Thursday, June 10, 2010

British Blondes

Woke up...Fell out of bed... Forgot to drag a comb across my head... The British bedhead is ever present in shop windows, in the streets and it is BLONDE. Unlike the dependably brunette Frenchies... A future blonde of Britain...

The Brits start early getting the blonde treatment...
Here's a blonde mum with her blonde offspring...
There's always the bottle, if one is unfortunate enough not be born blonde...
The British gent too is the recipient of the blonde brush stroke so to speak...
The tradition of blondiness and abundent hair goes way back as noted in artworks by the famously hairy 19th century Pre-Raphaelites.
Here's a typically hairy Brit in the underground.
Think Oscar Wilde...
A bouncing buxom blonde is doing her calesthenics in Kensington gardens...
A browsing blonde in Covent Garden...
Another browser, this time a trannie and blonde as well...
If only this busker in the underground were blonde, his fortunes would be made. Well one hopes so...
OBGs/older blonde girls in the underground...
You simply can not get away from the ever present blondes of Britain...
Blondes racing in front of pubs...
Hairy blondes reading in cafes...
The elevators are full of them!
If you're planning to come to Britain anytime soon, by all means become a blonde.
'When in Rome' you know...


  1. Justine3:12 AM

    Must get more Nice N' Easy, this time Blonde Blonde Blonde!
    Merci for the update!!

  2. Just popping in to say hello. I'm not dead, just busy. Normal service will resume as soon as possible :)

  3. From a Brunette4:23 AM

    Hmmm, having lived in London for fifteen years I can't say I share your observation.

    Though from your recent posts and the photographs here you seem to be predominantly in the wealthy areas of Kensington, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Kings Road, etc. where spotting such people is much more likely; it you were to venture south of the river, or a bit further east, or north you would definitely see a more balanced picture of London's inhabitants.

  4. Must remember to head South of the river!!

  5. Former Brunette now Ashe blonde5:49 AM

    I can't think why anyone would get in such a huff over the colour of one's hair?
    Today's blonde babes are certainment no all tres riche for sure!

  6. Where is South of the river anyways?
    Do I have to go to Dublin?

  7. Anony Mouse5:52 AM

    I am poor as a church mouse yet extremely blonde!
    How is that?

  8. God I miss london, I actually remember this elevator!!

  9. BRAVO Sonia!

  10. Yes!!
    I love covent garden, could not get enough while I was there!
    Do not miss the strawberry tart at patisserie valerie!

  11. Actually I had THE BEST TART IN THE WORLD yesterday..
    Even better than Paris too!
    Passion fruit meringue tartelette at Ottolenghi.
    The world has stopped spinning for me...sigh
    Aside from the severe sugar attack suffered after eating TWO of these tarts, I will never touch a tart again!
    ce ca..fini

  12. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Carol, if you are finished with perfect tarts you must now try GU with the 2 dots above the U, most grocery stores have them in the cold dessert section.
    Love your paintings.

  13. Re: English blondes.
    Here's another famous one, running past a window.
    I think the photo is still there in the curry shop window in Pimlico.
    I'm enjoying your London through French eyes!
    All the best,

  14. From Belgium7:07 AM

    In order to become a blonde I must sit in the sun ( my light brown hair goes blonde immediatly). Now if I could only get some sun...

  15. Blimey!
    Thanks for the dessert tip Anonymous!
    Looks YUMMY!

  16. Too funny!
    You should do a trip to Sweden to see natural blondes...

    ME -a swedish blonde with finnish blonde origins

  17. I love your posts SO much! This is hilarious, and so awesome!

  18. Carol, you're a nut. The Beatles and Dante Gabriel Rossetti would be smiling...sounds like you're having fun.

    "I read the news today, oh, boy..."


  19. How unfortunate that the browsing Covent Garden blonde has VPL - visible panty line.

  20. As always your post made me smile. Who would have thought? I thought all the blondes were here in California! Ha!

  21. OH mY What do all of these women think about a camera stalker behind them. You do get the craziest shots

  22. @ Laura - That's why after living in LA as a blond for years I switched to auburn. I get so much more attention as a redhead than a blond even though it's my natural hair color. Go figure!

  23. Foodwalker in CA1:27 PM

    And the blooming, often, creamy skin that goes with it!
    What color is your hair in real life?

  24. Ms. Mouse1:31 PM

    'Trannie' = tranvestite Kathy

  25. he he funny photos.

  26. This camera stalker has to run to catch up with these beauties.
    I guess it's as good a way to work of the meringue tarts as any...

  27. Love the blonde theme--so clever!

  28. Careful Ms. PB! That "Oscar Wilde" type looks as if he is contemplating something rather Henry VIII - violence!

  29. Summer Blonde, huh? Sounds good to me.

    I usually go lighter in Summer anyway.

  30. yes and those doll faces with the peaches and cream complexions. p.s. don't tell anyone but the gu's with the dots are not all that! stick with ottolenghi

    shhhhhhh i didn't say that! i do love the arty leggings though never on me!

  31. Funny post, as an expatriated Brit, I think that natural blonde's are far less common in the UK than we would like to admit! On a more personal level I feel my brunette locks are much more appreciated now I live in Spain :-) I wonder if this is the only country where you get cat-called 'morena! guapa!' (beautiful! brunette!) - that certainly never happened to me in the

  32. I have to admit I've been both...and naturally too. Blonde as a child, brunette as an adult, and then bottle blonde as an adult. Life was much more fun as a blonde!
    RE: It wasn't the La you mentioned, but a La Ma....
    As you can tell, I'm not comfortable with criticizing. I'll leave that for the thicker skinned.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Carol,


  33. as a blonde, British expat living in US, this was hilarious. There are way more blondes tho' in Los Angeles. You have to be blonde here to get a driver's license.

  34. I'm a natural blonde, and I am blonde. Really blonde. Most of those people in your picture are NOT blonde. They have light BROWN hair. NOT blonde.

  35. Thanks for the giggle! ;-)


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