Friday, June 11, 2010

English Breakfasts

But never late for breakfast. I went all out the first morning at the club, soup to nuts minus the beans.
It's fairly common for locals to eat every day like this. I tried to cut back, yet rashers of bacon called my name. The hardest cut of all - just a plate of fruit, yogurt, OJ. The hot croissants + 'lade' or marmelade are divine. If we could only cut out the croissants :( Full English breakfast - 6.95 pds. a sign in a caf. If I keep up the daily croissants + bacon, I'll look like this Wagnarian Valkyrie mug at Harvey Nichols.
Why ever did I think breakfast mugs were a newish invention?
The V & A has just opened up their enormous ceramic collection for study.
Ceramics from every part of the world, floor to ceiling ceramics.
How would you choose which teapot in the morning?
A gazillion white teapots alone.

Blue and white Wedgewood of every variety.
Back at the club, Tom the cat simply wants a plain bowl of breakfast food. He's not fussy.


  1. Carol, you are too funny. I think you must be a bit mad as a hatter yourself. I laughed right out loud at that photo of the Vagnerian woman. You're a nut.

  2. Ahhh, mom's side of the family is English and my grandparents lived to be 97 and 99...and had a full english brekkie every morning that I remember but 'burned' it off working in their gardens!

    Beans-ugh, I leave them off too! My mom said it came from the wartimes when the USA donated cans of pork and beans!

    I love mine with fried eggs, fried mushrooms, fried tomatoes (not stewed--ick) AND fried bread!

  3. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Ahem, will you excuse me saying it Carol? You're making a good show of it girl - stiff upper lip and all that, but I will be glad to see you back home to Paris. I'm getting a bit bored with this London stuff - jsut not the same is it?

  4. That looks like my kind of food - I'm hungry :)

  5. I'm a Wagnerian eater. Mmm-mmm. And breakfast is my favorite.

  6. Yummy i want one of those I could do with that!!

  7. I want that English breakfast!

    Well hubby is making me French toast for dinner tonight so I'd better not complain to the cook, since I'm the one that asked him to fix it for me.

    But now that I've seen these pics, I'll have to drop a hint about English breaky soon.

    As for those pics from the V&A, OMG, my jaw hit the desk. Wow! Must plan trip to London soon.

    Thanks for the pics and have a great weekend.


  8. Oh yes, the Full English Breakfast was our downfall in London last year as well. Lots of touristy walking did counter-balance it a little, though. I really envy you seeing the newly opened ceramics collection at the V & A. When we visited last year it was all locked away and we keenly wanted to see the original of a particular ceramic bust which we have had for many years. We know it's there because we saw it in a re-run of To Sir With Love some time back. I guess we'll just have to get back to London.

  9. English MARMALADE!!!! In college, I had sort of a mentor whose husband was a Brit and he had CASES of his favorite marmalade brand sent over! The crockery jar they came in was utterly scrumptious, though I didn't taste the lade till many years later when it appeared in a gourmet shop.
    What the heck IS that cut of meat they call bacon? It's nothing like what we call bacon...please suss that out.

  10. Love all the pottery -- and the food so simple and so hearty but so much fatty meats being a vegan it is easy for me to so no-- but alas my favorite is the hot croissants and marmelade yum - and a glass of O.J. and pot of hot chocolate or oops sorry but do not tell -- but I love Irish Breakfast tea.

    lovely trip you are having and a delightful little furry friend you have impressed.


  11. These look scrumptious...and if those are free range pastured eggs then they are quite good for you!! YUM!

  12. Jeannette-
    'rashers' of bacon-
    Slices from the pork belly (with streaks of meat and of fat) are referred to as streaky bacon, streaky rashers or belly bacon
    All I know is it's like a bigger, wider Canadian bacon slice.
    I have to say hearing it's 'belly bacon' is a bit off-putting.
    maybe I will find my lost restraint now!
    I never eat bacon at home but here it's irresistable...

  13. Justine6:34 PM

    That is one big heap of china at the V&A!
    Msny, msny English breakfasts have dined off of that china.
    I bet you've got a mountain of photos too, since they gave you carte blanche...

  14. Suzanna6:38 PM

    'Irish' rashers of bacon can be had to go with yr Irish Breakfast tea Joanny.
    Imported from Ireland these extra lean pieces of pork rashers are an important part of any traditonal Irish breakfast bla bla bla...

  15. Samuel Johnson6:40 PM

    "Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.

  16. Sara Mae6:42 PM

    I have drooled over this post like no cake post or macaron post.
    I am a 'breakie' addict and nothing beats an English breakie!

  17. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Marmalade is the easiest thing to make for yourself or gifts. Takes about 1 hour to cut up & 20 minutes to stir. Wish I could make decent scones to go with the "lade".
    I guess you have to be English to make them.
    I'm going to in London in 2 weeks and am so sorry we can't share a cup of tea and macaron, my treat. So happy for you that you are there and sharing the experience with all your many, many friends.

  18. hey. the croissants look good to me!

  19. Ah, rashers of bacon and scrummy croissant with English marmelade...who can live on macarons alone? Well FEB, in London MUST be done to get the full experience anyway...right? So get the full experience and keep reporting it back to us...pretty please.

  20. I am going to muster all the restraint I can this morning and just have the yogurtie/fruitie stuff.
    I have a deep sense of forboding and tragedy coming over moi...
    Can I pass this test?
    One wonders..?
    Especially now that I know the Tiptree Finecut lade is better than the Cross brand...
    FEB = Full English Breakfast
    Thank you for that JENNY!

    The eggs will be discussed at a later date at length. Evidently Brit eggs indicate the, date, birth and breed of said chicken who delivereth said egg!
    Who knew?

  21. I *loved* being able to "eat" this breakfast vicariously -- since I have food allergies and a lot of it is off limits for me. I really enjoyed the photos, though, and it all looks so very delicious. :) I also adore that Valkyrie mug - lol. It's great.

    I love your new page design, too.

    I have been following your journey in London via my email subscription, but have not commented in a while, so I thought I would come by and express my appreciation for your posts of late. I'm having a lot of fun "leaving" Paris and seeing a bit of London through your eyes. Thank you.

  22. P.S. The painting up there, "Lilly's Café" -- is that one of yours? I love it. I was wondering who'd done it...

  23. nice to see the V & A Museum ..looks like a great place to visit when in London!!

  24. Ahem, does Bear not arise early enough for English breakfast? (Or is he already fully stuffed?).

    I ♥ Tom the Club Cat!

  25. I love your work, it makes my day looking at your blog and remembering the aromas, and vibrancy of the Paris life (as well as the London you also portray, jolly good stuff!).
    Do you have the watercolour of Le Sélect still available for purchase by chance? Is there any chance that one of them is available for purchase?

  26. terrific photos. Good to see Tom again. Hope Bear i not gaining weight!! The full English breakfast reminded me of Rumpole of the Bailey - one of our favorite tv shows.

  27. Wonderful images and I really loved your passion in this blog! Such a beautiful pleasure to be here. Nice to meet you ;-)

  28. It would be hard to just pick one. Thanks for the tour of London. Hope to get there, and to Paris, someday.

  29. here i am drooling over the english breakfast and then you go and add croissants and marmalade!!!

    I am ravaneous now and cant get breakfast off my mind. not a good idea when one is trying to drop a few pounds!

  30. Dr. Johnson3:05 PM

    Dear Anonymouse

    When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.


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