Thursday, June 17, 2010

Un Jour à Paris

What I did yesterday - another gorgeous day in Paris!

I'm off to see an expo of watercolors by sketchbook artist par excellance, Fabrice Moireau from his new book Toits de Paris on 5, rue St.-Romaine 75006 at his publishers.

 Exquisite views in shades of Paris greys.

You come out and automatically look up to those rooftops.

Then down at the cerises everywhere in the marche

 A bit further up rue de Sevres I'm in the irresistable Le Grand Epicerie. I trail after un homme in a cerise red jacket

I pick out a 'designer' box lunch of cerise tomatoes for a snack - a layered affair like a verrine.

Back in the Metro to Sonia's expo in St. Germain. In Le Hune's vitrine this red poster makes me pause. Should I start doing leg circles right here in the street? It couldn't hurt.

Cafe de Flore across the street. Jam packed, every square inch of pavement
I stop at the Cafe de Flore shop, which for once is open.

Naturalment the credit card machine won't take my card so I just buy this packet of cafe magnets and run.

At 15,rue Saint-Benoit to la galerie Catherine Houard of Sonia Rykiel  - 2 floors of croqui sketches.

Back into the Metro for a tiny trip to l'Isle St-Louis to pick up a tiny dolls house silver tray at L'Ile Flottante

I check if La Charlotte de L'Isle is open. Not. Only on Thursdays - Sundays. (not any more)
Another Metro to an expo of architecture + bande dessine -BD/comic books at Trocadero.

The exhibition covers New York, Paris, Tokyo and the evolution of comic books through various cities and their relationship to architecture

 Videos, giant sketchbook blowups, interactive demos where you turn the pages Altogether a brilliant display of great drawings

 Incomparable city views tied in with cultural aspects and...Just Go!
Time for some R & R again

 Out comes the silver tray I bought on Isle St-Louis to shoot some still life setups. Plus a gouter of macarons + a tisane de fleurs d'oranger

At last I head home to collapse with a stop in Printemps - displays girls walking dogs. It reminds me of Sonia's doodle of of dog walkers.


  1. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Is that a girl wearing a wedding dress in the metro?!???

  2. Anna Marie3:27 AM

    Mon dieu!
    Do you ever stop running?
    I can't keep up with you!

  3. Have you ever tried to wear a pedometer in Paris? How many miles a day do you walk? I enjoy immensely following you around, that still life, so clever, whisking out your own little silver tray for those pretty macarons and the reflections are gorgeous!

    The bride in the Metro could have been me, only it was years ago and in DC!

  4. Hello! What a nice day!
    As I know you like (dollshouse)miniatures, this show will take place next sunday in Paris

    I'll be there at table 22 (M&M Miniatures).

    Have a very nice stay in Paris!

  5. I didn't even know Cafe Flore had a shop!

    Ahh... what a day. Je suis tres jalouse...

  6. I know that gorgeous epicerie in rue de Sevres.... Lovely post! Lovely days in Paris....


  7. I really love your posts, and your photos and the way you see (and show us) Paris!! And I love to see and to eat and to cook

  8. Once again, I feel as if I am there with you, running through the streets. But, hélas, I am not... So, I may just have to console myself by attempting, once again, to make macarons. Amuse-toi bien, Carol!

  9. I'd love to see you there 'La Seine' if I can make it out to Versailles on Sunday. Iwill try!!

    A pedometer is a good idea Merisi + a calorie translator!

    'attempting, once again, to make macarons' - I only do that in a class, like this Saturday in Lyon, Sabatical chef.

  10. Loved seeing the flower shop on l'Isle St-Louis where I always
    buy my mimosa flowers--
    dying to get the new series of Laduree boxes--
    was just in Genoa, Italy and Belfast, Northern Ireland--
    how is that for a combination! changing planes in Paris and in
    the wrong part of terminal E to get to the new Laduree shop! the
    Horror!--got some Dalloyau macaroons--the bergamont ones were
    good. I was performing and exhibiting in both cities--and now
    have a terrible cold traveling from sunny genoa to cold and
    raining Belfast.
    Always enjoy your travels.
    LuLu LoLo

  11. Rebecca D.7:07 AM

    i am wondering if MICHAEL WIERINGO's work was included in the comic book exhibit?
    i'd love to tell his dad (my 1st cousin) if he was.
    Don't go back to check, etc., just check your brochure if you still have it.

    i usually stay in the WELCOME HOTEL (rue de seine) -- so it's wonderful to "walk" down the street with you!
    i had no idea there was a cafe de flore shop.
    love the rooftops exhibit and sonia's ladies!
    did you make a purchase
    Rebecca D.

  12. Sonia's ladies are 400 euros each so no I did not. I'd rather buy a scarf I think, but plenty had sold already and there is quite a nice catalog...

    His work looks to be more super hero than city-oriented - I don't remember seeing it at the show...

  13. Can I buy your watercolors?



  14. Ooooh, I love Fabrice Moireau. Didn't know he had a new livre coming out. I'll have to keep an eye out for that. His work is always beautiful.

