Monday, January 03, 2011

Paris Carrousel

I was captured by this toy carousel in cafe Petrossians' window... It reminded me of the carrousel at Hotel de Ville.
Surely you've passed by at one time or another...
And given it a passing glance...
The end of the year made me pause...
To think about 2010...
The choices I made...
Whether to ride the rocking horse or sit on the stationary lion...
Some people are still trying to decide and checking the map one last time...
Did you remember to look up so you didn't miss all the glorious details?
Did you catch the 'brass ring' in 2010?
'The brass rings that were on the horses on the older carousels were present so that people could try to grab in order to get a free ride...Keep in mind that the best carousels were found in America, not Europe. The immigrant craftsmen wanted to make sure that their work reflected their dreams of what coming to America meant'. Who knew?
'Remembering the days of those incredible and decorative carousels, our minds revert back to our wonderful childhood memories.'
Of course there are no free rides...
Did you see the Mad Men clip on the carousel?
Don't miss it!
Sometimes I feel like this pup
I'm not ready for 2011!
Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down
and sometimes you just go round and round.
Just remember to enjoy the ride!
All aboard!


  1. Here's to another new year of Paris perspectives from you (your assignment is to go to Paris is much as you possibly can so we can enjoy it vicariously through you), "sweet" dreams and more of your beautiful watercolor images of all the above. Thank you Carol for all you share and do.

  2. I'm ready - for a 2011 of getting OFF the round-and-round and moving forward with life!

    AND, of course, reading your blog.

  3. I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant to be back in Paris!

  4. I've passed by that beautiful carrousel many times. I had never seen a double decker before.

    Happy New Year, Carol. I hope 2011 will be a good year for us all.

  5. What's up those stairs, that's what I want to know? Story of my life I guess;)

    Happy New Year!

  6. I love the carousels in France! I was there just before Christmas. In almost every city (over a certain size) that I've visited I've seen one (or more). :) Love your blog and your artwork, keep up the great work!

  7. .. very nice post ... thanks for all the Paris trips in 10 ... best wishes for a great 2011 .. Happy New Year

  8. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Bonne Annèe to you Carol!
    What a lovely post. I notice these beautiful carousels all the way throughout Europe. They are lovely and beckoning for a ride.
    Yes I want to ride the rocking horse too.
    Let's go!

  9. I am strictly a WUSS!!! The carousel is the ONLY amusement park ride I could tolerate!!!
    I've never watched Mad Men but I wan to now!

  10. No cakes today????? Is that the new PB version for 2011? You need to come back to Paris!

  11. Carrousels are wonderful works of art plunked down someplace and transforming that place with the carousel's magic. Ever notice how they seem to be all about sparkle and lights?
    We have a few here in RI that are historic, made by Mr.Charles Looff.

  12. Oh, I loved that last quote--the sweet little old lady at the end of the movie "Parenthood" says it and I died laughing when she does--classic. Who doesn't love a carousel--great photos! Sometimes, yes, I do think "stop the world, I want to get off!"

  13. Love the post. I haven't seen a carousel in a long time. Never thought about them in terms of life lessons but they fit. :))

  14. Lovely, melancholy blog today. That's how entering a new decade affects me, too.
    I do love carrousels and there are two great ones in SF.
    One once was at Playland at Ocean Beach.

    Happy New Year.
    It will be what we make of it.

  15. I didn't know about Mr.Charles Looff, but now I do Nikon!
    Wonderful his greyhound at the Boston MFA.
    I didn't know about the immigrants or the brass ring...
    I'm such a chicken when it comes to carney rides..even the merry-go-round.
    The swan ride on the lake I liked :)

  16. Cristina in Argentina8:16 PM

    Hi, Carol!!, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love your Carrousel post today. Actually I love carrousels.
    Here, in Argentina we call them CALESITAS, and the ring is called SORTIJA. We had wonderful artists working as calesitas makers, the most important were the SEQUALINO BROTHERS. They also built calesitas for uruguay,
    Brazil, Chile, Paraguay. I had the pleasure to meet them long ago
    ( now they all passed away ) while working at an antique shop. They
    were so nice and humble, even though they were already famous.
    Unfortunately the factory closed in 1984.
    All the best for you and Bear.

  17. This is a wonderful post! I have no idea why, but I love carrousels. My wife, however, hates them. She saw a Twilight Zone episode that had a carrousel horse in it, and as she was young at the time, it really scared her. She said she cringes every time she sees one. I, on the other hand, would love to have an antique horse in our living room. I think it would be so magical! Man. Maybe I'm weird!

  18. I have a picture of my daughter on this carrousel in 2005!

  19. Beautiful! Love your consideration of life's opportunities via which carousel animal one might choose! Something to ponder. Love your blog!

  20. Thank you Carol for all you share and do. I love carousels but I had never seen a double decker before.

  21. You're not weird in the least Bill!
    Carrousel horses are highly collectible examples of American folk art and quite pricey if you can even find one anymore outside a museum. I must have seen that Twilight Zone program with your wife, since I find them a bit scary. They seem imbued with an inner life that is quite fierce. Give me Bambi!
    and Dumbo :)

  22. I love carousels! I always try to ride on whenever I'm in Europe. Thanks for posting this, I'm reminded of a beautiful time. Happy New Year, Carol!


  23. such a sweet post. will have to remember to look for the brass ring...whatever that may be in each day. thx!

  24. Ahhh Carrousels.
    When my brothers and I were kids our parents would take us to a lake, and we would always ride the Carrousel.
    I smile wistfully on those occasions when I drive by the long vacant patch of sand, on which it stood.

  25. Thanks for sharing the wonderful information about the Paris..When I was there I visit this place and it was great to see the people enjoying with there friends and family members..I was with my family and we had a great time over there..


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