Monday, June 07, 2010

Liberty of London

Christine in Anglet said...J'adore la photo de la porte rose du dentiste! When we were in London a while back we saw Bentleys sitting out front matching the doors in the same revissante colors.
No matching Bentleys seen yet Christine, but this gum pink roadster certainment belongs to Fridays dentiste n'est-ce pas?
You absolutely must have a proper scarf, if you insist upon tearing around London in an open car and the best place to get it is of course.
Liberty of London on Regent street. Don't even think about looking elsewhere.
Small and compact, you can easily and quite happily waste an afternoon going from floor to floor. There are only 'lifts' by the way. Don't bother searching for escalators. Libertys is too small for that sort of thing.
Do not get the idea that Libertys is oldie worldie. Not at all!
Fashion-wise Liberty is absolutement au courant and cool and hip etc. And rather high end.

Hats are everywhere, so come prepared. London is keeping Panama in business.
How appropriate the teacups are sitting atop hat boxes.
There's an entire floor devoted to teacups at Libertys.

These are vintage deco and each is a different design. Prices are not all that bad either.

How clever of Liberty to display books amidst the cups?

There's a slew of 'Ladies' books as well. How-tos for young things so they won't make horrid errors out in society. Titles such as, Don'ts For Gardeners, Never Explain Never Complain Never do Anything Eccentric, Nanny's Wisdom, Etiquette for Coffee Lovers, Ettiquette for Gentlemen, Mangles Mops and Feather Brushes, Why Not Eat Insects etc. are essential if you're going to do the right thing no doubt.

Repettos has kindly collaborated with Liberty using their famous mille fleur prints to create darling yet very comfortable shoes.

And don't forget to stop in Libertys huge bath department on the 3rd floor. Everything and more you could possibly dream of for a lovely, long soothing bath you'll require, once you get home from rushing around town.

Mille fleur showercaps are a must-have while you're enjoying a good soak in the tub.

I was too late for Libertys tea salon, but it looked such fun.
If you're planning on stepping out in the evening, whatever you do, do not get yourself up like a 'dog's dinner'. There must be a book at Libertys on avoiding such horrors. Of course I am madly busy framing my bits and pieces to hang at the 'Private View' tomorrow. If you're planning on attending, do make sure you tell me.
Well Talley Ho etc.!


  1. heart the pink Mini you found :)

  2. Justine2:25 AM

    It's all so terribly British isn't it?
    Well of ARE after all in London...
    What was I thinking...
    Keep having a jolly good time then!

  3. I had to laugh at Justine's comment... :-)

    I have not been to Liberty of London for years and years. My sister used to work for them .. there used to be a branch in Cambridge, not sure if still there.. smaller shop. I think I might just go back for a visit.

  4. Wow Carol !! that is a "tres cher" cup of tea 5pound- 95. oops sorry! don't have a pound sign on my key-board. I think I would have one any-way.
    Dianne xx

  5. Bonne chance pour demain Carol. Quelle succès! I hope you sell out and have a great evening.

  6. Ooops I hadn't noticed Pudding Lane.
    course after a bit you give up noticing else you're get your knickers in terrible twist..

    Do come back to London by all means Anne in Oxford.
    The weather andt the water is wonderful -off to the pool at the Chelsea Town Hall..only 3.95. Cheaper than a cuppa at Libertys and quite posh to boot!

  7. how could i have missed going here when i was there last year!!!

  8. "Etiquette for Coffee Lovers" and "Tea and Crumpets" and everything else so .... British (oh Justine, you are kidding, aren't you naughty!), and I love it. My girls were dressed in Liberty dresses, those were the times!
    I get nostalgic for a place I haven't even visited yet.
    Enjoy! :-)

  9. Love Merisi's comment. I used to wear Liberty's dresses too, and up to a few years ago, the lovely Tara Lawn skirts.

    My fav store in the whole wide world (even beats Galleries Lafayette).

