Tuesday, June 01, 2010

An Eclair-A-Day Diet

Deux eclair, watercolor, 9 x 11
Steph wrote me this morning and inspired today's post,
"chocolate eclair over cake ANY day...in fact, I did so much walking in Paris a couple years ago, I made it a point to eat an eclair a day - I would walk it off anyway.

Does it get any better? True you will have to walk if off in Paris. Also true you will have to hit all the best patisseries for this diet to be effective, starting here with Sadaharu Aoki and his matcha tea eclair.
Next stop - an eclair pistache - I must try this.

La Maison du Chocolat has this artfully designed éclair.

The once delightful patisserie La Bonniere de Buci had giant 12" eclairs for 4-5 people on le regime.

Gerard Mulot offers two flavors at his 6th arr. not-to-be-missed neighborhood patisserie. Only one-a-day PBers!

If eclairs are an anathema to you, why not substitute Angelina's macalons'. Two equal one eclair?

You could just hangout at Eclair Central. i.e. Fauchon.

It doesn't have to be an 'Eclair Weekend' but it wouldn't hurt.
Christophe Adam-Fauchon Drawing by Fauchon chef Christoph Adams
For the eclair-obsessed, this is the place for you.

The most inventive eclairs on the planet are at Fauchon, so if you want some variety in your eclair regime Fauchon is the place to go.

The pictures tell the story.

Better than I can.

Get online PBers and order that eclair.
Part of the deal - wear your eclair-ballerinas.I haven't figured out yet if you're allowed to eat anything else besides eclairs on this diet. I'm working on it. As soon as I get packed and on the plane and and and.


  1. Justine8:30 AM

    I'm game for this diet!
    Especially after the way I stuffed myself over Memorial Day weekend :(
    Must do something radical
    And THIS is it!!

  2. My kind of diet! Beautiful and delicious!

  3. Your paintings are "delicious"!!! and the photos - Eclair diet I'm so there ... meet at the airport!!! :)

  4. Just yesterday, my husband and I were eating a cream-filled donut, and I said: "I wonder why Americans don;t just eat eclairs? They are so much better than this..." And then you read my mind and made this lovely mouthwatering post! Thanks for the virtual feast.

  5. Gosh...I've never seen such beautiful eclairs! Just amazing!

  6. Have I ever told you that you are my favorite teacher? Now, students, er, PBers, no one else has such a gentle yet firm way to guide me through the vagaries of pastry life ... what do I say, life! Yes, life in general, so much to learn from you!

    Merci beaucoup to Steph (and a hug too) for helping give birth to this pretty good diet idea! :-)

  7. I loved the eclairs in Paris, but it's the macarons I can't pass up. I'll opt for a macaron diet.

  8. Now that's a diet I could stick to!
    And I'm eating oatmeal. Boo.

  9. suzanne Krueger9:40 AM

    I LOVE eclairs!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I never eat BLUE desserts..it is so unnatural and leaves your tongue blue and how gross is that...

  10. I'm all for any type of french sweets diet :)

  11. I could easily do this diet--I could eat 4 a day. They're mostly air, anyway. Or so I'm telling myself. Sweet watercolor.

  12. I on that bandwagon NOW! Only instead of wearing off my eclairs walking the streets of Paris, I'll be sweating them off when I go on my nighttime runs through North Mankato, Minnesota.

  13. Ahh c'est trop bon les eclairs!!!

  14. Misha in Paris12:02 PM

    "an eclair a day won't keep the Herme away"

  15. Carol,
    I really love your new, lyrical headline. But...am I missing something, or is the headline
    missing something...like the final "S", on Paris Breakfasts?
    Too bad I've VOWED to lose 10 lbs by the end of August, or I'd be enjoying an eclair with my coffee.

  16. Merci pour another exquisitely delicious post, Carol!

    Christine Hueber

  17. I agree with Lisa. This is definitely my kind of diet and walking it off in Paris sounds like heaven to me. Would make for a great tour...the eclair diet walking tour of Paris.

  18. You do realize that you and I were separated at birth, don't you???

  19. I've always thought that eclairs are too rich - for me, anyway. But, Gawd you make them look so good! I would dig into a few right now :)

  20. How lovely. You always inspire me with your pictures. Maybe I will make éclairs for my birthday on Friday. Will you come at the mini fair in Paris this June? Would be so great seeing you:)..You know what...Your paintings could be great in miniature too:)

  21. Wow. Eclair a day is definitely do-able but only in Paris. We don't walk enough over here. It's all sit and sit and sit some more! However...this could be a great way to get in more exercise AND diversify my palate!
    One problem: I have never EVER seen eclairs like that on this side of the pond.
    Le sigh...
    Love the macaron eclairs!!!
    Happy Tuesday,

  22. Gorgeous water color and what delicious looking dainties.

  23. Wonderful! This is JUST the diet I've been hankering for.

    Beautiful watercolour - which eclair did you choose??

    Yes, I'll buy the ballet shoes too and walk my way around the pâtisseries in Paris any day!!

    Lovely post - thank you for sharing Carol.

  24. Dear me, I've started to weigh myself daily (today it was twice!) for my trip to Paris.

    I just bought a whole mess of celery and carrots.

    Eclairs ~ mmmm. I could make it work, just save the calories, so why not? I am game!

  25. My dear Carol, how I want to go back! For the macarons, for the eclairs, for Paris!


  26. I was in Paris last week and Laduree doesn't have the eclair pistache anymore. It was my absolute favorite. Maybe they will bring it back if we can get a pistache movement organized.

  27. je pensé a vous aujourd'hui quand je portais ce collier. Tiens, une photo!
    Eiffel Tower

  28. Fantastic post! I had no idea of the variety! Love the watercolor!

  29. Those eclairs from Fauchon are out of this world! Beautiful!

  30. Yummmm! Now all I need is a plane ticket.

  31. It's sad to say but La Bonbonnière de Buci is not closed ;-(

  32. What a great way to celebrate Paris! Next time you must include La Pâtisserie des Rêves in your eclair tour - their pastries are amazing!

  33. Looking at Gerard Mulot's €2,70 eclairs from behind my desk makes me sick, especially with today's exchange rates. That's cheaper than anything closely resembling an eclair in this city (LA).

  34. The Armchair Parisian10:04 PM

    I am ashamed to say I can't recall the last time I ate an eclair. But I love the leopard ones! How cool are they?!

  35. Anonymous2:13 PM

    OMG! I went on the eclair diet the last time I was in Paris. One a day and miles and miles of walking. Didn't gain a pound. I highly recommend it. Thanks for the mouth watering pictures. Be sure to check out those macaron cocktails at the new Lauduree if it's open.


  36. This is my favorite diet. I think our both choices are alike. This is very sweet and delicious diet.


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