Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Private View - Chelsea Arts Club

Photo by The Selby
It's been quite harum-scarum around here pulling together, framing and hanging an exhibit in a mere four days. London can be a tad difficult when it comes to finding 15 frames all the same size and color. After all most frames are made bespoke/to order like a suit on Saville Row. A very kind salesman assisted me at London Graphics Center in Covent Garden, helping carry the bags of frames out and fetch me a cab. He mentioned in passing, "It looks like those taxis are threatening to come down the road..." Don't you love British dry wit?

I've been very lucky indeed to have a British assistant, this time inhouse. The club cat, Tom, has decided to help organize me a bit. I'm not sure he understood what an undertaking that is!

Tom was not at all impressed by Parisien Max, the bear and informed him in no uncertain terms to keep his paws out of things. Tom would be in charge henceforth.

Of course Tom wanted to know if this was his portrait.

He takes a closer look.

And decides this was not the case. He let his displeasure be known, but carried on with the job anyway. Tom sent me off for provisions to Burlington Arcade.

I was told, "get two pyramids" as they call piece montee here. Pistache + framboise macarons. Plus caramel + chocolate macarons. Tom knows a thing or two when it comes to putting on a soiree

Tuesday morning Tom had me racing out to get Blue Tack for 'the hanging'. No matter that it was pouring out and I'd left my brolly back in the room with Tom. Enfin all pictures were lined up somewhat unevenly on the wall. The sun decided to come out. The gateaux had been retrieved and had not collapsed in the cab on the ride back. Let the soiree begin!

Et voila
THANK YOU dear PBers for stopping by.

Artist Ian Sidaway and wife Lydia made an appearence.

The anatomy of a piece montee - decimated post-private view.
THANK YOU dear Tom for your invaluable assistance!
What would I have done without you I ask myself...
Tom the cat, has managed to sell 10 watercolors!
Update: ALL 15 watercolors have sold.
Tom/Squeak gets to go to Paris.
He's been hustling round the clock non-stop
Merci Tom.


  1. Justine3:10 AM

    Is Tom available the first week in July?
    He could be just the ticket to get my 'do' on.
    It looks to be as if things went swimmingly for you?
    and carry on Nurse!

  2. I love your London posts AND British humour! (See I am trying to imitate British spelling!)

    Tom Le Club Chat looks quite imposing. Par bonheur that Max only stepped on your cats, I could imagine worse malheurs! ;-)

    Would you divulge which frames you got at the LGC? Would you have a photo, please? I may just go ahead and try to order some.

    Enjoy your days in London, now that the pictures are up!

  3. Tom has fabulous taste!

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  5. Your exhibit looks wonderful!!!!

    What a delightful post, comme d'habitude, naturellement!!

  6. I love your work! It always makes me smile. You definitely have a signature style! Bravo! Cheers!
    Tres Bien! Jennifer aka Gigi

  7. Félicitations, Carol! Thanks for keeping us posted on your show. I hope they all sell!!
    Tom Le Chat could be a twin for my chat Rusty!

  8. All the best, Carol--these are great pix--I'm so glad you showed us how it looks! I'll be thinking of you. Bonne Chance!!

  9. What great company you have with Tom away from home. I hope he and Bear are playing nice whilst you are gone.

  10. I enjoy all your posts, but sometimes you outdo yourself, like today...wonderful entertaining! Congratulations on the exhibit...looks great!

  11. Gail and Bob11:01 AM

    Oooh...we're famous!
    We all had a great time at your show last evening...
    such lovely watercolors and yummy macaroons in all media.
    And now we are famous having appeared in your blog.
    I am forwarding it to everyone I know!

    best regards,
    Gail (and Bob)

  12. FoodWalker11:02 AM

    I do love the Brit humor and the cat looks very much like Morgan's cat, Crema Catalana.
    I envy you being in London.
    LW and I should trade our French house for something in London and spend a more time there.
    That would help with expences!

  13. Oooh I love Lauderee!!!!! (and the Minnie Mug tumbler is super cute!)

  14. I just have to check in on your fascinating life, because it is soooo different from anything I know about out here is the West Texas Desert. You have to be a special person through and through because you understand the way cats think. Loving cats is a sure fire way to tell if a person really warm through and through. Love your paintings! I long to learn water color--maybe when I retire.

  15. Anna-Marie11:05 AM

    Are you going Brit on us PB?
    You seem to fit in awfully well and have picked up the lingo in a flash!
    I'm getting worried about your attachment issues with Paris...
    Please don't forsake all your francophiliacs on board you know!
    A cat can do a lot of damage, especially a charming London cat..

  16. Poor sleepy kitty! He worked so hard; such a wonderful helper. Bonne chance on the show!

  17. I wonder how I ever got anything done before I had 3 cats to sit on my keyboard, paw through my papers, knock my pen out of my hand and, most importantly, bat at the harp strings when I'm trying to practice!

    Have a lovely time in London. (jealous, jealous, jealous...)

  18. An adorable comment Amy! :))
    My life has simply been a barren desert..
    must remember to abscond with club cat!

  19. Club Cat -- what a wonderful occupation for Tom -- he's one lucky kitty, and a beauty to boot! I just hope he doesn't decide to eviscerate Bear's stuffing anytime for recreation.

  20. Félicitations on the show Carol. It looks like it was a big success! Your painting look marvelous. You and Tom make a good team.
    Enjoy London town!

  21. I love the cat photos - looks like you had fun amidst the mayhem!
    The exhibit looks like a lot of hard work that paid off in a beautiful arrangement.
    Nice job!!

  22. so sorry i could not be there! that tom looks like the perfect partner in crime!

  23. Giulia is squealing. OK, no I am for her. Over Tom, of course. (& PB exhibit, yes of course) but an orange & white dude-cat? Yay.

    congratulations on exhibit Carol..

  24. At last I understand the fundamentals of a piece montee...I had imagined the macs were pasted on the cone with icing...not for the faint of heart to try to wrestle one off to eat it. But, no! They are skewered to the cone with toothpicks. Voila!

  25. I hope you told Tom that the painting was of the beautiful Molly of Boston and her brother Oscar of course.

    Good luck with your show.

  26. Yes Jeannette,
    'Skewered' is the word - a tragic ending for a darling perfect creation if you ask me. I was quite knocked over to learn the whole truth and nothing but the truth of the sad end of a French macaron.
    I feel their pain truly...
    I suppose it's better than the guillotine..

  27. POLLY F.4:20 AM


  28. I love everything about this post! your exhibition looked gorgeous (congratulations) the macaroons ofcourse look fantastic and must have tasted sublime and ofcourse who wouldnt love tom!
    Would Tom be willing to expatriate to Pakistan i wonder?

  29. Tom's friend6:00 AM

    Sorry Sonya,
    Tom, being an escaped criminal, has not got his papers in proper working order, though his appetite is just fine!
    Tom will remain at the Club it seems...ahem

  30. Congratulations on your show! Very impressive! Rose is not sure what to think about Tom cat. We are leaving Saturday for Paris! Beyond excited!

  31. You're having far too much fun! Carry on!

  32. Tom is adorable but Bear is still my love. Together they make a wonderful team.

    Congratulations on your exhibit. I can't wait to see you in September!!! Your watercolors make me happy.

    Love the English Gents having tea.

  33. I hope your exhibition is going (or went) well. Your work is so unique and fun. I love the pics of Tom sniffing the feline in your drawing -- too cute! Happy travels.

  34. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I Love your blog, your paintings and you.

    If you like all about tea then a fantastic book to read is Three cups of tea by Greg Mortenson


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