    Is the private view invite only? Can I send my sister along in my place?

  10. Christiane in Anglet6:02 AM

    Ah ! Yes !!!
    Merci beaucooup, et bravo pour la Pink Mini Rover,
    je l'adore


  11. I want to go to teacup floor!!!!

  12. Très chic!! And beautiful...all pics!!

  13. Good luck, Carol! You'll be smashing. Take care...

  14. I have great memories of Liberty's remnants box in the basement...don't suppose it's still there? The things I found. My mother will pass out if I report it's not there any longer but you can tell me (when you've time).

    good luck with the show!


  15. love the teacups and books.

    If Carol continues posting photos of beautiful places in which to spend money, my husband is going to kill me!!!! :)

  16. Best wishes to you, Carol, for a great opening!

    Yes, Liberty's continues to reinvent itself, with a clever way of respecting its traditions while opening new design doors every day.

    I love those staircases. And the haberdashery department (even if it has shrunk over the years.) And is there still a floor full of persian carpets?


  17. Have a great time at your showing tomorrow. Congratulations! Oh and love the pink mini cooper. ; )

  18. Sir Peter W.9:54 AM

    I say old chapie,

    You did rather well at Liberty what with shooting right and left.
    Took a few liberties didn't you.
    Don't get arrested whatever you do!

  19. Karen in CT10:03 AM

    ... and I remember that Liberty's had the absolute BEST needlepoint section ... hope it's still there. Bonne chance ...

  20. Nicole from Limoges10:45 AM

    How is London treating you ? still having fun ? seen any macarons yet ?
    Love le blog and les photos!

  21. Hello! Firstly I love your blog! Secondly, darling when in London do as the Londoners, have some fish n' chips, or bangers and mash dear. A full English breakfast wouldn't go amiss, hmm...perhaps stick to half-English the first time. Forget all that macron business, we ain't French love :)
    Thirdly, there's nothing wrong in dressing up like a "dog's dinner", especially on a Friday night out with the girls. Could get you a snog or two you know (wink, wink).

    Darling do me a favour and give London my love will ya? Love Venice, but desperately missing home!

  22. *sigh* There is no store in the world more perfect than Liberty. I dream of walking aisle to aisle ,a la Michael Jacksos, saying "I'll take that, and that - are you sure you're getting all this? And 5 of these . . ."

    xo Erin

  23. Oh Thank You for posting this. The few times I've been in London I've only ever shopped at Harrods or Portobello Rd.

    This place looks right up my alley. Next time hubby's there I'll have to send him to Liberty instead of Harrods.


  24. That looks like a very fun place to browse! It looks so "posh", too :)
    Have fun at your opening - good luck!

  25. I don't drive, but I want that pink car!

  26. Bonjour Carol,
    Love all those teacups. Here's wishing your Private View a smashing success! Very exciting. If you ever do a show in Paris, I will be sure to attend!!
    Bonne semaine,

  27. I use a Liberty apron when I do some cooking now and then. Not quite my style, but anyhow... Not too many flowers on it!

    That pink Mini is almost too much! :-)

  28. Re the French Word of the Day "presque":

    Here in Western Pennsylvania there's a State Park by the city of Erie called "Presque Isle," an almost-island ("peninsula," in Latin) jutting into Lake Erie!

  29. I also LOVE Liberty. I wish I could buy everything there. Enjoy London and have fun. Is the blog coming to be named Londonbreakfast????

  30. Love, love, love Liberty of London! Was just there in April. I loved the perfume department!

  31. I would have spent hours in that store, actually just in the teacup section! And I would have to partake of the tea salon.

    Love that pink mini, so cool!

  32. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Teacups! I think I'll have to go there, I'm so into teacups at the moment - I am searching for THE teacups, you see.... :-)

  33. I too want to visit Liberty, even if only to touch, feel and look. (Well, maybe a teacup or two, since you vouch for their affordability)

    Maybe they should open a branch in the south of France. Hmm...


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