    Sounds like a fun day. I love your still life set up--can't wait to see the paintings.

  15. I can't get enough of what you SEE in Paris-! Love, love, love from your postings to my morning coffee drank out of your macaron mug each morning here in Illinois.


  16. I want to know French Girl's secret to complex framboise dressing.

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  17. I will be in Paris tomorrow!! Maybe I will see you running about! I have red hair and most likely will be wearing something black/white and eating at Laduree and sitting at Deux Magots!

    Pink Boy will be with me. I will keep my eyes open for you.
    Bon holiday !
    Marie Arden Pink Living blog

  18. Your day? One word: HEAVEN!!!

  19. Thank you Denise!
    It should be obligatory to read PB whilst drinking coffee from a PB macaron mug :)

  20. Wow, a little bit of everything! A "bonus" post....
    I love the artwork at the exhibits and the colors on the fashionistas.

  21. Whew! I'm bushed just reading this;) You have energy to burn. I guess I would too if I were in Paris this time of year.

    The same hoping around in Los Angeles requires a car and it can't nearly be as fun as what you're doing.

  22. suzanne Krueger2:16 PM

    Whew! what a glorious day!!!!!

  23. AHHHHHHH!!!!! La vie est belle! The B.D. are very convincing. I do generally love french B.D. art. And I was totally going for that silver tray (in my mind to go with my macarons colored kiddie tea set from IKEA!!!!) but then you showed that grown up macaron colored teacup. OK THEN. It was all over!!!!

    Je cr-e-v-e d'envie.

    Oh and yes, I think a pedometer would be an interesting experiment!

  24. Do you know I've just had the BEST day in Paris with YOU PB!!!

    Usually I can only manage half a doz items a day on my list when in Paris, but YOU kept hurrying me along and we covered the lot!! I'm inclined to get sidetracked along the way.

    Isn't it maddening the discipline of French Girl, when she has only 2 chips!!

    Merci Carol - I'm exhausted - au revoir until tomorrow!

  25. The rooftop paintings look super-spec! Magnificent day!

  26. PS- If you have a uPhone, download Runkeeper - it's about $2.00 and uses GPS to track where you've been (it can even show your route!) and how far, how fast, even where you've climbed up and down hills! M. Ozzie and I never leave home without it. Although, I sometimes forget to turn it on! :-(

  27. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Think you need to take a pause Ricard and play a little Petanque? Hey, how about a Petanque blog? Merci.

  28. Well, may I tell you what fun it is to see Paris through your eyes?

    I also love to see how food appears in other parts of the world. How it is grown, and how the harvested food eventually get displayed in urban markets. How different cultures go about meeting our daily requirements.

    Obviously, Paris knows how to satisfy these requirements with elan.

    Love seeing the street fashion, too.


  29. That is a day to beat all days!
    I think I should like my portrait with my Bichon painted in front of La Charlotte de l'Isle. First, I must see it in person !!!

    And today ... I wore all white.

    Your blog inspires.

    This post - oh, my - if it were mine, I'd leave it up all the time. I mean, it's just a perfect day, a perfect post. I'd like to relive it again with you. Well, good thing it is here, in cyberspace forever now.

  30. what a gorgeous day in Paris!! I am turning quite green with envy!

  31. Anonymous3:09 AM


    I was wondering what you thought of your 'chunnel' experience ? I am sure it is not everyone's 'cup of tea'...claustrophobia comes to mind !!...hmmm :)

  32. Incroyable! I was just looking through my sketchbook of "Diary of a Rose Lover" and looked up Fabrice
    Moireau on the Internet only to discover your blog
    (which I am already a fan of) mentioning that you
    were visiting the exhibition of his sketches! Lucky girl!

  33. Amy D.1:08 AM

    I thought of you immediately when I saw this video of Sonia Rykiel speaking about her drawings.

    You seem to be jet-setting all over the world! I think I have to change my occupation and be more mobile!

    Take care,


  34. The Chunnel!
    I forgot to report!!
    it goes like a flash, especially if you are sitting next to someone fun to talk to (1st trip to London).
    Nothing particularly daunting about it IMO.
    Typing on a Fr keyboard is way more taxing!!

    I love Diary of a Rose Lover!!!
    very easy to fine the exclamation marks on fr keyboard!!!

    Jeqnette...I wish I had an iPhonz=I would def do that///trqck myself///something to plan 4 the future bien sur!!!

  35. I really adore your blog.
    Just got back from a visit to Paris and love that I can continue to enjoy the fantastic city through your eyes tous les jours, through this blog.
    Bon weekend!

  36. Archi + BD was an amazing exhibit - I keep on loving that museum. You must have dug the red walls and framboisesque floors on the way into the exhibit :)

  37. Ah...c.weill
    You guessed exactly right.
    I tried to shoot the framboise floor/walls etc but they came out RED!

  38. Wow such amazing paintings and photos!

    I love Paris, and Laduree has been so inspirational in my work.

    Oh I would so love to get time to spend there.

  39. croqui sketches, what are they, can we see some blown up.


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