Monday, June 28, 2010

Champagne for Breakfast

Champagne et macarons, watercolor, 9" x 11"

This past weekend I was remembering some Champagne days of yore.

I got to spend a week at the then newly decorated manor house owned by Veuve Clicquot set in the vineyards of Verzy.
Roselyne de Casteja graciously invited me to stay and paint the house and vineyards.
 Champagne for breakfast was available everyday if I was that kind of girl. The refrigerator was chock full of huge jeroboams and nothing else!
I don't mind a tiny frigo full of macarons, but I do like my hot chocolate 1st thing in the morning, not that I want to appear fussy.
The landscape was idylic. Perfection really.
Sitting out in the middle of the Champagne grapes, I felt like Van Gogh minus the straw hat.
Focusing on how to paint vineyards
I missed out painting the manor house/domaine and only figured out how to paint chateaux later on.

 Here's a terrific book on the widow Clicquot.
Another on the famous 'Yellow' of Veuve Clicquot.

It's possible to have
your name put on a Champagne bottle!

Like Pierre Herme.
 Perhaps someday there will be a Champagne Parisbreakfast...qui sait?


  1. Yes, Champagne Paris Breakfast sounds lovely!
    I'll start dreaming right away of that place where they'll serve it first thing in the morning, là, tout n'est qu'ordre et beauté, luxe, calme et volupté!

    The landscape you are showing reminds me of beautiful Burgenland, south of here. I shall be there tomorrow and try to capture a vista for you.

    N.B.: The French words are by Baudelaire!

  2. Have you sampled Ruinart, Carol? C'est magnifique!

    It is my life mission to take at least one bath in champagne...

  3. But you can have a champagne Paris Breakfast! Paint it!

  4. le matin j'aime bien champagne + jus d'orange!!!!

    Bonne semaine


  5. Both the first watercolor and the last photo are just gorgeous!

  6. After what seems an age I am back in the fold.
    New website DONE
    New collaboration DONE
    and at last a post telling everyone who I have been collaborating with. If you have a nosey gene, as I have, then pop over and see.
    PS I need champagne with every meal at the moment :(

  7. That's a 'Mimosa" Manon...with OJ

  8. Lovely, Carol--I remember your posts in the past about all this--I think they should name a champagne after you--bien sur!

    Delicate watercolor there...

  9. Beautiful paintings of the vineyards, Carol.
    That is a great way to encourage tourism :)

  10. Stumbled on your blog and am loving your spontaneous watercolors! I have still to pull out my colors and start painting again--life got busy with kids etc--and your paintings give me much inspiration. Thank you!

  11. Misha in Paris2:04 PM

    tres bonne idee une recherche du meilleur campagne a Paris

  12. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Oh my God champagne for breakfast is EXACTLY my kinda thing, LOVE :-)

  13. Charmings watercolors of the vineyards Carol!

    Have you ever read "the Greengage Summer" by Rumer Godden, the quite grownup young peoples' book about a family that spent some time in this part of the world?

    And if I could breakfast with both you and Manon, champagne and chocolate could be just the thing!

  14. Your watercolors are just so beautiful, Carol. I love the ones of the vineyard.
    I like my cafe au lait in the morning, but I'll happily sip champagne any other time of the day!
    I hope you're enjoying the summer!


  16. One of the world's great oversights! No "Champagne Paris Breakfast"! What are the French waiting for???Oh, maybe they think there should be a "paris Breakfast" pastry first - something on the line on the Isphahan..

  17. Ah Champagne breakfasts and Macarons.... and hot chocolate ... that lovely scenery -- I would be on cloud 9!!!

    Knowing how much I adore Veuve Clicquot Hubby gifted me that on my list when I finish "summer at Tiffany" ...
    Have a truely Bubbly day Mon Ami!!!HHL

  18. Justine10:04 PM

    I wonder if you can get drunk by osmosis, taking a bath in Champagne? Yr skin is not a barrier.
    I've had a mud bath once and that was enough.
    Give me water or nuttin'

  19. God I wish I was in this beautiful setting right now!

  20. Wonderful artwork in this post, Carol! I really enjoy the top painting of the champagne flutes, rose, and macaron. How lovely. :) I love the posts where you feature your artwork!

    Mmmm, I am with Manon21 "le matin j'aime bien champagne + jus d'orange!!!!"

    Definitely. :)

    Now I am in the mood for brunch.

    Thank you, Carol.

  21. Caroline5:03 AM

    I read your blog daily and enjoy it so much! I too have a macaron obsession. I bought the book I Love Macarons by Hisako Ogita but I’m still trying to get all the equipment needed to make them, e.g. digital scales to weigh the almond flour by grams instead of cups – everything takes so much $$$...
    I paint a bit and always wonder what type of materials other artists use. I notice from your photos that you use pan watercolors a lot – what are your favorite brands? Have you ever tried Sennelier pans? What brushes do you like? Finally, are there any books/videos you recommend for the beginning watercolorist?

    Thanks for any input you can provide. I’m saving my pennies so I can buy one of your original watercolors too – and for my first trip to Paris when I can manage.
    Bonjour, et merci pour l’inspiration!!

  22. it's all on the blog if you do a search in the box at the top left on watercolors-
    The book is in the sidebar-The Watercolor Book
    I stick with Winsor & Newton same as my teacher David Dewey
    Brushes are personal and can cost almost as much as a Kitchen Aid..why I haven't bought a Kitchen aid yet
    the trick is practice practice practice! Not a trick, just years of plugging away at it.
    Bon Chance!

  23. just passing by your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! pls come drop by mine too and maybe we can follow each other. =)


  24. Always......................

  25. Ruinart, the best champagne!!!!! Trust me! I could drink one entire bottle without being drunk....

  26. Lovely, as usual, Carol! We were in Reims earlier in the month, and loved the entire area. It was my first visit to the champagne region. We ate lunch at Le Jardin Brasserie at Les Crayeres, followed by the Veuve Clicquot tour and tasting. What a perfect day! I have the "Widow Clicquot" book to read as soon as I have time. Rose was very glad to have me home again....oh, but it was such a fantastic trip!

  27. Wonderful painting...

    Love your blogg!



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