Friday, January 21, 2011

French Pastry Loves Andy

Andy Warhol was the absolute master of color... And multiples of color were his specialty... It makes perfect sense pastry chefs would flip for Warhol. Let's face it, not all French pastry is wildly colorful like these famous caneles of Bordeaux. So why not box them up in a Warholesque version?
And what about the wonderful but dreary old cacao bean - well it is colorful for the short time it's in the shell. Here Chocolat Cluizel has cleverly colored giant chocolate 'beans' in brilliant Warholian colors..
A wall of colorful chocolate bars - I wouldn't mind that at home, say in the living room...
How about a wall of colorful Macarons - citron, mango, fraise, framboise etc.
They deserve a lovely colorful box - why not?
Warhol Macaron Boite, watercolor,contact, 9" x 11"
I had to try my hand at a bite of Warhol non?
So many are thankful to dear M. Warhol, even posthumously...
Was a French marshmallow-maker looking at Warhol too?
Merci beaucoup M. Andy!


  1. A wall of chocolate bars is MORE genius than Andy Warhol. Can you imagine???

  2. Amazing how many "artists" rip off
    old Andy. Did you say you wanted a "bit" of Warhol...or a "bite"?
    There's no doubt the guy was out there, always being his very colorful self, like his art,
    and like your blog, Carol.

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  4. Color makes the world go round and much more enjoyably I might add. So do pastries! Have a great weekend Carol x

    *sorry for the delete, I hate typos...

  5. Great exposé, Carol,
    nothing escapes your eyes!

    Your painting is exquisite!

  6. The Warholizer is one of my favorite FD Flickr toys!
    And YES- YES- YES to the wall of chocolate bars!

  7. Quite a tribute to Warhol!
    I know very little about him, except the "Entertainment Tonight" style of biographies.
    I hope that you have a great weekend and be sure to put another log on the fire :)

  8. I think artists 'reference' Warhol rather than rip him off.
    He created a new language in a way...
    Lots to learn from him IMHO William...

  9. Justine9:19 AM

    Loving all the happy colors today!
    Perfect to shoo away the Winter bleus

  10. Ooooh--love your watercolor here, Carol! These latest are really beautiful!

  11. What a fun and well put together post, Carolg!


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