Thursday, June 24, 2010

Il fait beau...

When I came back to Paris I got an email from Vicki, still in London, asking me,
"How's the weather in Paris?"
I always find this a funny question. In one day in Paris you can have brilliant sunlight... Parisiens, like New Yorkers, at the first hint of sunshine shed their clothes... Or not - this Parisien is ready for any possible inclement weather...

The Eiffel Tower likes to play hide and seek with Paris grey skies...
There can be a sudden downpour at the drop of hat in Paris...
Especially on those days you didn't bring your parapluie because the sun shining...
A Parisien dreaming of warmer weather...
Everyone's been moaning about June not being particularly June-like this year in Paris. I didn't mind a bit. I do mind how June-like it is in New York - 94 degrees today and I should be dressed like this if the AC wasn't going full blast - where's my cardie..?
Even Hermes is dreaming of hot days and changed their 'cover-up' while they refurbish their new shop to lighter clothing...
This OFG (Older French Girl) has got on her summery whites on rue de Rivoli...
The guard hound from cafe rue de Buci is taking a stroll on the loose to catch a bit of sun while he can...
The streets are still wet from a fleeting shower, but that doesn't stop cafe sitters from sitting and browsing the passer-bys...
And Bear is right out there with them lapping it up....
Paris weather is comme ca/like that.
One day can have the full spectrum of rain, shine, mist, cold etc.
The menu is always varied in Paris...
Il fait beau - the weather is nice


  1. Carol, this post about the changing weather in Paris, c'est parfait!

    Whatever happened to that thunderstorm that was promised us in NYC this afternoon? Weatherman keeps promising change in the air, and weather gods keep laughing.

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful photos from all over Paris and London, too.


  2. Come rain or shine...just wish it would be one or the other and have mother nature make up her mind.

    Carol, maybe you can do a lesson on what to look for in a point and shoot digital camera to use when taking macro pics of food. You also have many friends, like Amy of "Sweet Freak", who have their own camera faves to inquire about. A camera that you can discreetly pull out of your bag at a fine restaurant or patisserie. I mean, SLR cameras take great pictures, but it's too big to carry. But which small point and shoot digital camera takes clear, macro, good food pics, Carol? Suggestions, please?

  3. I am hoping that L'epigramme is a dessert place, given the name.... :-)

  4. Hi, I'm really happy I found your blog! It's just divine. The pictures of the madeleines made me jealous....I wish mine looked that perfect!! Also I'm trying to find the link to follow, but I can't. I'll keep looking :)

  5. I adore reading your blog, Carol! And posts like these really make me smile inside.

    Christine Hueber

    P.S. How was your London show?

  6. Rain or shine you make Paris look beautiful!
    I wish I was there at this time of year.
    (Much too hot here, too!)

  7. Guess what temprature we've had since last sunday...49 Degress Celcius!!! Thats 120 Degrees farenheit!!
    I may as well be sitting inside an oven as even our industrial size office ACs arent effective anymore!!

  8. Anonymous1:40 AM

    For those enamored with Paris weather but can't afford the trip, may I recommend Portland, OR. Just the same and we have some patisseries françaises, too!

  9. SYBIL- my fav camera is in the rolling Amazon widget - the Canon Power Shot S90 - it meets all yr specs = perfection.
    I LOVE IT!

    FRANCES, but we got that all too brief thunderstorm - no relief at all!

    FireintheBreeze I don't think I have 'followers' but you can subscribe at the top...

    Thanks CHRISTINE for asking - last I heard 10 out of 15 watercolors sold as of a week ago or so...

  10. Justine3:15 AM

    Just like being there...
    As always...
    Or the next best thing!
    Merci mille fois

  11. I am tres contente to report that au final, oui, il fait beau à Paris!!

  12. So in other words if I am packing for a trip to Paris for the months of August and September I need a bit of everything?! Layers? And an umbrella! :)


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