Friday, May 05, 2006

Petrossian Cafe I

I'll return to Provence and Paris cafés shortly. First a small diversion. There are just 3 days left for my exhibit of café watercolors. It began with a cookie. Last summer I dropped into the Petrossian Boutique in New York and tried a chocolate cookie. I kept returning to visit that cookie. I noticed a small salon de thé in the back with a temporary exhibit of portraits. Hmmm...what a perfect place to hang my petit déjeuner paintings.
When a French aquaintence came to town, I suggested we stop in for a snack after visiting the MOMA. Christian being Breton, ordered the Baba au rhum. He said the rum was M.I.A. but it was still quite delicious. I returned on my own several times to eat and make sketches. And this March my watercolors found a temporary home in the tea salon.The rest is history :)

Petrossian Boutique
911 Seventh Avenue NY NY 10019


  1. Absolutely delicious! Beautiful watercolors! They should stay on these walls much longer. They are inspiring. At least, they can certainly tempt you to order more babas.

  2. Your writing style is wonderful :)

  3. As good as eating the real thing!! You make me want to lick your paintings!!

  4. Bon! D'accord! J'aime les babas et j'en ai devore plus d'un. Mais aucun n'a jamais ete aussi appetissant que ceux peints par Carol Gillot.

  5. It's one of the best enjoyment in the world to read your posts. I am glad for you that your lovely waterpaintings were (are) hung on the wall of the tea room...


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