Friday, June 18, 2010


I was wrong when I said the tendance was PINK in Paris. non! It's framboise.
Printemps has a pop-up store to prove it. Nothing but framboise. Rien de toute. These shoes are missing red berries. Big framboise bear. Framboise dog.

They had funny framboise pins.
 Fauchon's framboise madeleine -Miam-miam
It looks like she is flinging framboise seeds as a treatement.
Pierre Frey loves framboise light...
Marie-Papier says write on framboise papier.
For your newborn? Framboise little woolies from Jacadi.
 A framboise sitting a top a Jean-Paul Hevin petit four chocolat.
I'll taste a framboise cupcake before I leave.
Yesterday at Secco - framboise!
 La Mom in Paris said, I want to know French Girl's secret to complex framboise dressing. Wouldn't we all like to know. Yesterday I found out French Girl has been reading my blog all along. I istantly spilled framboise yogurt down my front.
I assumed that everything was colored framboise in FG's apartment because the runners are framboise. I was corrected. They are RED. It is traditional in French apartments to have RED runners.
Jamais framboise.
 Fr girl's mint in a pot framboise.
 I asked for 'framboise' jam with my croissant, but I got fraise/strawberry. c'est comme ca.


Anna-Marie said...

Mon dieu!
Quelle erreur!
MUST throw out everything pink and get me some FRAMBOISE!!!
who knew?

vicki archer said...

I don't know how that French Girl manages to eat all that 'framboise' and stay so slim....Happy weekend C, xv.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I am the one whose eating the framboise and will have to pay the piper when I get home :(
FG only paints everything in sight in raspberry...

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

After I recovered from the whiplash of changing from pink to framboise, I could not help noticing: 5.5 Euros for a cupcake???? You're going to have to paint a lot of framboise to pay for that one! We can only thank our lucky stars you are willing to sacrifice all in the name of "research". Carry on! No matter the cost in Euros or calories! America (and Europe) depends on you.

Merisi said...


Is that your sketchbook?

I love famboise! A couple of years ago I go tired of the Christmas red and our Christmas meals have been served on rasperry accents ever since.

Carla said...

Love the 'fraboise-athon' in Paris. Would love to know how French girl drives the framboise as I would look so conservative if it was me. Carla ps thanks for the lovely note about Paris Tango. Carla x

Penny said...

You have inspired me to have a framboise day!
Just love your blog!

Michelle said...

I asked and the most popular color for Lacoste shirts in Paris now is FRAISE !! I guess any red fruit will do? How about cherry (back to your old red) or watermelon? Actually, the Lacoste fraise looks like framboise to me. It is all beautiful and makes me smile!

Michelle said...

I asked and the most popular color for Lacoste shirts in Paris now is FRAISE !! I guess any red fruit will do? How about cherry (back to your old red) or watermelon? Actually, the Lacoste fraise looks like framboise to me. It is all beautiful and makes me smile!

WendyB said...


Kenza said...

Quelle très belle série de photos!
Avec dans la vitrine mes préférés de chez Ladurée, à la rose d'Ispahan!!
Très belle soirée acidulée, ton framboise

A Brush with Color said...

Framboise is one of my favorites. Love that watercolor, Carol!

Nikon said...

I love that color, but I think that it will not have too many applications for men!
I will dither and wait........

eileen said...

j'adore ses "pins"!! where did you see them?!

J. M. said...

Dear Carol,
Please could you suggest a good place to stay in Paris , preferably an apartment , or guide me to one of your postings with accommodation,
hoping to hear from you
Kindest regards Jacinta Montgomery

Pauliina said...

I love you're reporting! You really make me laugh! I have to get out and see what I missed in Paris... Do you think there's some "framboise" color shades next to Bastille???

Sweet Freak said...

Today, I had some of the most delicious frahm-bwahz of my life.

Mlle Paradis said...

AND you are finding time to draw too! you are a supernova!

and i can only say well OF COURSE fg was reading the blog all along! but spilling your framboise yogurt down your front? well i would too. what else were you going to do? (hahahaha - sorry i had a good laugh!)

hey she's still letting you stay with her! so far so good! merci FG! merci carol!

Cynthia in Melbourne said...

I'm really enjoying your recent posts about framboise and pinkI'm from Melbourne Australia. I stumbled across your blog about a year ago when searching the internet for a great macaroon recipe and have been following it ever since. I visited Paris back in January for the first time and if it wasn't for your blog I probably would never have stepped foot in Laduree or tasted a Pierre Herme macaroon as I would not have known...

MesvitrinesNYC said...

Framboise cupcake from Ladurée is my avorite framboise " trend"!!!! Fabulous pictures!!!!!

Jamie Cat Callan said...

Hello Carol--
Another great post!
Your photographs are so incredibly beautiful! A visual feast!
I hope you're having a wonderful time.
Merci beaucoup!

t.sutton-smith art said...

Hier a Paris nous avons mange des framboise sauvage ramasser par notre landlady in her country garden.

Thanks for the pictures of Laduree, Cafe de Flore etc as we are missing Paris and our little apartment already.

Have you tried Amorino pistache?

Do you know Rouger et Pli in the 3em, great art supplies?

You must see Luciian Freud at the Pompidou if you havent.

Happy blogging, you are our connection to Paris


PeterParis said...

... and it's NOW that you tell me! I already bought all my summer equipment! :-)

I'm happy you found the Sonja Rykiel sketches as well! ... and obviously you resisted!!

Gloria said...

Hola Carol. que delicia visitarte! Coincido tu amor por Paris..."Paris es una fiesta"!!! Un beso, Gloria.

Ms. Pearl said...

Just found your blog and think it's wonderful. Your watercolors are incredible too.

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world and I look forward to more of your blog and art.