Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paris Whites

Do you want to be too gorgeous for words in Paris? Or trop belle as they say?
Then get out your whites. It doesn't have to be white head-to-toe. Just a touch of white will do very nicely. White shirt tails hanging out is IN. Do you have a white doudou? Bon! You're in.When you see blanche dans la rue, not just in the windows/vitrine, you know you better do something and do it fast. J'adore Galerie Lafayette's posters, but I haven't a clue what this one signifies. *Note the white shorts though. More white shorts embroidered in this case. Is this Frenchie going a little de trop with the whites..?A white velo in Galeries Lafayette Home.
An Older French Girl in white on a velo = perfection
White chocolate Tour Eiffel? Bien sur
Stacks of white paper Louis Vuitton trunks.
A favorite silhouette in Galeries Lafayette Home.
Stacks of perfect white cups at Le Bon Marche.
I met up with journalist/blogger Amy of God, I love Paris and neither one of us was wearing a stitch of blanc, but it was non-stop giggles at an experimental dejeuner at LASSERRE (shhh) all the same. Not wearing white doesn't have to be a complete disastre. Amy writes about Paris sweets too so you'll want to stop by
. Here's a semi-white dessert I gobbled up first day back in Paris. Don't ask me what this was or what was inside. A touch of framboise?I haven't a clue except to tell you it was very miam-miam



  1. Justine4:14 AM

    Oui, I want to be TROP BELLE and if wearing white is all it takes count me in.
    How could you go out without a stitch of white?
    Most disappointing..

  2. Hi Carol...glad you are enjoying my's Rosemary who purchased a few of your paintings from Pennsylvania. Just wanted to let you know it was me! Nice post!

  3. White is a must have summer essential! Great images as always, Carol. Please have a little "sweet" dessert for me. I'm aleady counting the days until I able to return to Paris - and I was just there.

  4. our LV in Osaka have those yellow backgrounds with white trunks in their window too :)

  5. Ouchie, looking at those pointy heels getting caught in the grid hurts! (Well, somebody always finds a fault!)

    The lady in the fur jacket is hilarious! Who knows, fur keeps you cool when hot? Did you get a big white cup for my tea? ;-)

    Raining in Paris too?
    Here it's the heavens coming down, literally.

  6. I'm reading with a little white on ...

    getting out more, since summer is officially here on June 21st.

    How cool that you met up with the God, I love Paris lady!

  7. Well, if Parisians are wearing white then summer is definitely here!

    My question is: will it still be appropriate to wear white in early September in Paris and the south of France? I'm already wondering what to pack for my trip then!

  8. I LOVE wearing white, and this year I've been searching for a white skirt, but a specific type and I'm have a heck of a time finding it, but I LOVE all the different white Pants, shorts, dresses...etc, so very beachy and yet classy.
    I adore that picture you have with the woman in white from head to toe, standing on the corner to cross the street.

  9. miam miam semi white desserts: serve em forth!

  10. Amy, the best thing to do is to wait until you get here and then buy the requisite color scarf of shirt tail etc.
    They are wearing a ton of mariniere stripe shirts like it was obligatory.
    One thing for sure when a trend hits big here you find it at all price levels.
    Still you don't have to dress exactly the way they do either.
    It's like buying gorgeous saris in India-do you wear them when you get home? Probably not...

    Hi Rosemary from PA!!!

    K and S, the big brands tend to do the same windows around the world! Not too creative if you ask me, but no one is asking...

  11. I found today your blog and I loved. So cute ! I am formm brazil and I have to say that I love breakfast too.
    Alexandra from

  12. Oooh la and la. I usually do not wear any white beyond a tee shirt. This spring I have taken on lots of white clothes.

    How did I know that I was on to a trend? Just hoping that the whites don't look too odd next to my pale skin. Why do I worry? Let me just channel Paris!

    (This blanche trend is much easier that that earlier report about pink. Well, pink might be okay in a lipstick.)

    Sounds as if your trip is going splendidly. My guess is that you find splendid moments wherever you might be.


  13. I love the fashions! I love those whites on the gals :)

  14. Frances11:15 PM

    Have you been to the Marche aux Puces in Paris – the guidebooks state that it is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I’m thinking that Monday may be the least crowded day, but don’t want to miss out on any of the vendors if some of them are only open Saturday and Sunday.
    Appreciate any recommendations you may have.


  15. it looks very miam miam too!!

    Whites are all the rage in lahore too, remind me to send you a picture of my latest white ensemble

  16. It's funny you pick up on the white. One of the few items of clothing my wife bought in Paris was a gorgeous white blouse.


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