Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Bleus

Where would you rather be chilly? In Paris? Or Minneapolis? The winter bleus are pervasive... Who doesn't want to hibernate under bleu covers?
But given the chance to walk the chilly streets of Paris...
In bleu jeans I might reconsider...
Especially if I had bleu boots like these...
Or interval boots like interval training depending on your mood - just unzip.
Exposing your bleu gloves to make a fashion statement?
Exposed bleu chat - this is OK.
Polar bears and colds go together like going hatless when it's 20 degrees.
Milk has a blue caste to it so...
Pink roses in a bleu basket at au Nom de la rose?
Swimming pools are naturalement bleu but does yours have a vending machine full of bleu bathing suits for a mere 10 euros? I doubt it. Why didn't I grab one?
Bleu desserts are rare as hen's teeth...
But leave it to Gerard Mulot to come up with macarons bleus!
I think I'll take a chilly Paris...


  1. I'm with you - let's be chilly in Paris!

  2. I'll take macarons bleus anyday! Crazy me also likes the blue pitcher with the cows.

  3. What a question - I live an hour south of Minneapolis and we're having a wintry heck of a time.

    PARIS is my answer. No argument, no hesitation.

  4. Love that last photo--it's icy here. Stay toasty, Carol!

  5. I choose to be chilly in Paris!

  6. Beautiful I love all you share

  7. Your question made me smile because I see both sides of this coin. We live in Minneapolis but our daughter has lived in Paris for three of the last four years. Two of those years we spent chilly holidays with her in Paris. No question, given the choice, I'd rather freeze in Paris!

  8. That's the only choice? Oofa. Well, not taking either...but nice pix. Carol--I can't believe you didn't pick up a maillot. I see a theme here & I'm not one for telling people to buy stuff. At all. But quite often you don't have buy's remorse but "why oh why didn't I?"




  9. Come to think of it, there have been times when I thought no place on the planet could possibly be colder and chillier than Paris, including the South Pole...
    Sorry Minneapolis :(

  10. Oh, those boots are lovely!


  11. Guilia,
    at least it doesn't cost anything to regret not buying :)

  12. We've been having glorious blue skies in SF although today is gloomy gray and windy cold.

  13. Laurie4:29 PM

    I head over on the 28th for a week of Paris Bleus...

  14. Nik from Brisbane4:54 PM

    I would love to escape to Paris at this moment! I live in Brisbane, Queensland Australia and at this moment our city is about to go under water in the floods, 75% of Queensland is in crises - that is more than the size of France and Germany put together!

    Can I click my feet together and be transported to Paris? Please!

  15. Dear Nik of Brisbane:
    I am so sorry.
    I was just looking at videos on the BBC about the devastation there.
    It is shocking.

  16. I would take Paris, although I hear it gets very damp & chilly there.
    (Hemingway went to Switzerland in the winter to escapre the Paris cold.)
    You didn't buy a swimsuit??
    Love all of that blue......

  17. I love that last photo. and I too love that milk pitcher. Its very cold here but warming up starting tomorrow. So color me happy! :)

  18. Your winter blues did not give me the blues at all....but then I'm holed up inside all toasty with 6 inches of snow and 11 degrees outside!

  19. Those are my kind of blues!! :)

  20. Hang in there Nik from Brisbane, the whole country is there for you. Cna't believe how bad things are up there. I agree, what I would do for a littl chilly at the moment. The humidity here is awful. Let's go Nik!!
    Thanks Carol for your beautiful escapes....Nicole from Newcastle

  21. Chilly and blue in Paris! The best place to be chilly in :)

  22. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I will take chilly Paris anytime....you reminded me about my gorgeous winter boots which are knee high and purchased in Florence....I love them.
    They have been packed away for a while as it is all too HOT, x

  23. I will take Paris too. LOVE those pictures, each as pretty as the next. We are going through yet another snow fall, a big one, here in NY and I am so over winter, however I probably could cope better if I lived in Paris!
    Please if you can, check out my new blog about the building of our new french dream home and my love for decor, design and beautiful things! LOVE your blog!


  24. Carol I long to return to Paris and viewing these images all I can say is "Whaaaaa!"
    from sunny Arizona naturegirl.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with many trips to Paris!

  25. I was just in Paris for my 50th and could have used those boots! Where did you photograph them? On my next trip, I'll stop by that store....

    Happy New Year to you,


  26. The cobalt bleu 'wellies' are by L'Aigle, established in France in 1853 by an American. Their shop is on bvd St.-Germain and hmmm...tres cher

  27. Bonjour PB~
    Paris, Paris, Paris.....
    cold, hot, chilly, windy, rainy...

    p.s. Beautiful bleu photos!

  28. La couleur bleue est très difficile à introduire en cuisine car les gens n'aiment pas. Gérard Mulot prend un gros risque. J'aimerais d'ailleurs bien connaître leur parfum !


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