..I hope he’s being helpful to you…..

    And the sketches --- so inspiring (as is all your work). I love to draw but sometimes

    need to motivate myself to get going, and remember ‘beginner’s mind’. DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN is a favorite book of mine and one I turn to again and again.

    Best Wishes,


  26. Hey, perhaps we should launch an International Tarts Day! That would raise a few smiles:-)

    Sparrow in NZ

  27. I like the shots from Bali and Paris, at least you are having some distractions!
    As to the EMT............
    As Monty Python would say, "Here! What's all this, then?"

  28. Carol, may your recovery continue with great and steady speed. Lovely to see those pictures on your wall to to find your spirit is undiminished.

    Best wishes. xo

  29. Carol, what's going on here. I missed just a day of keeping up with you and you have an encounter with EMT and the ER. I blame the cold. But I guess the plus side is that you are fine (I am hoping) and met some of New York's finest and got a new blog fan. Do take care...'round these parts we are going to finally see some snow (the high today was 75 and gorgeous, and yet is should be 10 degrees F tomorrow....that's how it goes around here in Texas) but we are all tucked in.

  30. hope your leg is okay!

  31. I hope you're feeling better Carol. And I wish you much more fun the next time you encounter a cute EMT! ; )

  32. Aw, Carol, I am so sad to read that your leg has not been well, and that you have had to go through some trauma the past couple of days! But hey, hey, what a way to get some of those great EMTs to your aid! ;-) They are wonderful! What a lovely note from Rivera. :)

    Here are some get well wishes for you. I hope all will be well with your leg!

    (an alien parisienne)

  33. Hope you will be well again soon. In the meantime - thanks for the link to Ines Little Diaries - great fun!

  34. As you are now seeing, drawing on-site, in public, opens you up to not only the curious, but the potential for new friendships.
    Can't tell you how many times I've been bought that 2nd Manhattan, at a bar, by someone peering over my shoulder as I draw. I'm always getting "Gee, I can't even draw a straight line." And the teacher in me always has to respond, "Crooked lines are always so much more interesting, and personal,"
    Welcome to my world, and get more mobile soon.

  35. Mayfair girl2:00 PM

    What a collection of photoS. we would like to try all these one day, all the cookies and cakes and see these places.

  36. Hi Carol,
    Love, love, love your pictures of pastries. Every time I come visit, I have to take a break and go find some delicious snacks, although nothing comes close to the images you have on here.

    So sorry about your leg and I hope you're able to sit in bed and snack on pastries while you're drawing. Feel better soon,

  37. I'm afraid Javier Bardem may not be "available", at least not immediately! He may not be willing to leave Penelope Cruz and their new baby, at least yet!

    I saw him in "Buitiful" a couple of months ago. Remarkable!!!


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