Sunday, June 13, 2010

London Greens

I was sitting with Vicki drinking pink tea whilst discussing our various impressions of London and Paris.

 Vicki said,
"London is so much greener.
Paris has grandeur, but London is the greener of the two cities."
It gave me pause. Vickie lives half in Provence, half in London, so I'll take her word for it. London is incredibly green.
Hedges here are huge.

Both literally. And figuratively, hedges seem to be highly desirable. Mini-hedges for your window box if you don't own a manor house surrounded by huge hedges.This pub uses their hedge as a sign post:
"Those who give up
smoking aren't the heros.
The real heros are the rest of us,
who have to listen to them."
There's a ton of London greenery at the new Royal Academy Summer show like this is a tree-size painting.

Painter Olha Pryymak took me along to the private view as her guest.  This is the second year she's hung a painting in the show. More to come on the exhibit later.
I met photographer/author Sue Snell by chance, foraging at a framers. We got chatting. Sue invited me to a book signing at Rococo Chocolates on Motcomb Street. You don't pass that up under any circumstances. Sue's book on the Vanessa Bell/Duncan Grant Gardens at Charleston is green, green and more luscious green. Note hedges outside Rococo Chocolates.
Owner Chantal Coady started making deluxe chocolates around 1983. Here she's smiling behind a cocoa plant she grew from a pod. Chantal wanted to give me a pod to grow my own chocolate plant, but I'd rather eat her chocolate bars thanks very much. I do not have 'green fingers' as they are called in the UK.
 I brought a box of Rococo chocolates to Ian Sidaway's garden party today. He immediately hid them from the guests. I'll have to return to London to properly taste these chockies.
 After the signing, Sue let me tag along to the 'wild garden' in the Natural History Museum where she's showing her photographs.
Every single region of England is represented in this wild garden, weeds included. Sheep are brought in several times of the year to trim these grasses right in the center of London. Who knew?
Fun gorgeous apple-green shoes. Do not ask me to order them for you.  


  1. Carol, great photos of all the beautiful greens. I would love that. Excellent that you've sold some paintings! Congratulations! Have a good chunnel ride...looking forward to your next adventures.

  2. great post!! wonderful pics!!

  3. Fab post, I do love the green of England and of course Vicki's shoes!!

  4. oh i am loving these posts from england. i love it so much, and we stayed just across the road from the natural history museum. my boys went walking through the patch of field grass in there and found stinging nettles! hehe they remember it well.

    and kensington gardens - gorgeous!

    AND vicki's SHOES, man they're good!!

    keep having fun, julesx

  5. Justine7:22 PM

    I am GREEN with envy of your London visit!
    And those shoes, those shoes!
    I'd like a size 8 please/svp.
    Two pairs would be VERY nice.
    My mother is a size 8 also.

  6. Great London greenery. Love the shoes, especially, of course!

  7. So many beautiful pictures Sue. Thank you for all of them.


  8. The very large hedges remind me of those funny loaves of bread baked in cans. Familiar?

  9. Elizabeth9:01 PM

    Dear Carol ...... that is not a name for the train that goes under the English Channel. It is called the Eurostar....... and why is it that mainly Americans insist on calling it the Chunnel ? Love those apple green shoes.


  10. I've always wanted to go to London but now I do more than ever.

  11. Such a wonderful tour of London you are giving me! Thanks!

  12. I adore Vicki (and her book & blog). So lovely you met up with her in London!

  13. how fun that you met Vicki- love her! Pink tea? Do tell what kind! Sounds lovely...

  14. Beautiful, bright pictures and a great read!

  15. It seems that Paris pretends to have more green areas than London, but then of course the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes are included. It's perhaps a bit unfair! I agree, London IS green(er)!

  16. Love the post Carol! It's been wonderful to see London through your eyes. Especially enjoyed the photos of Tom - sounds like he's earned a nice commission from you, perhaps some sardines? ; )

    Elizabeth, using "Chunnel" to describe the Eurostar is not "wrong" - it is a colloquialism combining Channel Tunnel. I am American, my husband is British, and my brother in law lives in Paris. Although I am the only one who uses "Chunnel" instead of Eurostar, they certainly understand what I am saying when I use it, and in fact think it's cute!

  17. Love reading your blog! Keep up the good work.

    (from the Netherlands)

  18. You are absolutley right: London is greener, though Paris is grander. And one should never EVER pass up a visit to Rococo Chocolate shop. :)

    And, lastly, oui, love Vicki's apple green shoes.

  19. The hedges and gardens look beautiful with all of that greenery.
    Great news on the sales of the paintings!

  20. There is nothing, but NOTHING better than a hedge. And a cat who actually helps you earn money (rather than spending all of yours on ridiculously expensive imported cat chow because they just KNOW what a sucker you are!)

  21. lovely, lovely photos. I love hedges but would never dare trim them. I can't do my bangs, so I certainly can't cut a bush.

    Two of my favorite bloggers in one place? My heart be still!!!! And the photo of you two is where exactly?????

    Love seeing Tom. I say, pay him his due wages. With that face, you better pay up lady!!!!

  22. Jamie Cat Callan1:27 PM

    Oh my, Carol!
    I love the post! It's!
    And you met Vicki Archer!
    She's my hero!!!!
    How wonderful!
    Have fun!

  23. Thanks Carol...
    I have had plenty of time observing Paris from the sidewalks!
    Great ‘green’ post and thank you so much for the link back.
    You must be in Paris by now so I hope you are out and about clicking away and enjoying that magnificent city.
    Speak soon

  24. Cheryl1:33 PM

    Thank you!
    I am mostly English and enjoyed these photos immensely, however, I do not believe that she cannot remember where she gone those delicious shoes.

  25. what a gorgeous post, love the green and those hedges. Vicki is so clever. Carla

  26. The "smokin'" pub sign slayed me. The quote is now my status update on Facebook (with credit back to your blog).

    Thanks for posting it.

  27. Thanks for the journey ;-)

  28. That Sue knows a thing or two about getting people out for a booksigning: Have it at a chocolate shop!!! Brilliant!

  29. Good morning!
    I hope you made it safely back to Paris,

  30. I've been in love with your blog for a long time! However, these green photos rock it! My favorite is 4th from the top. Please know how much your artistry inspires me. All the best!!


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