Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pierre Herme Tarte croustillante aux cerises

Pierre Herme Cherry Strusel Tarte, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Normally I wouldn't picked out a strusel-covered tarte at Pierre Herme, but Amy and I discussed having a 'crumble' taste test at Les Deux Abeilles.  I took a shot of the tarte before gobbling it down Sunday just a week ago - I usually forget. M. says cherries/cerise = June/juin. This being the last day of June it seems appropriate to do an homage of sorts to cherries.

 An homage to M.'s glorious tea pot/Japanese tetsubin that I love to paint. The French are crazy for cast iron tea pots. When the French pick up on something they don't let go. Unlike us flighty americains. We get passionate for a while. Then we drop it and on to the next thing. Not the French.
I'm still crazy for Japanese woodblock prints. It's been going on for a while.
These elegant, rather delicate drawings are a great source of inspiration.
I never tire looking at them.
I did buy a Tetsubin on Grand Street in New York and not a very pretty one at that. I don't think I've ever painted it. It's a bit clutsy.
Why didn't I buy one like M.s'? This shop is near the Odeon Metro stop.
There are slew of Japanese tetsubin at Mariage Freres department in Printemps.
Why didn't I bring one home? They weigh a ton.
They've got Mariage Freres teas too. You could happily spend days in this department.
If you're lucky enough to take tea at Mariage Freres, you'll know they bring a giant book to the table to study which tea you'd like to taste, it's origins bla bla bla. Now you can find it on Amazon.
 This has been a meandering post. From tarts to teas to Amy and whatever. Me, I'm rushing out to get the last of the June cherries.
BONJOUR Tarte croustillante aux cerises et aux pistaches!


  1. Love the watercolors, Carol! As for your meanderings, they're always fun. Incidentally, cherries were on my breakfast menu here at work this morning--my boss brought a bowl in for us and I fixed up a plate with a piece of carrot cake roll that I had in my tiny fridge. A healthy breakfast, oui? carrots and cherries? bien sur.

  2. Lee in FL2:06 PM

    Thanks so much for the message today - and the lovely drawings and
    paintings. We travel to France often to visit our daughter and her
    family in La Rochelle, but not before we rent an apartment for
    ourselves in Paris for a week. I have filled journals with drawings
    and notes over the years. Thanks for sharing yours. And please
    encourage your readers to draw, sketch, paint their memories. I find,
    when I look at drawings or paintings several years old, I remember the
    weather, the smells, the people with whom I spoke while drawing and
    the memories become that much richer. How wonderfully fortunate you are to live in Paris.

    Lee in FL

  3. Great paintings and I love your collection of tetsubins!
    Too bad that you didn't buy one that you really liked :)

  4. Justine2:13 PM

    I can see how these Japanese teapots have taken you over...
    Very French indeed.
    Do you sing at night to yrself?

    I’m a little teapot
    Short and stout
    Here is my handle
    Here is my spout.

    When I get all steamed up,
    Then I shout,
    Just tip me over and pour me out!

    Repeat Two Times

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Great coq-à-l'âne! Isn't the menu at Mariage Frères a bit overdressed: 3.7 pounds! I'm sure you'll do a unique watercolor of your own tetsubin. Thanks for the new one.

  6. Oh, great fun pics...but your back home and probably so pleased....but I must say I miss London/Paris...for your sake and mine.

  7. Dear Carolll...
    I was gone for a while and then you were gone for a while! Now that we are back home, let's get back to our computer, sit back and enjoy a cup o tea!
    I am passionate about tea, tea parties and all the little sandwiches, cookies and everything that goes with tea. Books too!
    The tea pot you are deeply in love with, you can find on line at a store called "TEAVANA". There's a store in my town, so maybe NY has it too. Or just go on line!
    They have all of those iron pots you like and plus a bunch more! The iron ones are good because they add iron to your drink, the longer the tea simmers, more iron you get (that's what the guy at the store told me)
    They have porcelain, glass, pot warmers, whatever you wish!
    And many rare teas also.
    Have a wonderful day and a great July!

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  9. " Green Tea Macarons " are a specialty of " Atelier Kawashima "; handcrafted French Macaroons made here in CA by Eiji Kawashima. He is a Patisserie Artiste that I meet at a wine and gourmet festival in California last weekends. His Macarons are the best I have ever tasted and thought of you when I had them . To try his couture Macarons ;contact is 415-342-1165 or

    I loved his Green Tea Macarons and the Raspberry

  10. Micha in Paris5:47 PM

    "Aujourd'hui voici le dessin de ta théière avec une tarte croustillante...."

    Elle est belle en blanc !

  11. Carol, it's all so beautifull... i love it! deborah

  12. Bonjour Carol, "cherry strusel tarte" sounds divine - looks divine! love these little words you use like soupcon and clutsy - they are what I call "carol" words.
    tres jolies !
    Dianne xx

  13. Perhaps you have already seen the film I Am Love?

    I saw it today, and think that not all the audience liked as much as I did.

    Why do I mention this? Well...there is a brief London sequence in which a character produces a Harrod's carrier bag, and withdraws from it a box, a Laduree box, and from that box withdraws ... well you know. A macaron.

    C'est vrai.

    I do like seeing your watercolors!

  14. Love the watercolor painting you did with the tea pot. Love cherries in anything.

  15. Katherine coming to NYC10:10 PM

    First and foremost, I love your blog!
    I also paint food, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to stumble upon your watercolors. I am moving to NYC in a month for graduate school and I see that you are located in Astoria.
    Do you like the neighborhood? How is the commute to downtown Manhattan?


  16. Oh, I am smitten ... looking at this in the early morning, before rushing to the airport, my cup of tea turns magically into Mariage Freres and I am falling into that croustillante aux cerises, never to come out again. *dreamdreamdream*

    The painting is a delight!

  17. merci pour cette recette.

    tes aquarelles sont toujours aussi belles.

    Bonne journée


  18. Hello Caroll. I just discovered your blog and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your paintings.
    Take care!

  19. C'est vrai, Carol... when stars align, and any kind of crumble is involved, you should always go with the flow...

    (And then you throw Pierre Hermé in the mix and oh la la...)

  20. what lovely photos - thank you for posting!


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