Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tendance Rose

Word out.
Paris is thinking PINK
Tendance rose/trend pink.
Forgetabout RED PBers!
The first indication that something was going on was this lush gateaux in Lenotres vitrine. I spotted it coming out of the Metro the minute I set foot dans le rue... Of course France is in love with the iPad.
And this has to be a French Girl.
Ballerinas - check
Mariniere striped shirt - check
Pink jeans?
What's up with that I'm thinking...

HELLO? Pale pink skirt...
Les mecs/guys have succumbed to the wearing of the pink - HOT pink no less!
An older French Girl in pink...
The padding on these construction poles - PINK
Burberrys kid shop is full of framboise. This outfit head to toe is over 200 euros - that's a lot of green...
If you want to know what color Paris is obsessed with, just go by Marie-Papier on rue Vavin. It's that simple. This shop is always in the know.
Le Bon Marche?
Pink in the windows.
Pink inside.
Is it any wonder L'Occident is featuring PINK peonies/pivione?
Pink/rose radis in La Grand Epicerie...
Pink egg crates were there too...
French Girl has them inside her fridge, naturalment...
AND a pink tassel hanging on the door...
Naturalment I left all my pink stuff from the Sonia HM extravaganza at home. I am so not with it in Paris :(
I simply have to make do with dragging around a framboise Amorino gelato all day. That's all there is to it.
I'm off on the Chunnel to London this afternoon.
Stay posted PBers


  1. Happy color for to start this Thursday!Bravo for your Paris in pink and your delicious watercolor!Good day, Carol!

  2. I almost died at the wall of Dims in Bon Marché. Belgians just don't seem to appreciate stockings the way that French do. *sigh*

  3. Oh wow, framboise-pink, who'd have thunk? ;-)
    Looks great, Wow! I knew my Max Mara framboise linen shift would be en vogue again some day. ;-)

    Bon voyage through that magic tube (good thing it was not built by BP!)!

  4. It's my favorite color, pink!

  5. And I love pink!! Great pics!!

  6. Bienvenue à France et merci mille fois pour le soleil!

    Have fun in London. When are you back in Paris? I have 7 Metro tickets. Not sure if they are still valid, but if you PM me with an address I'll get them in the post.

  7. Lovely pink Carol....xv

  8. That pink skirt really surprised me! I have never seen so much pink in Paris....those radishes are lovely.

  9. I'm swimming in seas of pink! Thanks for the color tour.

  10. Michelle7:49 AM

    I just returned from the beautiful Paris and when I arrived there I thought something was amiss because everything was pink!!! I saw pink everywhere also -- and in all of the places you showed. I also saw quite a bit of lavender to medium purple colors mostly shown in men's clothes and a lot of the pink colors are leaning toward coral. This combined with the fact that when I got there it was very warm and a holiday weekend and all of the black and gray normally worn was replaced by white!!! So, needless to say, i thought I had landed on another planet, not Paris. As soon as everyone got back to work and the weather cooled off, the black and gray came back, but pink is still everywhere. I ate those radishes at Le Bon Marche with the most divine butter -- Bordier's salted smoke flavor. I highly recommend it and that framboise gelato from Amorino has got to be some of the best tasting stuff I've ever had (along with the Pierre Herme macarons). I wish I could have warned you about the pink. As soon as I got home, I got out my Crayola box and pulled all of the unlikely colors that I saw everywhere in Paris and put them in a crystal bowl in my shop. They make me smile.

  11. fabulous. paris+pink, what more could one possibly want?!

    have fun in london, is one of my favourite-ist cities in the world.x

  12. Well, these pictures all look nice and pink--I can't read a word of what you wrote--forgot my reading glasses today...had to get up before 4 to take Joe to the airport and left my glasses on the counter like an idiot. I'll come back and read it when I can see what it says, cutie. Jeeeeeez...

  13. love Pink!!! and that cake ... next year's Paris trip is going to be in June for sure!!!! Have fun in London.

  14. I have become a fan of pink - don't know why. Loved the photos (particularily YOUR touch of pink. Very smart to think of pink food!

    Enjoy the trip!

    I also love your watercolor. So beautiful.

  15. Valérie-jeanne9:15 AM

    Think pink! think pink! if you want that quelque chose.

  16. Just got back from my painting trip to France with friends - didn't notice the pink, i was so busy photographing the flowers, Monet's garden (there were gorgeous pink tulips!) and architecture. I love taking my daily trip to Paris vicariously - thanks Carol!

  17. Excellent...I fit right in (not that I care about it but...)

    Pink goes so well with gray, as I think someone just mentioned. My mother used to dress me in grays & add pinks or vice versa. (I dress myself now:) Anyway, she believed in tailoring even for little girls & not too much frou-frou. Think my mom was influenced much by Chanel & other designers in her sewing? Oh yeah. I was an adult before I realized that my sisters & I walked around in the Mom-equivalent of Baby & Little Children Dior. All those French seams, etc. Wow were we spoilt.

    But I was just spoilt again by French friends who sent a new Minquiers summer weight shirt...I'm re-striped. Phew.

    Have good trip (not sure if you left yet...)

    ciao-meow from GG

  18. Aaaaah--so pink WAS the theme--see, I still caught that, even without my eyes. CArol, eat some more of that gelato for me. Looks delicieuse.

  19. Thanks for another happy post, Carol! Pink is my favorite color ... I think because it lets me channel my inner three-year old!

    Wishing for you outrageous success in London!

    Christine Hueber

  20. Fantastic post. You are in the pink, my fav!

  21. Bon Voyage and report all!

  22. Thanks for the heads up :) Pink it is - great shots!!

  23. Lovely images... you've captured the life there perfectly......

  24. We fashionistas ALWAYS turn to pink in the spring.
    Red in winter. Pink in spring.

    Once fall comes, it's burgundy.

    And in the summer, well ... make it ORANGE!

  25. I love pink!
    You are so inspirational!
    You know years ago, when I worked for Mrs. Lauder (of Estee Lauder--she insisted on being referred to as "Mrs. Lauder") she created a video to explain the naming of the fragrance "Beautiful."
    You see, we had been running
    about in the marketing department with bolts of blue fabric and blue pot pourri and blue posters.
    But then, Mrs. Lauder had a dream. And in her dream
    she heard that song from the Audrey Hepburn/Fred Astaire movie "Think Pink!"
    There was a big to-do and all of us marketing girls had to ditch the blues and go with all things pink!
    And that's how the fragrance "Beautiful" had
    all pink packaging--because of a dream!

  26. I just love your blog and am seriously thinking about starting your diet while in Paris, sounds like a fabulous idea. I leave tomorrow for eight days and I cannot wait. I'll be thinking about walking off those
    calories, or maybe not, I may just have to enjoy every last little bit
    and have a coffee instead, that boosts your metabolism doesn't it?
    Many thanks for your *sweet words!

  27. nancy in Savannah5:54 PM

    I'm so envious of your trip to Paris. Can't wait to see the next round of pics and paintings.


  28. You're giving me whiplash! First it's red, now it's pink! If I had any luck at all, I would have bought something fashionably red when you told me it was au courant and by now, I would have washed it in hot water et voila! Pink!

  29. Love your blog!
    You help me see my home town on a different angle and not miss it too much ;-)

    Thank You!

  30. Marie-Papier is across the street from the Danemark Hotel, where I usually stay. This time, though, we're one street over on Brea. Of course, ROSE is a beautiful color! Hoping to possibly see you while in Paris next week! Vickie

  31. Seriously from this armchair traveler, this was just lovely.


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