Friday, December 11, 2009

Parisien Silhouettes

I see silhouettes everywhere I look in Paris Pierre Herme reminded me again how graphic a city Paris is... Les chats on bathroom glasses at BHV...BHV has silhouettes on every floor... Like this chandelier wrapping paper... A candelabra homage on a lamp shade - witty no? Parisien vitrines/windows are full of them...
illustrator Rene Gruau, loved the silhouette. His classic cancan dancer's leg = Moulin Rouge
Isn't the classic Paris waiter is a walking silhouette?
I've been saving this cerise/cherry silhouette for ages...
Man walking mini poodle in Paris - both in black.
You see this silhouette again and again.
Man in BHV buying a skyline wall decoration.
Paris has the best skyline - Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, L'Arc de Triomphe, bla bla bla

Tiny walking green man silhouette, across from BHV...Place de la Concorde at l'heure bleu/dusk - the best Paris silhouette


  1. My Darling Lady,

    France should give you a medal
    for merit. I am sure we all envy
    you being in France. SOOO chic

    Style and elegance, cha cha cha..
    MAD to get to Paris..
    All the beautiful things.
    I want it all. yvonne

  2. I came back from BHV to my apartment a few minutes ago and laughed when I read your blog today. BHV is done up for the holidays that for sure and if it wasn't so insanely crowded I might have seen some of the wonderful silhouettes first hand! If I am brave enough and venture back next week, I will be sure to look for some new silhouettes to photograph for you.

  3. Yes! They're here fact, I just purchased two silhouettes (& rec'd one as gift)...papercuts by artist in SF. She will love your post (if she has time to look up). Great photographs & theme.


  4. I adore silhouettes! There is a wonderful new book called "Silhouettes" which traces their history.

  5. Merci for all the pics (these and all the others). I pop in every few days and enjoy the eye candy, sigh a little, wishing I were planning a trip instead of working my tushie off getting ready for an early January trade show. So, just a Merci for providing a fix for my pitiful petite self :-)

  6. I do love silhouettes, and French ones are even better!
    Lovely post, as always!

  7. Very cute! I like "the green man".
    Have a good weekend.

  8. Oh it's too Carol isn't it. Paris has always been about silhouettes - the E. Tower being the ultimate n'est-ce pas? Now you're going to make me dig through all my ephemera to find some favorite old french silhouettes. p.s. loving your Paris facades so...much..... panache and atmosphere.

  9. Christine5:02 PM

    Merci pour the pleasant diversion in my inbox!

  10. The cat silhouette glasses are perfect for milk! Yes, the last picture of Parisian dusk is priceless!

  11. Hi just found your blog and I love it! I am going to be reading your posts from now on! I love all things French!

  12. Yes, silhouettes are very popular here in Australia. But these? Well, tres chic!

  13. Justine12:49 PM

    so witty and what sharp eyes you have?


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